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A co-operative game for 1-6 players with amazingly detailed miniatures, depicting a sci-fi horror world inspired by Lovecraft's work.
A co-operative game for 1-6 players with amazingly detailed miniatures, depicting a sci-fi horror world inspired by Lovecraft's work.
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Dagon Rises Part Two

Posted by Diemension Games (Creator)


Previously we showed you the monsters in our new expansion, Rise of Dagon. (If you missed it, you can check it out Here) But there is one more Epic Monster to show you: Dagon himself.


Dagon. Art by Chang Yuan.
Dagon. Art by Chang Yuan.

Your shadow pursues you mercilessly. You cannot avoid it. You cannot escape it. You have killed it over and over, but still it comes. You can’t fight it any longer. It’s too much. Looking down at your arm, you see that the scales have spread further over your skin –

You’re not looking where you’re going, and you fall into a pool of freezing cold salt water. Actually, pool might be wrong. This thing is deep. Very, very deep. You gasp in surprise, your lungs filling with fluid. You find yourself disoriented, unsure which direction is up. You flounder in the water, searching for the surface. You have no air. You need oxygen.

“Pray to Dagon.”

You freeze. You know you heard that voice, but that’s physically impossible.

“Pray to Dagon,” the voice says again, even more forcefully.

“Dagon, I don’t want to drown,” you think in your mind. And then you feel the flaps of skin separate from your neck as your gills open. You take a deep breath underwater, collect your wits, and find the surface at last. The filthy shadow is waiting for you, but it does not attack. You flop onto the land, and you see them all around you. Deep ones. Priestesses. How did you not notice them before?

One of the priestesses walks forward and sets an enormous book down on the ground before you. She begins to read from it in a dark, vile language. And you scream as unbelievable agony courses through your body. You see him when you close your eyes. Like an inhuman nightmare he rises from the murk of your subconscious, a mass of thrashing tentacles, a multitude of eyes, a gaping maw lined with teeth the size of fingers. He moves to swallow your consciousness whole. It would have been better for you to drown.

Now you can understand the priestess – as you can the deep ones. “Come, Lord Dagon!” the priestess cries. All of the deep ones scream, falling to their knees. You rake at your head with your increasingly claw-like fingernails, echoing the deep ones’ cries. You feel your sanity shatter as He pushes through it. All that made you who you are is devoured by the demon, and all that remains is the urge to free your master.

In this, at least, you succeed.

Dagon is the demon of the abyss, written of years ago in a novel by the author Ward Phillips. It was supposed to be a work of fiction. But sometimes fiction can contain strange truths and a power all its own. As people read the book, the idea of Dagon spread. And then, with the revealing of the sphere, those ideas were given life.

The idea of Dagon grew in the minds of the miners and others, and soon Hydras and Deep Ones were being born from the mangled bodies of the men and women most impacted by the book. They cherished the novel like a holy work, and at the same time sought to suppress it as it also made mention of how to kill their imagined lord. The Hydras discovered a way to spread the dark vision of Dagon by feeding people its vile essence. Eventually these tormented souls, hounded by their inner demons, would become Deep Ones themselves and help to give birth to the greatest demon of all. They finally have nearly enough minds to usher in the reign of their lord. Soon now it will happen. Very soon.

When Dagon finally breaks through into the material realm, the only way to wipe him out is by completing a ritual mentioned in the book Dagon came from. As you seek to do this, though, Dagon will torment investigators with terrifying visions of the abyss, flooding their minds with the dark ichor of oblivion. The matter is made even worse in that investigators will sometimes be near the point of drowning, and the only way to save themselves will be to pray to Dagon to sustain them. This furthers investigators down the path to becoming Deep Ones.

With an idea this powerful given flesh, who will be able to resist it?

Dagon's master sculpt, by Roberto Chaudon. 58mm tall.
Dagon's master sculpt, by Roberto Chaudon. 58mm tall.



Novelist. Sculpted by Gael Goumon. 35mm tall.
Novelist. Sculpted by Gael Goumon. 35mm tall.

Since his childhood, Ward had dreamed the most unspeakable dreams. Some were of fantastical lands with bizarre denizens. And some were of creatures so terrible that the mere sight of them would drive a man to madness. He had written his dreams down, turning them into stories. And then the stories took on a life of their own. Others began to add to the work he had done. Still others began to believe it as truth. And slowly the true nature of reality began to warp.

Ward did not see all of this, however, because one day he did not wake from his dreams. He was cursed to wander his dreamlands for what seemed lifetimes, searching for a way home. But when he finally did find one through the power of the sphere, he could not be entirely certain if this was his world of true, solid fact, or something else entirely.

Now Ward is forced to wonder: is he still dreaming? Or is this reality? And, if this is truly reality, how could one writer have done so much to break it?



As you might have inferred from what you read above, we are introducing a new mechanism for this expansion! In Rise of Dagon, investigators will have to fight against becoming Deep Ones. When an investigator is first forced to ingest the substance of Dagon she will receive a Deep One card, which will hinder some of her actions and completely incapacitate others. As the game progresses and certain events are triggered the investigator will slowly, implacably become more and more Deep One, until at last there is no investigator remaining.

Both Dagon and Hydra can imprint you with Dagon’s essence. When this happens a Shadow of Filth will be born, which will hound you and harry you until at last you completely succumb to the pull of the Deep One.

