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Help me collect twelve years of webcomics into a complete ebook form while still keeping the files free to all.
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Pac-Magazine (Or, When Dreams Become Real)

Posted by Richard Stevens (Creator)

You All Rock!

We blew past my $26,666 goal this weekend, so that means I'm going to be adding 20+ pages of new comics to the donor edition of my ebook set. Thanks! Those will be just for you. Frederick J. Lamp's side of the story WILL be told.

Now, let's set an even more insane goal.

I want to make a year of e-comic books from my strips and turn a comic into reality. This comic.

If this Kickstarter project hits $35,000 before the end, I will commit to a whole year of free, monthly magazine format ebooks of my comics for you to download and enjoy on your tablets and phones. (similar to my test book here.)

I will also drive a Pac-Man arcade game cross country and deliver it by hand to Wil Wheaton. It will be the Pac-Man of his choice from my collection and it will have a big bow like a car in an 80s teen movie AND it will have a card with all your names. (I will also document this road trip! Our last moments together.)

I just added some awesome new rewards to the mix to help this happen! I put feelers out with some of my friendly merchandise makers so that our next goal (40) will come with a big upgrade to the thumb drive packs of goodies.

New reward options:

T-SHIRT TIME MACHINE! (I'll remake any shirt you want.)

Coffee, You're My One and Only (a 12x12" print of the coffee pot & heart design on my Twitter.)

The LAST set of Lego Pixel Skulls

Lego sculpture of my I Square Pixels shirt


(post edited to change "magazines" to the more nerd-prideful "comic books". )


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    1. Jeff Lieske on

      Not gonna lie, I was kinda hoping you would make headless snowman with a kitten on top show up at Wil Wheaton's