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A three-dimensional follow-up to our classic indie space-roguelikes, Strange Adventures and Weird Worlds.
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Digital Eel

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Sea of Stars Update - 4/2/2015


Greetings, Earthlings! Today's Sea of Stars update adds several new randomly occurring events, as well as other content and UI improvements. We're particularly fond of the new fire arc display that makes combat look at least 93% more futuristic! You may also discover a way to placate the volcanic attitude of your favorite silicon-based life forms, the Tchorak. You can find the complete change list at the Steam Community site below:

Fire Arcs!
Fire Arcs!

Sea of Stars Update - March 2015

Hello, space cadets! Today's Sea of Stars update brings you perhaps the most alien of all the alien races in the game so far - the Ravians. Their take on starships and weapon technology is certainly unique - I think you'll be surprised and delighted! They are also featured in a major quest that can randomly occur. Other notable additions include the Hyperdrive, a device that provides an alternative way to travel between stars.
We have also released a brand new trailer video, showing off all the new additions to the game since the previous one. The variety of content that now exists in the game really makes a huge difference! Check it out below.
On Mac OS X front, we have some good news - Henry now has a version of the game running on the Mac! We're planning to release it as soon as possible after the Windows version reaches 1.0.

Sea of Stars Update - 2/2/2015


Hello, Kickstarter folks! We have a new update out for Sea of Stars, bringing in all kinds of goodies. There are improvements to the interface and overall gameplay polish, as well as new content. One of your favorite Weird Worlds allies, the space-folding Zorg helmsman makes a comeback, and there is a new quest to obtain the ominously-named Thunderbucket - a name no doubt destined for fame. Homeworlds now make a better effort to defend against the invading Kawangi, meaning you might get to witness the destruction of Haven Station and the entire Terran fleet in person! Finally, the enemy AI has been improved and will no longer get quite as confused if you manage to find a cloaking device. 

Go here to read the full change list on the Steam Community page!

Sea of Stars Update - Happy New Year!


Happy New Year from Digital Eel! While we were hoping to have released a 1.0 by now, we have been making good progress recently. The current, just-released version of the game now includes the first large "quest" event that randomly occurs and throws you into a desperate struggle to save your homeworld from an extra-galactic invader. You may get to save some other people's homes along the way too. Also, with the amount of content now exceeding what you can fit on the map, the mix of alien races appearing in each session is randomized to make the game different each time you play.

We're also very happy to announce that Henry Kropf, who recently helped us re-release Weird Worlds on Mac OS X, is now working on Sea of Stars for the Mac! If all goes well, we'll have it running by the time the PC version comes out, and released soon afterward if not at the same time.

Sea of Stars Update - 8/28/2014


Hello, Kickstarter folks! While we have been putting out updates almost on a weekly basis on Steam and many of you have seen them if you're playing the game, I figured it would be a good time to post an update here as well, as we are releasing a new trailer video. Check it out below! 

The development of the game is trucking along at a steady pace, and a lot has changed in the last few months. All the user interfaces are much nicer, and content-wise we have already surpassed Weird Worlds in many ways. For example, we now have more types of starships than WW and are busy adding more - in the next content update you'll see a new alien race that had no presence in the previous game aside from one  random event, but will now have a full-featured fleet and signature technologies. Thank you for helping make this possible!

As always, full change lists and discussion forums are available here: