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A co-operative game for 1-6 players with amazingly detailed miniatures, depicting a sci-fi horror world inspired by Lovecraft's work.
A co-operative game for 1-6 players with amazingly detailed miniatures, depicting a sci-fi horror world inspired by Lovecraft's work.
9,566 backers pledged $1,438,293 to help bring this project to life.

THE BIG BUNDLE and The Little Girl

Posted by Diemension Games (Creator)


Investigators were shocked when they found her: a little girl huddled all alone in the dark bowels of Kadath. She clutched her stuffed brown bear to her as if it would ward off the evils surrounding her, grime streaking her skin and matting her hair. The investigators asked her name, and she said it was Hannah Cobb. Then they asked where she came from. She replied that she didn’t know. All she could remember was the horror, the screams, and the facility.

Amanda Weaver took Hannah under her wing. She cleaned her up, she got her food, and she started to forge a bond with the girl. She asked how Hannah had survived so long on her own. Hannah replied that whenever she got scared she’d close her eyes and hide, and the monsters eventually went away. Amanda inquired where her parents were. Hannah told her she didn’t know her mom, and she only vaguely remembered her father. She did know, though, that she had a different last name than him. She remembered him saying that was partly for protection, and partly for fun. He always called her a character.

The greatest shock came, however, when the investigators’ makeshift camp was overrun with horrors. It was then that Hannah closed her eyes and vanished completely, right in front of them all. When the battle was over, Hannah reappeared. But her new friends were wary now. What if they actually knew precisely who the girl’s father was? What if she was a creation from that greatest of minds, Dr. William West? And, if she was, how could they ever truly trust her again?

When we reach $900,000, Hannah will be joining every box of The Oracle’s Betrayal. Hannah is an investigator with some very special skills, like the ability to choose who sees her and who doesn’t. She can also completely upset the board by willing a devoured tile to revert to its original state (though not without some negative side-effects.) Perhaps someday we will even learn the answers to the burning questions about Hannah: is she a real little girl with incredible gifts? Or is she only a clever construct from William’s imagination? And, if she’s the latter, can she truly possess free will, or just its illusion?

The Little Girl. Sculpted by Gael Goumon. 30mm tall.
The Little Girl. Sculpted by Gael Goumon. 30mm tall.





Do you want to help us reach some of the incredible stretch goals coming up shortly, like Hannah, Obscure, the new scenarios and those beyond 1M? Are you also a sucker for deals? Or maybe you just love big, nasty monsters. (Or maybe all three? ;)

Today we are pleased to announce a new add-on: our Expansions Bundle! Now, when you buy the Expansions Bundle you will receive The Oracle’s Betrayal, Rise of Dagon and a very, very special gift: a brand new Epic Monster! Or perhaps it would be more accurate to say Monsters. That’s right, the Expansions Bundle comes with not one, but two monsters: Penitent and Forsaken. Or are they really one? I suppose only time will tell.

Penitent. Art by Chang Yuan.
Penitent. Art by Chang Yuan.

Through the screeching and gnashing of violent terrors you hear the soft sobs of a woman weeping. The sound is so out of place that it jars you for a moment, and you find yourself snapping your gaze back and forth as you scramble away from the oncoming onslaught of twisted horrors. Then you see her. And you gasp.

The woman sweeps toward you through an archway, her massive bulk of tentacles pulling her onward. There are a myriad of wailing faces pockmarking the writhing mass that composes her being from the waist down. From her waist up, however, she almost looks like a human. The monsters pause to look back at her, and as they do her tentacles unfurl and wrap around the terrors. In stunned silence you watch as the weeping woman devours every single one of the monsters attacking you, absorbing them into her squirming substance as her mouths chew.

“Th-thank you,” you stammer. “They nearly had me. You saved my life.”

“I’m sorry,” she whispers in reply, covering her twisted face. “You have me mistaken. I can’t hold her back any longer. She’s coming again.”

You frown. “Who’s coming again?”

The woman screams from her hundreds of mouths, and her bottom half begins thrashing ferociously. Then her lower body peels open like an orange, and a new creature erupts from inside her. This new creature is brutally savage and utterly monstrous. It bellows as its conglomeration of massive barbed tentacles unfurl. Turning, you flee. Behind you there is the sound of wet flesh slapping steel as the tentacles surge toward you. Somehow, though, you make it through the hatch and slam it shut.

