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A three-dimensional follow-up to our classic indie space-roguelikes, Strange Adventures and Weird Worlds.
1,764 backers pledged $36,661 to help bring this project to life.

First look at Sea of Stars art, and stretch goals!

Posted by Digital Eel (Creator)

We are already 75% funded and not even halfway through the 30-day campaign. Good job, guys! To entice you further, we're announcing our first three Stretch Goals and showing some of the early art submissions today. We have several artists who have their own diverse styles, and we're excited to redefine the look and feel of Infinite Space with their help. 

Stretch Goal #1: $40,000 - Space-o-Tron

At this funding level, we will implement an exciting in-game feature known as the Space-o-Tron. It's a digital encyclopedia that combines a game manual with all kinds of cool background information and stories about the intelligent species of Infinite Space. Just where (and when?) did that cuneiform-inscribed brick come from and what does it have to do with the existence of green stars? Only one way to find out - the Space-o-Tron. Call it the dungeon master's guide to the Purple Void.

Stretch Goal #2: $50,000 - Mac & Linux ports

Yes, we already said we're going to do OS X once the game is done. But if we get the funding, we'll be able to do OS X and Linux at the same time as the Windows version and release simultaneously on all three platforms! Naturally, we'll make sure every customer will have access to all three versions without paying for them separately.

Stretch Goal #3: $60,000 - Enhanced Combat Simulator

Remember Ripcord's Combat School in Weird Worlds? It's definitely going to make a comeback, but we also have a plan to enhance it and make it practically its own game mode. The enhanced simulator will include pre-defined combat scenarios of varying complexity and challenge, and a scenario editor that will allow you to customize every aspect of the clashing fleets down to the equipment onboard individual ships. Your custom battles can then be saved to disk and shared with your friends.

I hope you are just as excited and/or terrified by some of these early concepts as we are, and will help us reach our stretch goals. Thank you for your support!


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    1. Missing avatar

      Charles Bullock on

      The Space-O-Tron is an excellent idea. I've always loved the various clues in Infinite Space as to the history of the universe and the different species.

      I'd love to see the Linux support goal reached, too. No problem with running Windows, but I'm slowly migrating Linux-ward and it'll be good to have the game native.

    2. William Minsinger on

      Good stuff! The art looks good, a fitting legacy to the fantastic art of AIIS and WW. I would VERY much like to see the Enhanced Combat Simulator!