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The micro-sized, Arduino enabled, usb development board - cheap enough to leave in any project!
The micro-sized, Arduino enabled, usb development board - cheap enough to leave in any project!
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Timeline Update, MicroUSB Cables

If you missed out on this Kickstarter but would still like to pre-order the DigiX you can do so here:

Timeline Update

I mentioned in the last update - that good or bad news, I would have an update this week - well it isn't horrible news, but I won't sugar coat it either. We won't be shipping by the 15th - we should still start shipping mid-October (depending on how you define it). Here is a direct quote from the email I was sent by our factory contact, no fluff:

Level Shifters will be finished this week.  
DigiX will be finished middle of next week.

I apologize for the delay again. [Factory manager's name]'s timeline estimates are something we are trying to improve and place a heavy emphasis on.

So the good news is there are no actual production issues thus far - we seemed to have worked most of those out on the Beta run, as was the goal.

The bad news is Monday the 21st is looking like a good estimated date of starting to ship. If level shifters do arrive first we'll get those out to Beta backers who are only waiting on those, so that we have less to ship when the DigiX's arrive. We'll also continue to do all we can to pre-pack, kit, and get ready to ship as fast as possible.

Since you put your faith (and money) in me and not the factory - I too apologize for the delay, delays have once again outstripped my built-in buffers in the timeline - that is certainly my fault and I'll continue to work to minimize the delays both on my end, in my estimates, and with the partner factories I choose. 

As always - thank you all not only for your support - but for you patience and understanding about the delays common in this process!

Micro USB Cables

I don't ever want to make people pay for things they won't use - and you always pay somehow for that free cable, fancy box, etc - so the DigiX doesn't come with the oh-so-common Micro USB cable.

That said, I also hate when a store doesn't sell me everything I need to make use of something.

For that reason, and that reason alone - because the cable business isn't exactly our idea of fun - we are carrying some Micro USB cables. These are not the ultra premium gold superconductors that Best Buy would charge you $50 for (thankfully) - they are solid quality, affordable cables, perfect for getting because you need one, or just in case you need an extra, without spending more than the cost of a Digispark!

In fact we are selling them for $2.95 - you can find them here:

If you want one, read this update to see how to add things to your order:

That's it for today - we'll post another update when the DigiX's are on the way to us, so that you'll still have a few days to add any last minute extras before we start shipping.

Thanks again for all of your support,



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    1. Michel on

      My Digispark order was delivered last year. I think that this update had to be posted in the Digix project.