The monster doesn’t directly take up pursuit. Frowning, you turn and look through the hatch’s porthole. You can still hear the woman through an open intercom to your left.

“You don’t have to do this,” she says. “You can break the cycle. We can be free.”

That is as far as she gets. Her new form lunges on her and mercilessly rips her to pieces. Then it devours every last inch and ounce of her. Clamping a hand over your mouth, you flip around and run as fast as you can. There is no way you will survive that thing. Your only chance is to escape.

You don’t know how long it hunts you. Hours? Longer? But always you hear it right behind you, screeching and bellowing. Finally, though, you enter a room with no exit. A knot forming in your belly, you turn around to face your pursuer. There is nowhere else to go.

Slowly it pulls itself into the room, a thrashing mass of terror. It has you at last, and it knows it. Closing your eyes, you await the inevitable. The slippery, barbed end of a tentacle brushes your face. And then the beast chokes and gurgles.

Opening your eyes, you watch in astonishment as the beast folds back into itself. Its tentacles contract and the upper torso of a woman slowly pulls itself up from its depths. The beast moans as hundreds of mouths push through the skin of its appendages. Opening their taught lips, the mouths begin to weep.

“The cycle begins again,” the woman says, covering her face. “Run.”

Penitent was a woman who, in her battle against the Sphere, absorbed too much of the dark soul poisoning the world around her and found herself twisting and warping into the very horror she fought against. As if pronouncing a final cruel judgment against her, the Sphere then trapped her in a perpetual cycle of death and birth. When you first encounter her, Penitent will attack your enemies, absorbing them and their distorted souls into herself. At this point she may seem even like an ally of sorts. But then, when she can no longer contain all of the terror she has consumed, it literally explodes out of her in the form of Forsaken. For a time Penitent and Forsaken will inhabit the board together, but eventually Forsaken will turn on its older form, savagely murdering herself.

At this point Forsaken becomes incredibly powerful. Almost unstoppable, in fact. But, if you can survive, over time Forsaken slowly weakens until at last she metamorphoses back into Penitent. Even if you are somehow able to kill Forsaken, it really doesn’t matter. She will just become Penitent once more, and the cycle will start over. Each phase of the Penitent Forsaken cycle is unique, with its own challenges and terrors. But the cycle is always doomed to repeat itself. So, if you live long enough, you might begin to have the strangest sense of déjà vu – almost as if you have been here before, and time has been set on endless repeat.

Penitent. Sculpted by Long C. 58mm tall.
Penitent. Sculpted by Long C. 58mm tall.


Forsaken. Sculpted by Long C. 50mm tall.
Forsaken. Sculpted by Long C. 50mm tall.


Separately, Penitent Forsaken will retail for $25. But you can get them for free by including the Expansion Bundle in your pledge today! The Bundle is available for $100 and includes both Rise of Dagon and The Oracle’s Betrayal! (If you don’t wish to receive Penitent Forsaken in the bundle, pay only $90 and you’ll receive the whole bundle minus the two figures.)

Note: The Translation Packs for Rise of Dagon and The Oracle's Betrayal are not included in this bundle. However, multi-language cards are included in the Penitent & Forsaken Epic Monster box.


So what are you waiting for? Click on “Manage Your Pledge” on the Kickstarter page, click “Change your pledge”, and then add the total for the bundle to your pledge before hitting “Continue”. We’ll figure out what your additional money was for when the pledge manager goes out after the campaign.  

Thanks for being a part of all the madness!

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    1. Missing avatar

      halvar on


      you cannot find the "Manage your Pledge Button" because the campaign is over.
      You will still be able to extend your pledge in the Pledge Manager, which will probably arrive in January 2017, as long as you have pledged at least 1$ while the campaign was still running.

    2. Missing avatar

      Simon Treselyan on

      How do I find the Manage my Pledge Button. It is not on this page.

    3. David on

      @ Vaelon

      Some time after the campaign ends, a pledge manager will be released and sent out via email. Inside that will be options to allocate your total pledge money to the various expansions and optional buys. It is also where postage will be charged.

