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A co-operative game for 1-6 players with amazingly detailed miniatures, depicting a sci-fi horror world inspired by Lovecraft's work.
A co-operative game for 1-6 players with amazingly detailed miniatures, depicting a sci-fi horror world inspired by Lovecraft's work.
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Dagon Rises Part One

Posted by Diemension Games (Creator)

Deep inside the mine, the investigators have stumbled across something sinister. They have previously encountered fear embodied. They have stared into the depths of madness. They have even fought against a madman who sought to dominate their psyches. But how will they be able to defeat a demon born out of the darkness infesting their own souls?

Dagon is coming. And he is not rising from the sea: he is rising from the filth inside your own mind. This is Rise of Dagon, a new expansion for Deep Madness.


“What is this?” Shining your flashlight around, you are struck by the immensity of the cavern.

“It was probably just a thoroughly mined chamber,” Roman says. “It looks chiseled. They were probably at work in here for quite some time.”

“This is different though,” you say. “Look at those markings. They’re like. . . symbols.”

Then you see the creatures shift in the dark.

They slink through the cavern’s shadows, their eyes flashing in the beams from your flashlights. “Roman,” you say. “We’re not alone.”

Roman sees them now, too. “What are these?” he murmurs, peering at them. “They almost look human.”

One shambles forward. Then another. Then another. They are wearing the tattered remnants of mining uniforms, but these are certainly not miners any longer. Their scales seem to be the warped transfiguring of skin; their gills pulse wetly.

“Roman,” you say, grabbing your friend’s shoulder. “We need to go. Now.”

Roman looks behind you. “They’ve fallen in behind us!” he says. “Our exit is blocked!”

The deep ones let out a gurgling shriek and lope forward. 

Deep Ones are trapped halfway between man and fish, their bodies a twisted amalgamation of sea and land. Because of their deformities they are relatively slow, and relatively weak when it comes to dealing damage. But that’s just fine. After all, they don’t want to kill you. They want to catch you. And, with swarms of them on the board at any given time, the odds of them doing just that can grow alarmingly high.

Deep Ones can take damage for other monsters on the same tile, and they are resistant to wounds. Their ongoing transformation is causing them excruciating pain already, so what could a little sting from a bullet actually do but give them something else to focus on? Eventually they will overwhelm you. And when they do, they will take you to her.

Deep One's master sculpt, by Roberto Chaudon. 40mm tall.
Deep One's master sculpt, by Roberto Chaudon. 40mm tall.



The fish men are slow, but they are relentless. And there are so many of them. You and Roman run, the army of mutant miners packing into the tunnel behind you.

“It’s like they’re driving us somewhere,” Roman says, looking back with panicked eyes. “I think we’re doing precisely what they wish.”

“It’s not like we’ve got a lot of options here!” you reply.

Roman’s only retort is a gasp.

You have just entered a small chamber. In the middle of it is a slab of rock slathered in dried blood and black ichor. And on the walls are crawling blue and green and white lights in the shapes of glyphs. The walls are so dizzying and disorienting that you almost miss the horror that is striding implacably toward you. But then you do see her. And you shout out in revulsion.

The abomination has many of the shapes of a woman, but its fins, tail and head do not allow you to hold onto that fallacy for long. Its tentacle hair sways behind it as its sharp teeth clack together and its tapered talon-fingers flex.

The deep ones grab you and force you to your knees. Their strength is inhuman, and you feel powerless to fight them. The sea monster is directly over you now. She hacks and gags, vomiting up a viscous black ooze that dangles from her lips. Then the fluid begins to move. It stretches and pulls and squirms towards your and Roman’s faces. Before you know it, the substance is seeping up your nose and pouring down your throat. And there is nothing you can do about it.

