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A co-operative game for 1-6 players with amazingly detailed miniatures, depicting a sci-fi horror world inspired by Lovecraft's work.
A co-operative game for 1-6 players with amazingly detailed miniatures, depicting a sci-fi horror world inspired by Lovecraft's work.
A co-operative game for 1-6 players with amazingly detailed miniatures, depicting a sci-fi horror world inspired by Lovecraft's work.
9,566 backers pledged $1,438,293 to help bring this project to life.

Maneuvering Boats


Well, shoot, guys. I had another update all written up and ready to go for you, but then circumstances got in the way. We’ve received word that, due to overcrowded waters, the boats are currently running about two weeks behind schedule. We unfortunately don’t have much more information currently than that, but we will keep you updated as we learn more. All we can say is that we’re really sorry for this additional delay. 

The art books and translation packs have also taken longer to finish than expected due to exceptionally rainy, wet weather. They should all be done by July 15th, however, which I suppose makes this a moot point with the boat delay. Everything else is done and ready for the boats. 

Regarding those boats, though, we do have some more information. Here’s what we know: 

  • The boat heading to the US and Canada will be MOL CONTRIBUTION. You should be able to track it with more detailed information that we'll provide shortly. All the products will be loaded on this boat. And it's supposed to arrived in the US on 31th August.
  • Our shipping partner had planned to book the boat Evergreen Line - CMA CGM CORTE REAL 0FM0ZW1MA for Europe, but a problem has arisen with the import paperwork in the EU. We’re scrambling with our partner to fix the problem, and hopefully we’ll have it squared away and the EU products on that boat shortly.
  • It ends up the Australian packages will all be assembled in Xiamen, China, before they are loaded on a boat and shipped. Because of this, we don’t have boat information to share for our Australian backers yet, but we will as soon as we have it. Having said that, this shouldn’t mean that our Australian friends get their pledges later than everyone else, as all of the other pledges will need to be assembled (i.e., packaging the core box, Uncounted Horrors, Endless Nightmares, add-ons, etc. together to ship to you) once they reach their destination shipping hubs.
  • Asian pledges will not be getting on a boat, so there won’t be a boat number for you. Your pledges will be mailed directly to you. ;) 

Once again, we’re sorry we don’t have better news. We’re as disappointed as you that things aren’t on the water yet. But hopefully this should all be resolved very shortly and everything will be on its way. I’m hoping you’ll get the update I already wrote very soon for two reasons: first of all, because it had some fun and informative stuff in it, and second of all because, when you do, it should mean that everything’s moving forward and on its way.


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    1. Nic Lempriere just now

      Can we get an update on whether the EU problem was solved please because that ship has left port and at this point I’ve had enough of delays...

    2. FatPob
      1 day ago

      Seems the EU ship is still in port, any news on your grand scramble for the import paperwork?

    3. elDamahj
      1 day ago

      This will be a game of horrifying fun. Massive thanks for bringing this ginormous project to fruition.

    4. Missing avatar

      Shannon Emerson 2 days ago

      Updates are great and I am looking for to it.
      The wait has nothing on my wait for KD: Monster

    5. Radek Kaczmarek 2 days ago

      If I received it at 16/09 it would be perfect birthday gift 😂

    6. CK Lai 3 days ago

      Any idea when pledges to Asian backers will start shipping?

    7. Dorina Pina Opferman 3 days ago

      I called it a while ago. We are totally getting these a year after the original date. im telling yall nov 2018. hilarious.

    8. Shane
      4 days ago

      This is a great example, of an ambitious project, by a first time team. Give them a break, we can see things are finished and moving ever closer to fulfillment. In my opinion, this project is nothing but a success. Late or not, it is finished and on the way. Will back this team again in a heartbeat.

    9. N 4 days ago

      Good things come to those who wait ;)

    10. George
      5 days ago

      I had actually forgotten all about this one. I am glad it is coming along, and I am in no rush. November would be cool. I could give it to my son for Christmas :)

    11. Missing avatar

      Dustin Bainbridge
      5 days ago

      Understandable guys. Keep the info coming. I am super excited!

    12. Belisarius
      5 days ago

      @Ben - passive aggressive much?

    13. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Ehlers 5 days ago

      Hey Byron,
      thank you very much for your answers, I appreciate it. But you did not really answer what i wanted to know. Maybe it is this open forum, maybe it is my inability to communicate what I want, maybe it is your unwillingness to disclose what i want to know or something else.

      But it probably really does not matter anyways. I am hoping for an awesome product, it was nice talking to you. I wish you the best.


