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A three-dimensional follow-up to our classic indie space-roguelikes, Strange Adventures and Weird Worlds.
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Digital Eel

1,764 backers pledged $36,661 to help bring this project to life.

Steam Keys coming to an inbox near you, and soon!


While the official Steam Early Access date has been pushed back a week to 4/18, we have decided to give special early beta keys to our Kickstarter backers who pledged $25 or more for beta participation. These keys will start going out tomorrow, and will grant immediate access to the current work-in-progress version of the game on Steam. Backers in the lower tiers will start receiving keys after the Early Access launch next week. 

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    1. Creator Vergoth on April 14, 2014

      I got my email, but it was blank.

    2. Creator Digital Eel on April 12, 2014

      Brandon: It may take a couple of days for everyone to get their keys - we don't have an automated mailing system to do it so it's a tedious, manual process to send out the emails.

      Onyhow: The soundtrack distribution is something we haven't set up yet, but Steam supports soundtrack sales/downloads so it's likely that we will use Steam to distribute it to Kickstarter backers before it comes out on other music download services. We have some great music in store for you :)

    3. Creator Brandon Staaden on April 12, 2014

      I'm in the $25 tier and haven't received a key yet. Was there a delay, or are keys still being generated?

    4. Creator Cícero Rosário do Amaral on April 11, 2014


      Counting the hours until tomorrow!!!

    5. Creator onyhow on April 11, 2014

      How will those that get access to the soundtrack receive that?

      Also, yay, finally get to play it! (later than those on $25 tier, but anyway...)