    4. Missing avatar

      Vaelon on

      Hello, I need to clarify a doubt. I have the pledge investigator 100$, if I want buy all of these optional pledges:

      - Deluxe Expansions Bundle 100$
      - Core game translation pack 10$
      - Rise of dagon expansion translation pack 5$
      - The oracle's Betrayal expansion translation pack 5$

      I need increase my pledge on 120 $, But How do you know which optional pledges I have chosen?

      Thanks and best regards.

    5. QuoteStar

      Well good news! The bundle's been confirmed!

    6. John Stern

      Just wanted to also throw out there that I would also love to see a bundle pack of all the extra epic monsters.

    7. QuoteStar

      That's because of all the content included in the expansions boxes: more than 100 cards and all of the investigators. That translation information times four languages would be very expensive, hence why the respective language packs are only add-ons for those who need them. There are maybe only two or three cards each for Penitent and Forsaken, so its significantly cheaper to include the multiple language cards.

    8. Missing avatar

      JOUAN on

      So this :" The Translation Packs for Rise of Dagon and The Oracle's Betrayal are not included in this bundle. However, multi-language cards are included in the Penitent & Forsaken Epic Monster box." means that there are the cards of the epic monster in multiple langauge but NOT the cards of oracle and dagon in french ? its strange...

    9. QuoteStar

      Yes. The two epics here, as well as the add-on epic monsters, have the additional language cards included with them.

    10. Missing avatar

      JOUAN on

      hello i dont undertstand something ( sorry im french)

      Is that mean that in the expansion bundle, in the penitent and forsaken box, there are all the cards of the two expansions translate in french ?

    11. Missing avatar

      Mugianesi Anthony

      Hey guys ! great bundle idea ! i'm in !

      Do you consider a bundle for all of the epic monsters ? One by one it's a little too much but in a pack i could be interrested ! :)

    12. Garcia JDA

      @DM since the bonus EM here has its own box, would the other addon EMs get their own boxes???

    13. QuoteStar

      There will be one or two SGs to put two non-exclusive characters into the Dagon expansion, which will increase the value of the box. Penitent and Forsaken will only be available separately at retail as far as we've been told.

    14. Lila

      @Diemension Games are those 2 epic monsters going to be addons on their own? so people who can't spend 100 for them?

    15. Lila

      @oerbae personally hope they DON'T put more SG's as expansion only! I'm not made of money and have to wait for retail for them... so yeah I'd rather everyone got some value than just the rich..

    16. Belisarius

      KS miniature game expansions tend to be a lot closer to RRP than the core box (which include more KS exclusives), and you can usually get RRP online at 20% or more off in sales. At the moment i can still see these expansions being a good option later on after i've received and played the game. But I agree an all in pledge price would make it more tempting

    17. Missing avatar

      Swindger on

      @Bleak ...: You know that the price for everything is now $373 (without the translations no non-kse dice, and the cardholders just once). If the would give us 10% the complete bundle would still be about $330. I Don't know how many can/could afford this. Ok, at $300 I wound be in, too. But I don't think, that they will (or even can) give us such a huge discount.

    18. Bleak Chimera on

      I do agree, a set price for EVERYTHING would make this process simpler, especially for late backers like myself.. If I had just seen a "Pay $300 for a fully tricked out game with everything" option or whatever, I might have just gone with it and not worried about dissecting addons for a pledge.

    19. Missing avatar

      Gary Watt

      Could we just have a bundle that includes, main game, both expacs, all addons, stretch goals etc.much easier for those of us that want everything, especially if you want us to dedicate paying the money very shortly

    20. Ukail on

      In my inital pledge.. I had already taken the 2 expansions.

      Now, I don't change anything, and I have a scary monster (not sure one or two .. ) litteraly free.

      What can say .. many thanks DM, you KS Campaign is fair and I don't regreat to be one of your backers.

    21. Bleak Chimera on

      @Brad I find it strange that you assumed my comment was directed at you, specifically, and your passive aggressive insults are truly unnecessary. Your position was explained just fine and reasonable within the parameters you set. Do you need a hug? I give great hugs.

    22. Brad Vomocil

      @Bleak: No, normally I would NOT be paying $50 each for the expansions. I thought my sentiment was pretty straight-forward since I started with "For me, I value...", and I can value them at whatever I want, for me.

      If I value the collected items of this bundle at $100 or more, it's a buy. If I value them at $99 or less, it's a pass.

      Try an econ class sometime. Knowledge is power!