    14. Christoph Mueller 5 days ago

      do you think we will finally get our games with a one year delay to the estimated shipping date (which was November 2017)?! I do hope so, looking forward to finally playing that game! ;)

    15. Danny Shafer
      5 days ago

      Thanks for the update. This is my most anticipated game this year. I can't wait to play it

    16. Byron Leavitt Collaborator
      5 days ago

      @Benjamin Ehlers, we never intentionally lied to people, and I apologize if you feel like we have. We are a very small team divided over two countries (and those of us in the US are further divided over two states), and sometimes things get lost or misunderstood in our communication. We are also a very optimistic bunch, and we have had a tendency to look at how much work is left and say, "Yep. We can get that done by then." But because we're a small team, we also subcontract a lot of work, which adds several more variables there. And we also have woefully overestimated how much we can get done in a timeframe, and underestimated how many factors would come into play for each of the myriad moving parts. As far as the miniatures, they were largely finalized last year at Gen Con. I have plastic miniatures from a version made last summer that look fantastic and decorate my desk every day. But that doesn't mean they were produced in mass-quantities at that point, or that they weren't tweaked further. (We're also all perfectionists.)

      Much of the delay, honestly, was me. There was more I needed to do than we initially realized, and it took me longer to get things done like finalizing the stories than anticipated. This isn't a full-time job for me, either, which means I have also had to juggle this project with other work. There were further a number of delays associated with the Spring Festival/Chinese New Year, which greatly affected the entire production (especially the miniatures), as well as the manufacturers placing other projects as a higher priority than ours.

      In summary, have we made mistakes? Absolutely. But we have never intentionally lied to or misled anyone. (Unintentionally? Well, I suppose that's up to you.) I hope that helps to answer your question.

    17. Kevin Shaud
      5 days ago

      Can I still change my shipping address? I will be moving within the next month.

    18. Byron Leavitt Collaborator
      5 days ago

      @Thomas Subrink, you know it. But what they'll find there... at the bottom of the ocean... It's not - what they expected -

    19. Byron Leavitt Collaborator
      5 days ago

      @Russonc, we'll look into that for next time. =D

    20. Byron Leavitt Collaborator
      5 days ago

      Thanks for understanding, everyone. It means a lot.

    21. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Ehlers 5 days ago

      Hi there,

      first of all, I really do not care if the game arrives tomorrow or next year.
      But I am really wondering why you, as a company, decided to lie to your backers.
      I am not mad about it or anything. I have no feeling about it what so ever, I
      would just like to know why you lied, what your reason back than was for lying ​to us.
      And how you feel now about lying ​to your paying ​customers.


      - You stated in the update on the 13.11.2017:
      "we had to do some extra lobbying with our manufacturer. A lot of game companies (many of them bigger and more influential than us) were pushing to have production samples for Essen Spiel"
      "The core game miniatures have entered the production process",
      "The stretch goal minis will complete the finalizing process in 1-2 weeks"
      "minis for Rise of Dagon and The Oracle’s Betrayal will be finalized within 1-2 weeks"
      "most of the written content has been translated"

      - Than on the 15.2.2018 you wrote:
      "There are still a few miniatures that require a couple final adjustments"
      "The core game translations have basically been completed"

      - 15.3.2018:
      "for our French backers: the translated core game rules and cards for you to take a look at"

      - 27.3.2018:
      "ask for your help with the Spanish version of the core game cards and rulebook"

      - 06.4.2018:
      "ask for your help with the German and Italian versions of the core game cards and rulebook"

      - 26.4.2018:
      "team at the factory that's producing Deep Madness"

      - 22.05.2018:
      "the art book and a couple of the translation packs are still in the finalizing stage"

      If you did not intentionally lie, could you please elaborate:

      What kind of Lobbying did you have to do with the manufacturer when you had nothing to manufacture ​at the time?
      Why are core game miniatures produced from November into late April?
      How could you think that all miniature are finalized at the beginning of December, when it took you till after mid February?
      What small part had to be translated after mid november that took you more than 6 month, and why was that small part so dificult to translate?

      If all this was already answered, I am truly sorry but could you please direct me to the answers? I am really interested in this kind of stuff.


    22. Brian Hudson 5 days ago

      It seems like every kickstarter I follow that relies on Chinese manufacturing runs into constant problems like this. Doesn't inspire a lot of confidence... At this point, I'll just assume I'll see it just in time for the two year anniversary of the original campaign. Good thing I still talk to the friends I wanted to play it with, although we don't live as close as we used to any more.