Investigators can find ways to save their mutating friends. In some scenarios this will be absolutely crucial, as these chapters require a certain number of ‘healthy’ investigators to win.



Here’s just a quick overview of some of the components in Rise of Dagon. First of all, we would like to remind everyone that common monsters in expansions, while having unique thematic elements in the expansion scenarios, can be used in any scenario. They include the cards and materials necessary for play in both the core game and the expansion.

People who purchase this expansion will also find a lot of Dagon-related items and abilities, such as the Necronomicon, weird statues, sacrificial daggers, the Eye of Dagon and so on. There will also be a number of madness cards and consciousness cards included to elucidate the terrible incidents and mental torture that the investigators are suffering from.

The included scenarios have multiple potential endings, and the outcomes of each scenario will impact the next one.


Ready to add this expansion to your pledge? Then just click on “Manage Your Pledge” on the Kickstarter page, click “Change your pledge”, and then add the total for this expansion (or any other add-ons) to your pledge before hitting “Continue”. We’ll figure out what your additional money was for when the pledge manager goes out after the campaign.

Let’s see just how much damage can be caused by a story becoming true!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Mugianesi Anthony

      What Arthur said

    2. Arthur Monteath-Carr on

      If I could offer a general suggestion about the Deep One mechanic:

      Broadly speaking, players hate it when they can't do stuff they used to be able to do. A small amount of this can be fun, but progressively making the character less capable as the play session goes on means more frustration and less fun for the infected player.

      My advice would be: Make it so that being infected shuts down some options... but opens up others. Maybe a newly infected character is worse at resisting mental damage, but more resistant to some forms of attack. Maybe the next rank of infection gives them an extra attack type, but using it means they risk increasing their infection meter, hastening their demise.

    3. QuoteStar

      That's because if they use real names, they can face legal action. These characters are all homages, but they can't be identical.

    4. Egor Tilpunov on

      @Byron Leavitt: I have no doubts that HPL won't mind being called differently, and that he used such name before (although i'm not sure, given his personality, whether he will enjoy all that hype around the Mythos in general - but that is a speculative matter). I was more curious about the trend, that i keep seeing, when creators are hesitant to use real names, and thus disguise the personas.

    5. Jasberfloob

      @DG - you mentioned in the main comments sections yesterday about doing a cheaper option with the expansions. What was the final decision?

    6. Ravenwing on

      Awesome! I love that this expansion adds so much gameplay and depth to the core game.

    7. Judgement Dave

      All sounds great.
      Though there is a typo in your component graphic 'scenarios' instead of scenarios.

    8. William Pseudonyme

      Great back up. I love your take on Dagon being an egregore!

    9. Byron Leavitt Collaborator

      @Egor Tilpunov

      Actually, I think Lovecraft himself would have gotten a kick out of his character being called Ward Phillips. Not only was it a pen name he used for several stories, but he also wrote himself into a story called "Through the Gates of the Silver Key" using the name Ward Phillips. (Actually, he wrote himself in twice in the same story, with the other one having the name Etienne-Laurent de Marigny - another of his pen names. Then, if you think of Randolph Carter as representing Lovecraft, he's technically all three of the main characters in the story. =D )

    10. Michael Pflug on

      I love to see some new mechanics! A must buy for me!

    11. Bananakin on

      All characters in the game are fictional, as a pen name of Lovecraft "ward phillips " is a fictional character too

    12. Egor Tilpunov on

      Why to rename HPL?
      I understand, when there is copyright issue, like with some previous characters, but HPL is a real person, whose works are largely in the public domain. so why with him?

    13. Bananakin on

      @Phillippe Rrrrr 'Ward Phillips' is one of Lovecraft's pen names along with Lewis Theobald,
      Humphrey Littlewit, and Edward Softly

    14. PaniK on

      as "The Novelist" is Lovecraft himself, you could have named him "Phillips Workcare" :-)

    15. Egill Björn Thorstensen on

      I love this theme :) The sculpts are just gorgeous and I really hope this game is fun to play. I honestly think it will be, the monsters seem to have great mechanisms. The gameplay matters to me a lot though, so I really feel a need to see a gameplay video before the KS ends. Especially if I'm considering adding some expansions :)

      @Creator - One idea for the cards: Eldritch Horror splits the wording for Epic monsters and regular monsters (can't remember exactly how), but it makes them able to have card effects where the player knows they can either be used on all monsters or only on regular monsters. It eliminates the need for the constant and repetitive "(Except epic and scenario monster)" tidbit..

      Keep up the good work :)

    16. Bananakin on

      this is my guess for the next investigator for the Dagon expansion

    17. Bananakin on

      so i think we should play a guessing game about the other 2 investigators that will come along. lovecraft's dagon is narrated by a merchant marine officer right ? so maybe something like that. could be brought more in line with Leng corporation and just turned into a Junior Executive or something like that

    18. Bazz

      Amazing amazing amazing, how could you not want this amazing add on its,,,oh whats the word..Amazing :)

    19. Eclahn

      Holy hell... the sacrificial dagger has to be the funniest item to play with.

    20. Eclahn

      Too late. Already upped my pledge.

    21. Paireon, lumberjack of Brimstone

      Aaaaww yeah, a corruption mechanism!

    22. QuoteStar

      Very nice! Though I still want a mini of the weird statue, however useless it may be. :D