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The micro-sized, Arduino enabled, usb development board - cheap enough to leave in any project!
The micro-sized, Arduino enabled, usb development board - cheap enough to leave in any project!
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    1. James Medd on

      Thanks for that Erik, my concentration levels are slightly lower at this time of year!

    2. Erik Kettenburg 6-time creator on

      @James - the queue updates in real time as we print labels - so that is the best way to see your orders actual progress

      @Everyone - I know that I mentioned an update yesterday, we're stretched thin right now trying to get the software right, and get these out - we will have a big update soon, but I apologize for not delivering on that yet.

    3. James Medd on

      @Jonathan, thanks for reminding about my personal page. Although I couldn't tell if the information had updated since I last saw it?

    4. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Mason on

      @James Your Order Status page updates with your position in the queue, it looks to update as they pack orders.

      Thanks for all the updates, I'm way back in the queue but seeing the progress makes the wait so much easier.

    5. Missing avatar

      Ed B on


      Got my gear yesterday! Haven't got to play yet, but things look great! Thanks.


    6. James Medd on

      Any chance of a daily update on the shipping queue page with an estimate (rough as you like) of how many you've shipped so far? We could get an idea of how close our Digisparks are from being shipped.

      Brilliant work so far, I admire your dedication.

    7. Erik Kettenburg 6-time creator on

      @Russell - actually the in-laws! I wish we had Santa's help, maybe we can convince our horses they are reindeer, that would speed up delivery.

    8. Russell Nelson on

      "Extra shipping help next weekend"?? You mean .... you've recruited SANTA???

    9. Erik Kettenburg 6-time creator on

      Software and tutorials are up here:

      We'll continue to improve, expand, and polish it tomorrow - and post an update explaining it all, but that should get the people how have received them started.

      Thanks everyone!

    10. Erik Kettenburg 6-time creator on

      Going together slowly but surely right now:

    11. Erik Kettenburg 6-time creator on

      Thanks everyone for the kind words - they help us get going at 2am!

    12. Erik Kettenburg 6-time creator on

      @Jason - break even after taxes - we hope!

    13. Erik Kettenburg 6-time creator on

      @Doug - checkout the main comments page, I'll post files and tutorials as I complete them in the next few hours

      @Jay - I'd be happy to put it in a gist - it is just a big mess of PHP code though, yeah cli app in PHP

    14. Doug McInnes on

      Just got mine today! Thanks! Really impressed how tiny it is. Looking forward to the code/tutorials!

    15. Jay Bryon on

      The computer speech system is brilliant! Also the weighing system! Would you share the code/specs sometime after this is all done?

      Looking forward to my big thing/small package, even if it's after Xmas. So glad to support this project!

    16. fmotta on

      Whoot! I received an email from USPS informing me that I have something from DigiSpark enroute!

    17. Erik Kettenburg 6-time creator on

      To give a quick update: If by some miracle the Digisparks we sent out today start arriving in the mail tomorrow, you might be wondering "What should I do with my Digispark" - tomorrow we will have a full update (we shipped a bit less today because we needed to make a final push on all the tutorial, photos, libraries, examples, and integration) and our wiki will launch that contains everything you need to get started, assemble kits, and use the shields - and more!

      Also we'll be getting some extra shipping help next weekend - we'll of course keep shipping as many as possible everyday!

    18. Missing avatar

      RJ on

      It sounds like you guys are doing an awesome job! Many kudos and thanks!!!

    19. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Halderman on

      Agreeing that this is awesome. Thanks so much for keeping us in the loop, and congrats on running the whole kickstarter in such an organized, communicative, and efficient way! Very impressive. I'll be watching for your stuff in the future!

    20. Jason on

      Great pictures, so in the end was the project a net gain, break-even or loss?

    21. Branko on

      According to my rough calculations and based on how many spots I've moved since packing has started, it will take 14 days before my order is shipped. Assuming the current pace is kept up. If they double their output, I can get mine in the mail before Christmas. Here's hoping. :D

    22. Lollybomb on

      Working all through Sunday, and into the night. That's dedication. Can't wait to get mine, though only vague ideas what to do with em.

    23. Erik Kettenburg 6-time creator on

      @Sean and everyone - I meant to put it in, but I was in a rush:

      Shipment one (arrived on Friday) - 5400, Shipment Two - 10,000, due on Friday (the 21st) and on schedule as of yesterday, Shipment 3 - 15,000 due the 24th or 26th (depending what time it leaves the factory) and on schedule as of yesterday. That is about 30,000 total - About 25,000 are spoken for with Kickstarter orders and pre-orders. In short, this shouldn't be a bottleneck. We may have a bit of down time Thursday/Friday of this week but that would mean A) We're really getting them out the door, and B) We likely wouldn't loose much time overall as we'd use the time to prepare to move the next lot faster.

      Thanks everyone!

    24. Sean Kerwick on

      I was so excited to work with the Digisparks that I bought an Uno to start on until they came! Now my 12-YO is helping me dream up new uses for them when they arrive, and learning how to program.

      How many came in the first batch? I'm sure I missed that somewhere.

    25. Erik Kettenburg 6-time creator on

      Thank you all for the kind words - since I imagine someone will ask - Where are the files, tutorials, etc? - We're putting some polish on them and getting them entered in our Wiki - they'll be up at the start of the week, by the time the Digisparks start to arrive.


    26. Missing avatar

      Quentin Smith on

      Thanks for keeping us up-to-date. Production delays are totally understandable, and I'm happy to wait as long as I know why. Hopefully I get my Digisparks soon!

    27. Mark Balliet on

      Maybe your next project should be a quick-deploy shipping system for other Kickstarters, some of the other projects I funded really could use that.

    28. Missing avatar

      Gal Buki on

      I would have never thought about checking the weight as a second test to make sure that the right amount of parts have been packed. :-)

    29. Julius Fazekas on

      I received a shipping notice and am looking forward to the items. Nice job to date and hope you continue to have success. All the best for the holiday season... and send some snow our way! 73. Julius

    30. Missing avatar

      sgllama on

      I stand in awe of your living-room shipping system!

    31. Joshua

      Best thought out and most evolved shipping process for a KickStarter ever!

    32. William Muk on

      Thank you for the awesome update. Happy holidays to you and your team. :)

    33. Yukihisa on

      Thank you for the update, I found my number. I am glad to be able to know the situation.
      I wish you good luck. And, have a great Christmas! :)