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The ultimate 100% Arduino Due compatible dev board with Wifi and Mesh networking, Audio, USB OTG, microSD, and 99 i/o pins!
The ultimate 100% Arduino Due compatible dev board with Wifi and Mesh networking, Audio, USB OTG, microSD, and 99 i/o pins!
The ultimate 100% Arduino Due compatible dev board with Wifi and Mesh networking, Audio, USB OTG, microSD, and 99 i/o pins!
1,229 backers pledged $107,783 to help bring this project to life.

Stretch Goals Redux

We've heard the feedback and so here we are - presenting a new improved set of stretch goals! And new reward tiers, clarifications, and more!

We got rid of the stickers (we still might throw them in) and we've lowered the EEPROM goal. We've added the Micro SD slot due to popular demand.

$75,000 - On-board EEPROM

One thing many miss on the Arduino Due is onboard EEPROM - which the classic Arduino's had on-chip. We'd like to add an EEPROM chip directly to the DigiX board and if we hit 75k we can!

$100,000 - On-board MicroSD Card Slot

A microSD slot means you could play sound and music files by just sticking a micro sd card in and plugging in some speakers. It would also allow you to log data to the card, load webpages off the card if you are using the DigiX as a server, load images for a touchscreen device, save images from a camera, etc. 

Together this makes the board pretty much completely maxed out! So stretch goals beyond this are likely going to be extras not on the board. We're still reworking the layout to ensure the microSD is in a good spot - but we're sure at this point that it can work. While we were at it we moved the WiFI module (and changed the footprint for a slightly better and shielded module) for better signal strength. 

Mock-up of the new layout for the 75k and 100k stretch goals - with EEPROM (top right) and microSD slot (middle right). 

Now we need your help!

We've listened to the feedback, trimmed are margins even slimmer, and pulled out our hair trying to fit everything on the board. Now we need your help to achieve these goals!

please help us in one (or more) of the following ways: 

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New Reward Tiers!

We've added a few new reward tiers to get the DigiX and a level shifter shield. If you already added $15 to your pledge for the shield you DO NOT need to change your reward. We'll send a survey at the end of the project to find out exactly what your pledge is for. 

Add a Level Shifting Shield

We'll have the working prototypes to show off to you by Friday - but you don't' have to wait, you can add a level shiting shield now!

To add the shield just add $15 multiplied by the number of Level Shifting Shields you want - to your pledge. We'll send a survey at the end for you to tell us exactly what your pledge was for. 

If you missed it the Level Shifting Shield allows you to use older Arduino shields that are not 3.3V compatible - also know as 1.0 pinout or R3 compatible shields. It provides level shifting on all standard Arduino pins, allows you to reroute the SPI and I2C pins, and properly level shifts for those protocols as well.

  • The DigiX is 100% compatible with anything that works with the Arduino Due.
  • The Arduino Due and DigiX are compatible with all Arduino shields that adhere to the 1.0 pinout or R3 standard. This includes all official Arduino shields and many, many third party ones.
  • Any shield that uses the IOREF pin, has a 3.3v mode, or is 3.3v compatible will also work.
  • The DigiX Level Shifting Shield (introduced here) which will be available to all backers as part of this Kickstarter will allow the use of older legacy Arduino shields, therefore making all Arduino shields electrically and pinout compatible.
  • This add-on is only required to support legacy shields that are not 3.3v ready.  
  • The DigiX Level Shifting Shield can also be used with the Arduino Due, UDOO, Spark Core, Maple, etc to allow them to use legacy Arduino shields. 
  • As far as we know it is the only product to provide full compliant level shifting for all pinouts and features.

The Level Shifter Shield board.


We get tons of questions about this - so here is the answer: Due to Kickstarter rules we cannot offer multiples of the DigiX within a reward. A week ago we asked them for an exception (as many other Hardware projects do it anyway) - we have not received an answer.

You can still pledge extra for multiples and we will honor it (and be honored to have you buy more than one!). To do so just add $59 to your pledge for each additional DigiX you would like. You can also combine this with adding Level Shifting Shields. 

If you backed at the $54 level you can add multiples for $54 each.

