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Help me collect twelve years of webcomics into a complete ebook form while still keeping the files free to all.
1,520 backers pledged $60,209 to help bring this project to life.

Ewokin' On Sunshine

Posted by Richard Stevens (Creator)

First! I have a new goal. How about if I add another huge book to the deal?

When this project hits $18,000, I will also colorize, edit and ebook my 500+ strip archive of comics that I did when Diesel Sweeties was in newspapers.

This book will be added to every existing ebook reward.

These strips are going to need a lot more love and care than my web strips will. Almost six months worth aren't even in color … and the color ones were designed for 1950s-era printing technology and need to be updated.

I was crazy back then. I took on the 7-day-a-week gig drawing a newspaper version of my comic, but refused to give up the free online webcomic version. Seeing how amazingly supportive you've all been, I think I made the right decision.

Second! I have a new reward option. It's the third Space Problems related print and it is entitled '83 Red Luftballoons. It may depict Ewoks with red balloons celebrating their victory against long odds. Ewoks are my favorite metaphor. Let's see if this one sells out, too.

Third! Here is a rough sketch of the Red Robot thumb drives, pending approval from the manufacturer. I told you there were arms. I added some violence, just because.


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