Hydra is a force to be reckoned with. Serving as the high priest, the lover, and the executioner for the horrid evil known as Dagon, she bends the wills of all those around her to meet her desires, making surrounding monsters stronger and investigators weaker. But what is even more horrifying is the dark substance that churns inside her guts. Deep Ones bring her investigators, at which point she gives them the precious gift living inside her. And once investigators have been graced with this gift, a horrifying process is set in motion. One you will likely be unable to stop.

Hydra's master sculpt, by Roberto Chaudon. 40mm tall.
Hydra's master sculpt, by Roberto Chaudon. 40mm tall.



You are trapped in a nightmare. Your deepest, darkest fears, hatreds, biases and desires grab you and hold you down, forcing you to heave up more and more of their brothers and sisters. You see that time you wanted to kill your coworker who stole your promotion. You feel the married woman brushing your skin as if it is happening to you again, right in the here and now. You feel dirty. So dirty. And then you wake up.

Roman groans beside you as you both slowly pull yourselves to your feet. You are back in the cavern again. And it is completely empty.

“What happened?” Roman asks. “Where did they go?”

“Was it all just a dream?” you say.

Roman shakes his head. “I don’t see how that’s --” He never finishes his sentence. Doubling over, he vomits out a steady stream of black bile. You hardly have time to recognize it as the same thing the woman forced down your throats before you fall to your knees and follow suit. The black substance pours from your mouth, your nose, the corners of your eyes, your ears. It pools on the cavern floor, and then it begins to whip and thrash about as it takes shape. Hideous four-foot-long worms form out of the liquid and squeal through mouths of churning teeth before receding into the ooze. Then an arm emerges. And another. The two arms plant themselves on the ground and push up, forcing a head out of the secretion, followed by a torso.

You stare in horror, your body quaking, as the dark terror solidifies before you. It looks down at you as its roiling purple eyes slide out from behind a wet membrane. You stop breathing as you meet that stare, because you know it. It is you, after all: every dark deed, every vile thought. It is your filth given form. As it reaches for you with gooey fingers, you realize you will never be free of it again.

Shadow of Filth was born from the darkest corners of the investigator’s mind, and it will haunt its creator relentlessly. It can only be hurt and killed by the investigator who gave it life, but even if itis killed it will shortly return to continue terrorizing its father or mother. It will not stop until its progenitor is dead, or even worse. The mind is a fragile thing, after all. And if it is completely consumed, what is to stop an investigator from giving in to the changes taking place inside his body and willingly becoming a Deep One?

Each Shadow of Filth comes with a color base to match that of the investigator who birthed it. Other investigators with a different colored base will not even be able to see the creature, much less attack it: it truly is your personal demon.

Shadow of Filth, sculpted by Olivier Bouchet. 40mm tall.
Shadow of Filth, sculpted by Olivier Bouchet. 40mm tall.


Note: These monsters can be used in any scenario that comes with the Core Game and other expansions.

Next we’re going to take a look at the vile demon of the abyss: Dagon himself. Stay tuned!


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    1. QuoteStar

      We're still waiting on an update about Dagon himself, and likely the Novelist's backstory.

    2. N on

      PART ONE?!

    3. Missing avatar


      Drakon, sorry ;)

    4. Missing avatar


      WOW!!!. A grakon at 1000K?!.... IS AWESOME!!!!. add-on is required ;)

    5. Dan M on

      Holy deep Sh*t, man them be some nice figures and a neat storyline....massive overtime coming up !!!! Gotta make some green to buy more...................ramen noodles for a couple months, lol...

    6. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Mann on

      By the old gods. I am getting so pumped for this game!

    7. Missing avatar


      TO CREATORS: Thera are 35 SG Unlocked, not 34. The cards upgrade is a SG too :)

    8. Ian short on

      Hope we get a fully transformed deep one as a SG.

    9. Ukail on

      What better tribute to Lovecraft than have him as a mini in a great horror boardgame ?

      Hydras are awesome (well I can say that about so many miniatures..) ... 220 $ for me .. things begin to be serious .. and I want more !