    23. Missing avatar

      Isper on

      IS it only today or be able to add THE BIG BUNDLE in Pledge manager?

    24. Missing avatar


      YES!!. Very good bundle and very, very AWESOME EPIC MONSTERS!!. BUY IT ALL!!! ;)

      1000K IS COMING!!! :)

    25. Missing avatar

      oerbae on

      Why do you only add stretch goal rewards for the Oracle's Betrayal expansion? I would really love to see some for Rise of Dagon as well..

    26. Bleak Chimera on

      The mathematical mental gymnastics people are doing is wild.. Normally, you would pay $50 each for the 2 expansions. As a Kickstarter backer you may choose ONE of the TWO bundles being offered. You may:

      Pay $90 for both expansions, saving $10 on the Kickstarter price.
      Pay $100 for both expansions and receive the $25 Epic Monster pack (with 2 monsters in it) for free.

      So for backing and bundling, you may have $10 off OR you may have $25 in monsters for free. You may not have both, and the value of each expansion is STILL $50.

    27. Mauro Rodriguez III on

      Woot! My increased pledge actually paid off. xD Now to decide whether I want to keep bumping it up to get the other add-ons. lol

    28. William Cuthbertson on

      You spelled bundle wrong ("bundel") in the $90 set image. ( This is exciting stuff, though.

    29. Ellen Wobrak

      so how much do i add for the bundles

    30. Michael Pflug on

      @Helmi: click on manage pledge, and type in the amount you want to spend for everything you want to buy.

    31. Brad Vomocil

      For me, I value that epic monster at $20 and those KS exclusive heroes at $10 each, so the expansions then only cost $30 each, which feels pretty reasonable.

      It's still a lot of extra money to commit to a game that won't even be released for a while though, so idk yet... But thank you for the bundle, well done, and this has really increased the likelihood of me purchasing the expansions! Which is great, since they do look very good!

      Do they come in their own boxes like real expansions?

    32. Helmi on

      How do I increase my pledge to include the expansions? Cheers.

    33. Paireon, lumberjack of Brimstone

      ...Excuse me. I have to go change myself.

    34. Charlie Day

      I'm another who already had both expansions added on; the epic monsters now get added to my pledge at zero additional cost. Awesome

    35. Missing avatar

      Andy haswell

      With all the models in the game and expansions, I will be painting for months, now if they do an epic monster bundle�

    36. Eric Arsenault on

      Great deal, I was on the fence about those 2 add one but the 2 free epic monsters makes it a good deal for me. =)

    37. James Groeling

      Having already pledged for both of the expansions on Deep Madness, I'm certainly happy to see that backers are getting an added bonus of more epic monsters (and hopefully Hannah as well). Thanks for making this pledge level even better, looking forward to seeing what madness and horrors come to the fore as the KS comes to it's conclusion.

    38. QuoteStar

      Because you are choosing EITHER a $10 discount OR two free monsters.

    39. Missing avatar

      Philip jesionowski on

      Just like the rest, how cost of 10$ more than the bundle for the monsters free?

    40. Shayne Gray

      @magicpink The benefit of doing it during the Kickstarter is that money will go to helping open more stretch goals. Though, for the company it is better if you do it in the pledge manager as then they don't have to pay the fees to Kickstarter on it.

    41. Eyne Nacht on

      Yas! Bundles! My pledge just increased!

    42. Omid TF

      You are incredible!!! Wow, best bundle ever! Thank You so much! You are my new number one! I am and stand at my "all in", all The way to the end :D!

    43. Bazz


    44. QuoteStar

      It's an add-on, so it will be available in the PM.

    45. Ravenwing on

      Just when you thought the value of this campaign was maxed out! What an awesome deal. A total no brainer!!

    46. Missing avatar


      Can I add this bundle later in the pledge manager or do I have to do it during the KS?

    47. MRiley on

      This is a pretty solid deal - previously it was $100 for both expansions.

      Now it's a bundle, so you can either get a $10 discount or a $25 epic monster added in. Your choice.

    48. Godfather Punk

      So it's a $5 discount on the expansions and a $15 discount on the Penitent Forsaken, if you take them all.

    49. QuoteStar

      It says RIGHT IN THE UPDATE:
      "Separately, Penitent Forsaken will retail for $25. But you can get them for free by including the Expansion Bundle in your pledge today!"