If you backed at the $149 level you can add multiple beta versions (at $149 each) or multiple regular versions (at $59 each) - we just ask that you remember the regular versions will ship separately in September and if you are international and get some regulars with a Beta pledge we ask that you add an additional $6 to cover the shipping of the regular ones.

We hope you'll consider two or more DigiX's to help us achieve our stretch goals!

Thanks again!
Erik and Jenni - the Digistump team


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    1. Erik Kettenburg 6-time creator on

      @Bob - we'll send a survey in a few days and then send links for people to pay the difference, add extras, etc

    2. Bob on

      Somehow I only got charged $64; Should have been $74 for board plus levelshifter. How can I correct?

    3. Erik Kettenburg 6-time creator on

      @Teck - Just add the $6 once - we'll cover any difference after that - thanks!

    4. Teck Yian Lim on

      I'm shipping outside of US, do I have to add $6 for every multiple that I wish to have? I'm just getting the regulars :)

    5. Erik Kettenburg 6-time creator on

      Beta will have any stretch goals we reach through the 100k goal

    6. Jesse Brown on

      I think I2C is better, SPI eats a pin per device connected, not that the DigiX is short on pins :) I really hope it hits the $100K goal so we get the SD card too.

      Will the features be included on the Beta boards if the goals get reached?

    7. Erik Kettenburg 6-time creator on

      The aim of the EEPROM is to provide some basic storage for application settings, data persistence, etc - the microSD slot is what we'd like to add to take care of the need for Megabytes of data - and a few gig SD card is much cheaper than the M25P64

    8. Chuck Todd on

      I2C, dang, I was hoping you would use an SPI like the Numonyx M25P64, a 64Mbit flash. any I2C you choose will be maybe 64kbyte max and 100-400khz clock as compared to 75mhz for this Flash. Well, beggars cant be choosie. I'll just wait for September and stick one on a shield.

    9. Erik Kettenburg 6-time creator on

      Thanks everyone!
      @Petros - you only need to add the $6 once per order unless you are getting Beta and regular DigiXs - so in your case no you don't need to add it again
      @Nial - no exact one yet - it is a I2C SOT23-5 from Microchip or ON - not sure on capacity yet, waiting to hear back from our sourcing partners
      @Kevyn - we'll make it as accessible as possible, we're looking into hinged sockets too - but it will be on the top, having it on the bottom would add a lot to assembly cost as it would make it a two sided board
      @Jesse a removable one would take up far too much room and be much more expensive to have assembled so it will be a service mount one

    10. Andreas

      I'm very glad about those stretch goal changes! They're much better now.

    11. Jon Nebenfuhr on

      err EEPROM, that's what I meant. That's the ticket.

    12. Jon Nebenfuhr on

      Hmmm Sticker or more On-Board RAM... Yeah, the RAM is a better stretch goal.

    13. Missing avatar

      Petros Kokotis on

      Do I need to add $6 also for the Level Shifting Shield to ship outside US?

    14. NialP

      Ah, I was looking forward to some stickers!

      Am excited for the addition of onboard EEPROM. Have you decided on which chip you will use for this yet?

      @Jesse The layout above shows a fixed SOIC8 SMD footprint for the chip. I doubt they will choose removable as they have already said the board is now maxed out, so to put an 8pin socket and use a DIP8 chip would take up about 3 times more space then an SOIC version or smaller.

      The SD card slot is a cool addition. Its one of those things that is handy to have. I think there are MicroSD cradles that are hinged so you can add or remove a card in a tight space. A similar holder used to be used in cell phones on both SIM cards and MiniSD so they could sit flush under the battery.

      Great work guys!

    15. Missing avatar

      John Wilfong

      Awesome update. Thanks!

    16. Kevyn Watkins on

      Will the micro sd slot be on the under side of the board or is it still easily accessible on top for those of us without dainty little fingers?

    17. Jesse Brown on

      Will the EEPROM be removable, like the shield-based I2C one for the Digispark is? Are they interchangeable?

    18. Erik Kettenburg 6-time creator on

      Bob - just click "Manage Your Pledge" at the top right of this page and then change the dollar amount but leave the reward selection the same

    19. Bob on

      I already pledged $59. How can I pledge an additional $15 for a level shfting board?