    10. Rich "Lonely Tree" Hensch

      Any possibility of additional ks exclusives added to the expansions?

    11. Danny Shafer

      Same here Eclahn, The HP Lovecraft miniature was the first thing I noticed. A must have.

    12. Francis Tommaso

      Hot damn, those minis do look fantastic. May have to snag both expansions now. lol

    13. Francis Tommaso

      @UltimateARK: That really is the best way to judge an expansion. Just on how much each individual mini costs you, and not on everything else that's included in it, or what all it adds to the core game itself. Why, I bet they're ripping us off here! Someone should cause a ruckus!

    14. Eclahn

      Is nobody going to mention the fact that we get friggin' H.P. Lovecraft as an investigator ?! I'm far too hyped for my own wellbeing.

    15. Brad Vomocil

      $50 expansions? I think I'll wait til I've played the game first.

    16. Roman on

      Sounds like a bad dream I once had........ wait..... what's this black stuff???

    17. Melimew on

      @\[T]/ Sharkey \[T]/

      Great idea for the bundle !
      That would be a good deal to buy both and pay a little less for them!

    18. Sharkey on

      Definitely an instant buy for me! Hopefully DG will do a bundle of both expansions for $90 total, would definitely help with everything else I'm buying! =)

    19. Mary Death on

      I am not sold on the missing foot of the Hydra... Again a pretty expensive expansion. I Will be on the fence again and wait for what's got to come.

    20. Bazz

      well I called it a HALLOWEEN expansion reveal lol and what a reveal, Dagon and gameplay looks awesome and those shadow of filth minis are amazing, one of my fave minis easily and such a great gameplay idea :)

    21. QuoteStar

      All the stretch goals (except those explicitly stated to be in an expansion) are included in the pledge for free. Anything in the add-on list is an extra cost. You can add the money now, or in the pledge manager.

    22. Jordan Adams on

      Are all these unlocks things that the backers have to purchase after release?

    23. Todd Ferrullo on

      I really love the mechanics on all these creatures, they will really add allot to game play. You also certainly cannot go wrong with three more scenarios and five more room tiles. I am upping for it now but do hope that this expansion gets a couple of filler stretch goals like the first one did though to help mitigate the price.

    24. DKeith2011 on

      @Michael; Looks like a WIP model.

    25. Michael Pflug on

      I LOVE the hydra model, but is the hydra missing a foot? Or is she supposed to look like that? o_O

    26. Missing avatar


      WOW, WOW, WOW!!!!. A GREAT EXPANSION!!!! BUY IT, OF COURSE!!! :) In Spanish :)

      Very good work, continue, please `-^

    27. Daniel Schwenger on

      Ah... Father Dagon finally makes his apperance :D

    28. Daniel Korbely on

      I must calculate my wallet.

      @DG: will this be the last expansion in this campain?

    29. Diemension Games 2-time creator on

      Yes, you can just buy the translation pack now. :)

    30. Chucky5 on

      @Diemension games.
      I might not have the money right now to buy those cool expansions.
      Is it all right to buy the translation add-on of the expansions and wait to buy them in retail version? Or must I buy the expansion in order to buy the add-on?

    31. Missing avatar

      UltimateArk on

      great, but extremely pricey... 50$ each so 100$ for both expansion for 50 minis, 2$ each minis.... nope, at 35$ like most other expansion i said yes immediately. i just will wait some time.

      Anyway, it's a really good game with a astounding number of mini, a great gameplay and a thrilling scenario ! keep going (but cheaper ;)

    32. QuoteStar

      Interesting that Hydra isn't an epic when she has that much relevance. All the more scary ladies to torment us with, I suppose! Good to finally see that Doppelganger sculpt, too! I like the idea behind the new name.

    33. QuoteStar


    34. Erebos on

      Yeah... so great.

    35. Dave Bennett

      Genius. Sold!