    23. Matt 5 days ago

      Thanks for the update, no worries on the delay. As long as there's no wet ink / moldy boxes, it's all good. :) Honestly, I don't think I'm ready for all the stuff!

    24. SF Pipe 5 days ago

      Hi there! do you have any news to south america/ Chile ??
      i hope this game arrive before de CMON ktulu game!

    25. Shane
      5 days ago

      Thanks for the humble update. Shipping is shipping, sometimes things get hairy. Glad we are that much closer!

    26. Missing avatar

      Thomas Sudbrink 5 days ago

      So if one of the boats sinks, will we have to send in an elite team to recover the games? :D

    27. Missing avatar

      David Makin 5 days ago

      Thank you for the update, shipping issues are something that is beyond control and make planning problematic.

    28. Missing avatar

      David Makin 5 days ago

      @Daniel - sorry about the Australian winter weather that we brought with us to the UK last month - we will be taking it with us in a week or so and you can having some rain then. ;)

    29. Russonc
      5 days ago

      Thanks for the update... would have been cool if you could have had these shipped via submarine!

    30. Granite26 5 days ago

      Thanks for the update

    31. Patrick SAYET
      5 days ago

      Europe (French here), since they decided USA were economic enemies - and thought they could win, have made all kinds of difficulties for buying in USA : taxes (sometimes 40% of price of the product), delaying boats or keeping merchandise on hold...

    32. Missing avatar

      Da_maniak15 5 days ago

      THANK YOU, thank you so much.

      When I read Asian pledges will be mailed directly I cried. The last few kickstarters I backed all were manufactured in China, yet Japan, China etc got theirs last because of the way things were organized (piss poorly) Kickstarters that come to mind, Grimm Forest, GKR heavy hitters, Turing Tumble etc... so you guys have pretty much blown me away with this update. I dont even care bout the delay!

    33. Nic Lempriere 5 days ago

      So hang on, the EU Boat isn’t even loaded yet? So when are we actually going to see the finished product?

    34. Nic Lempriere 5 days ago

      “We’re as disappointed as you are...”
      Every time you read this on a kickstarter, take a shot .

    35. Michael Wild
      5 days ago

      Excellent that we are getting this close!

    36. Christopher Hawkins 6 days ago

      Thanks for keeping us posted.

      Each day is one day closer to delivery.

    37. Missing avatar

      Simon Hutchinson 6 days ago

      I’ve lost track a bit on this project with so many others on the go.

      Roughly what month are we due to start seeing this land on our doorsteps?

      I’m a little concerned as I’m building a house and my new address doesn’t exist yet.


    38. Douglas Jessup
      6 days ago

      Thanks considering I have many other Kickstarters I backed before this one unforfilled I'm very pleased and exited

    39. NeoYokai 6 days ago

      Thank you for this update :)

    40. Edwin van Unen 6 days ago

      Thanks for keeping us updated

    41. Jakob 6 days ago

      I can't believe how long this project has taken... zzzz zzz

    42. Jimmy Trinket
      6 days ago

      @mister c lolcats! Yeah, I'm concerned something in the deep has awoken too. Yikes! Yay for Aussies not having to wait too long. Thanks for the update guys, always appreciated!

    43. Malcolm Sharp 6 days ago

      A bit of a delay for us Aussies is okay as far as I'm concerned. It gives me more time to get my 40k painting backlog done!

    44. Greg Phillips
      6 days ago

      It is coming. The stars are almost right...

    45. sammo21
      6 days ago

      Having backed as many kickstarters as I have I totally understand how frustrating the shipping process can be from China to...anywhere else. No worries!

    46. Kris McDermott 6 days ago

      Massive congratulations on getting this together guys - seriously, it was a major operation and you deserve a hearty handshake for getting it this far this quick. Very excited to finally see this monster...

    47. Missing avatar

      Manlio 6 days ago

      Why evrething in Europe must be always so difficoult!? bhà..

    48. mister c 6 days ago

      It sounds like Dagon is displeased.

    49. Thorsten74 6 days ago

      @Daniel yesterday we had the first real-bit-of rain where I live (near Frankfurt in Germnay) for nearly 7 weeks now .... not funny anymore :-(
      @DG: Those delays happen nearly every time, so I expected it. But thanks for passing this info along this early :-)

    50. Daniel Thorpe
      6 days ago

      All good, thanks for the update. Man i wish we had some rain here in the UK. Had a damn heatwave for the last 3 weeks!