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The micro-sized, Arduino enabled, usb development board - cheap enough to leave in any project!
The micro-sized, Arduino enabled, usb development board - cheap enough to leave in any project!
The micro-sized, Arduino enabled, usb development board - cheap enough to leave in any project!
5,964 backers pledged $313,218 to help bring this project to life.

Three new shields! Cases! International shipping reminder! Paying for extras!

As always - thanks again to our wonderful backers, you've all done a great job spreading the word - things are slowing down a bit on here, but gearing up behind the scenes!


We're going to do a special run of acrylic laser cut case parts. These will be tab and hole parts that anyone can assemble permanently with just a bit of glue (CA, super glue, epoxy, etc). We don't have any prototypes to show you, because we are waiting for them ourselves, but we likely will be getting them a few days after this project funds - so we are offering them now! 

Price: $10 a set

Here is what you'll get: Enough laser cut acrylic case parts for 4+ cases. At minimum these parts will allow you to make: one small Digispark sized case, one Digispark with RGB shield sized case (with cutout for LED), one protoboard/standard sized shield case, and one larger case for use with larger shields such as the charlieplexed LED shield. Likely the parts will be half clear and half exclusive green! So you will be able to make two cases in each color. The image shows some of the case part drawings and the acrylic colors (the shade of green may change, the other is clear).

Motor shield update:

We've updated the design of the motor shield to only use 4 pins (not reflected in the image), leaving 2 pins for other devices!

Three New Shields

We are unfortunately out of time to put any more shields into production after these. So, these are the final 3 shields we'll be designing for this kickstarter! (The Wireless Inventors Shield may still be offered by its manufacturer).

RFM12B wireless Shield PCB

Note: This shield is experimental, it is known to work with the Digispark and ATTINY85s but may require some tinkering. For that reason we are only offering it as a PCB. It requires the RFM12B Module (, 3x 10k resistors, 3x 4.7k x resistors, a 10µ capacitor, and a 0.1µ capacitor. It will use 5 pins (leaving 1). 

Price: $2.50

EEPROM Shield Kit (includes all parts)

This kit will connect one I2C EEPROM (included) to the Digispark to provide additional memory for data logging, etc.

Price: $4.00

I2C Port Expander Shield Kit (includes all parts)

This shield will use two i/o lines to provide 8 more i/o lines using the I2C bus, several of these can be stacked (with stackable headers sold separately) to provide additional i/o. Solder-able/cut-able jumpers allow the I2C address to be changed. 

Price: $6.00

As always these additions have been added to the main shield update ( and the personal backer pages.

International Shipping Reminder

If you are located outside of the USA please ensure that you have added the proper amount to your pledge to cover shipping: 

Reward levels $205 and under:
Canada: Add $5 (so the $28 reward requires a pledge of $33).
Anywhere else (except the USA): Add $10 (so the $28 reward requires a pledge of $38)

Reward levels over $205: 
Canada: Add $10 (so the $500 reward requires a pledge of $510).
Anywhere else (except the USA): Add $20 (so the $500 reward requires a pledge of $520)

This amount must be included in your pledge and cannot be paid separately. 

Paying for Shields and Extras

We will not be adding any more extras, shields, etc, so we'd very much appreciate if you would increase your pledge to pay for your extras as soon as you have decided what you are getting. This will help us accurately order parts for all the kits and ensure that you don't forget to increase your pledge and miss out on all the great extras you wanted!

Increasing your pledge to the amount calculated by the personal backer page is the only way to pay for extras, shields, etc. You cannot pay for these items separately and selection and payment for extras will close when this project funds on Sept 9th at 9PM PDT.

Please ensure you accurately enter your shipping destination selection on the personal backer page - even if you have already increased your pledge to pay for international shipping. It tells us what the extra money is for and allows us to calculate your total.

Thank you all! We're very excited to approve the start of production in a less than two weeks! - let's give it one last push and continue to spread the word:

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    1. Erik Kettenburg 6-time creator on August 29, 2012

      @Bruce there is no reason you couldn't get an SPI to CAN converter to work with this, it would be pretty trivial to wire without a shield but maybe a bit more complex to program, but we've run out of time to add shields for this kickstarter.

      The digispark pro will have a lot more pins, and be a separate project in the new year. The goal for the Digispark was size and cost.

    2. Missing avatar

      Bruce Mattie on August 29, 2012

      I also would like to see a can bus shield. See the work from the model railroad guys at or NMRANET. A CAN bus would provide a simple wired network that over long distances. Looks like it uses the SPI interface for a lot of the CAN chips so not sure if this is feasible.

      Another thought is that I would like to see the ATtiny8x with 14 pin just to have a couple more I/O pins. Of course that would need to be a new product.

    3. Erik Kettenburg 6-time creator on August 28, 2012

      @David - to be honest we're new to the RFM12B/22B so we just went with what people were suggesting - we'll keep that in mind for the future though.

    4. David Snell on August 28, 2012

      The wireless shield seemed like an awesome item (relatively cheap, semi-smart sensors) until I saw it was the RFM12B... The RFM22B would have been a bit better to use but when it comes to wireless there are many different opinions and reasons. Thanks for keeping up the creative work though! I look forward to you folks having a webstore we can buy more shields from in the future.

    5. Erik Kettenburg 6-time creator on August 27, 2012

      @Derek - yep we'll use the survey at the end to get your address, that way we'll know for sure that it is official and final, right now we just need to know if we are shipping it internationally or not.

    6. Yorik on August 27, 2012

      The personal back page does not include ability to enter full address details as per this update. I can only enter that I am from "Anywhere Else". I assume that you will send out another survey after funding to gain our final addresses like all other Kickstarter projects do? There is nowhere to enter my address in Kickstarter.

      @LTorsher - Click on the Envelope at the top of this page, that is your Kickstarter Inbox and might still contain the email, as the email that you received is just a copy of the email here. Hope this helps.

    7. Erik Kettenburg 6-time creator on August 27, 2012

      Michael - I'll post all the files when they are final, I'm still playing with case sizes and squeezing as much as I can on one sheet of acrylics. RE: I2C expander - it includes all parts,

      @LTorsher - I resent it to you via kickstarter message
      @All - the backer link came via kickstarter message not email, so check your kickstarter inbox if you are looking for it.

    8. Missing avatar

      LTorsher on August 27, 2012

      Can you resend the link that lets us order sheilds and updates our pledge amount. I deleted the original kickstarter email that contained the link.

    9. Missing avatar

      Michael on August 27, 2012

      Also, do the I2C Port Expander Shields come with the IC?


    10. Missing avatar

      Michael on August 27, 2012

      Can you make the case model available via stl format for those of us who have a 3D printer can create/print cases for digispark plus whatever expansion we may add?