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A co-operative game for 1-6 players with amazingly detailed miniatures, depicting a sci-fi horror world inspired by Lovecraft's work.
A co-operative game for 1-6 players with amazingly detailed miniatures, depicting a sci-fi horror world inspired by Lovecraft's work.
9,566 backers pledged $1,438,293 to help bring this project to life.

Final Shipping Lockdown 6/15! And other stuff

Posted by Diemension Games (Creator)

Hi everyone! We have a brief update for you today.  

First of all, YOU ONLY HAVE UNTIL JUNE 15th TO UPDATE YOUR ADDRESS! After that time, we can make no guarantee that address changes will be possible! So, if you need to do it, NOW is your last chance! Don’t know how to update your address? Then check out our last update here ( to see the step-by-step process.  

Next of all, the manufacturer has set the final deadline for finishing production at the end of June. So, not quite as soon as we all would like, but still inside the window we mentioned in our last update. The last two products to complete are the translation packs and the art book. We should have final production samples of those items shortly. Everything else is done. (You heard that right. Done!)  

We will be back at the factories in China with our shipping partners next week to decide on the final packaging solutions for the project. This is (obviously) a pretty massive and involved undertaking with lots of little variables, but it should all be worked out after next week.  

So, that’s it for today, everyone. A tiny but mighty little update. We will be back with more DM goodness very, very shortly. In the meantime, remember, THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE TO UPDATE YOUR ADDRESS! So, please, if you need to do it, do it NOW! =)

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    1. Missing avatar

      Keltickope on

      @ Crusher sorry for your predicament, but youre asking a question that is not reasonable in the kickstarting world. There is just no telling, and if they attempted to be more precise, they would be harassed when circumstances caused delays

    2. Crusher100 on

      Please can you be a bit more precise when the game will be shipped to us? I am moving home in early September and I need to know if the game will arrive in August or later. Thank you.

    3. Byron Leavitt Collaborator

      @Rey, I don't think we'll be able to hold back people's shipments, but chances are it will be arriving in the latter part of August, in any case. So probably no worries.

    4. Byron Leavitt Collaborator

      @Enrique, that's really tough to say at this exact moment. As I mentioned to Arthur, it might be best to set your address to go to a friend or family member (or someone you can bribe) and thus remove any possibility of a problem.

    5. Byron Leavitt Collaborator

      @Arthur, drop us a line through Facebook (at the Deep Madness page) or through Kickstarter, and we'll see what we can do to get you taken care of. Alternatively, if you have a friend or relative who you could have the package delivered to, that would remove any uncertainty about getting the address changed later on. =)

    6. arthur on

      I'm in the midst of applying for another apartment right now and will hopefully have confirmation on the new address within the next two weeks. Can I still update my address on Backerkit then or have someone I can correspond with on the Deep Madness team? I certainly don't want it delivered to my current listed address as I wont be here anymore.

    7. Byron Leavitt Collaborator

      @Jonathan Lansang, I'm guessing it will be charged again when addresses are locked down. If it's not, drop Deep Madness a message on Kickstarter or Facebook to see if it needs to be done on our end.

    8. Enrique Requena

      If Im on the US (Texas), moving to a different address at the end of August, should I use my current address or my new one?

    9. Frank Branham

      @Byron On the outside for shipping/delivery. 1-3 weeks to get to port (includes packing and container shipping from the factory), 2-5 weeks on the ocean, 1-2 weeks in customs, local shipping, and 1-8 weeks for order fulfillment. That's 5-18 weeks, The shorter tend to be from factories at a port in China shipping to LA or Seattle. East coast takes still longer on the water, and some fulfillment companies are understaffed for large orders or a wave of post-gencon shipments.

    10. Missing avatar

      REY on

      Hi, is it possible to know when it should be delivered? I do not mind waiting a bit more, but summer period is quite complicated. Presently, we do not have fixed date, but would it be possible to postpone the delivery for end of August if requested by the backer? It would be really a nice option. Here the post office is crazy and they send parcels back without notice...

    11. Jonathan Lansang on

      Hi! So I decided to change the address I was gonna have the game shipped too and it required an additional charge which I don't mind. On the confirmation receipt for the charge though, it says "Your credit card will be charged when the project decides to collect funds.
      Estimated Lockdown Date: 04/22/17."

      Just wondering if the date/time thing will cause any problems with the payment and thus shipping or if there'll just be another collection on the new lockdown date of tomorrow.

    12. Icehawk101 on

      @John that is an interesting time dilation effect you have going on considering the KS campaign ended Nov 2016 :P

    13. Byron Leavitt Collaborator

      @Patrick, that's just... madness.

    14. Patrick SAYET

      hoping an evil undersea creature won't attack the boat like the one from the other week

    15. Thomas Aigner on

      yeah it's realy hard to predict for those long shipping routes around the globe, we never know how customs react to changes on the global market and fuel prices, weather and sometimes local conflicts on the route can affect the speed of the transport vessels too ... the selection of the unloading harbor can add a week in europe (through suez to greece, spain, france, uk or germany makes a big difference) ... too much things we cant know :P

    16. Byron Leavitt Collaborator

      @Benj, I think you're pretty close in your estimate. However, we will know more after the factory visit next week, as I mentioned in another comment.

    17. Byron Leavitt Collaborator

      @dragonkoh, I'm just shooting from the hip here, but I'm going to guess that @Thomas Aigner is pretty close. (This shouldn't be taken as the final say, by the way.) Normally once it's on the boat it'll be about a month, and then a few weeks after that for everything to reach backers' doors. This is just from my previous experience from Kickstarters, and not from any insider information. We should know more about all of this next week after the factory visit with the shipping partners.

    18. Thomas Aigner on

      @dragonkoh: usually from shipping to delivery it could be anything from 6 to 10 weeks which would mean in this case it would arrive in August/early September

    19. Sean Abel on

      @John WOW just WOW

    20. Benj on

      so... production complete by (expected) end of June, then container shipping to distribution hubs, then to us? We'd love an "earliest possible date"... hopefully not until mid-August, lol. Guessing a few weeks shipping, a week or two in customs, then distribution?

    21. dragonkoh on

      My shipping address is dependent on when this is going to arrive. What's the expected delivery for the U.S.?

    22. DKeith2011 on

      @John, now you need to come up with a drinking game to while you play the game.

    23. Missing avatar

      John on

      I was 18 when I backed this, I'm turning 21 next month, it's been a journey and I'm still just as hype as I was back then, so proud of y'all and how much you've accomplished thus far, you'll deliver a phenomenal game and I'm psyched to experience it 😀