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Begun, the Clone Wars Have

Posted by Richard Stevens (Creator)

Three computers. 48 USB ports. Fingers crossed, I hope this part works!

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    1. Bryan Thao Worra on

      Can't wait to get mine! :)

    2. Andrea Doucette on

      The decapitated heads are really the creepiest part.

    3. Ronald P. Hobbershum, Ph.D. on

      € 47.50 isn't that bad, is it? Especially for MAC software?

      "Three computers. 48 USB ports. Fingers crossed, I hope this part works!"

      Us too!

    4. Jennifer White

      That's almost kind of creepy. LOL

      I am almost expecting them to suddenly jump up and start running amok.

    5. Richard Stevens Creator on

      @John Lamar : I'm using USB Duplicator Now:

      Not cheap, but turning out to be pretty reliable and the only way I could do it with all the custom personalized versions I'm doing.

    6. John Lamar on

      What software are you using to clone them?

    7. Andreas Treppe on

      Oh and I for one welcome our new Robot overlords!
      (Had to be done sorry.)

    8. Andreas Treppe on

      This just looks awesome and terrifying at the same time. :D

    9. Andrew W on

      Work this picture in your future comics?

    10. Missing avatar

      Alex Moffatt on

      Hi - just wanted you to know that from experience, copying data to a USB drive from a PC is really really slow, and having multiple ports doesn't seem to speed things up much (based on the PCs at work, that is). You can get much faster speeds with a USB drive copier - they have multiple ports and dedicated firmware / hardware for copying data. Admittedly at work I was only copying half a gig, but with a ten port copier the first one was complete before I finished slotting in the first card. They're a little pricey, but you might be able to hire one or something. Just a thought, if your current setup doesn't work for you.

    11. Mischa Krilov

      Who makes those USB extension bars? Covet!

    12. Missing avatar

      judith strauser on

      I clapped my hands gleefully and bounced up and down a bit. What a glorious vista!

    13. Adam Grow on's beautiful...

    14. Daniel Moorthy on

      It's the factory of doom!

    15. ABMann on

      That right there is the beginning of the end of the world.

    16. Richard Stevens Creator on

      *Not all computers or USB ports shown.
      *Been waiting years to say that and mean it.