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A co-operative game for 1-6 players with amazingly detailed miniatures, depicting a sci-fi horror world inspired by Lovecraft's work.
A co-operative game for 1-6 players with amazingly detailed miniatures, depicting a sci-fi horror world inspired by Lovecraft's work.
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Oracles and Betrayals Part Two

Posted by Diemension Games (Creator)


Here is part two of our look at The Oracle’s Betrayal, an expansion for Deep Madness. If you missed part one, you can find it Here.


William's illustration and resin sample. Art by Chang Yuan. Sculpted by Long C.
William's illustration and resin sample. Art by Chang Yuan. Sculpted by Long C.

You carry what remains of your old friends in and lay them as an offering at your master’s feet. You realize two of them are still alive. Raising your saw arm, you prepare to solve that problem.  

Leave them be, the voice in your head says. I will make use of them as they are. You have done well, my child.  

A rush of positive endorphins flood you, making you feel happy and content.  

The two try to rise, to escape. They are losing so much blood. It’s funny, but you can’t seem to remember their names.  

“Where are the others?” your master asks.  

“Screw you,” the woman says.  

“Why on earth would we ever tell you that?” the man replies.  

“Oh, I can think of a number of reasons,” William chuckles. The massive mound of brain flesh before him begins to crackle with energy. The man and the woman moan, their hands shooting up to clutch the sides of their heads.  

“Get out,” the woman says. “Get out!”  

“I don’t have to be your enemy,” William says. “I can give you the deepest desires of your hearts. Clarence, old friend. Have you not striven to see the inner workings of the human mind? Do you not desire to be all-knowing, and to be worshipped as a god before other men? Are you not curious as to what a world driven by madness would be like?”  

The man – Clarence – falls to his knees, his eyes clamped tightly shut as his teeth clench. “I. . .”  

“There is so much we can learn,” William says, rolling his wheelchair forward. “So much we will do. All you have to do is tell me where the others are.”  

“The power,” Clarence whispers.  

“No,” the woman says. “Clarence, no --”  

“Doesn’t she prattle endlessly, Clarence?” William asks. “I think you would do us all an immense favor by silencing her.”  

With lightning speed Clarence turns toward the woman, a knife sliding into his hand. One quick motion, and the woman collapses with blood pulsing from her neck.  

“I will take you to them, Master,” Clarence says. “I look forward to ruling by your side.”  

When lesser men fled from the power of the sphere, William turned to it. He studied it. He exploited it. With a force this powerful, after all, what would he become if he mastered it? The answer seemed quite obvious: he would become a god. Or, if he failed to achieve godhood, perhaps he could at least become one cataclysmically powerful devil. Unfortunately, in their fight to destroy the sphere the investigators unintentionally aided William in his quest to harness its power. And now he has the ability to trap the investigators in their own vicious, mind-rending nightmares.  

In this distorted horror show of consciousness, the investigators must continually endure William’s presence pushing and prodding into their own minds. William will threaten you at every turn, forcing his twisted will upon your own. Then, when your mind becomes too overshadowed by William's, your own existence will be engulfed by his. Whether this comes through exploiting your innermost secret desires or sheer brute force, the end result is the same. You cease to exist, and all that remains is William.

William's resin sample.
William's resin sample.



Detective's 3D render and concept.
Detective's 3D render and concept.


Mr. Murdock has been labelled as certifiably insane. The only problem is, his conspiracy theories are all true. There really is a madman out to wreak madness on the world. There really is a sinister corporation trying to cover up the truth. And there really is a hidden facility where unimaginable evils have been unleashed. It’s just too bad that no one believes him.  

John has the ability to completely submerge himself in his work. This is often a strength, and is one of the traits that made him such a good detective. But it also means he can have a hard time resurfacing into the real world. And it means he has a hard time letting go. So, when everyone around him told him to drop his case against the Leng Corporation (and one of their scientists named William West in particular), he couldn’t. Leng got wind of what was going on, and it only took a few well-placed whispers for them to destroy both John’s career and his life. John’s plight wasn’t helped by the fact that everything he had uncovered was so outlandish that no sane person could possibly believe him. Soon he was out of work, he had been blacklisted, and his wife had left him.  

These events would have been enough to crush most men. But John is not most men. Through vigilante investigations that became increasingly clandestine in nature he uncovered news of a Leng transport bound for an undisclosed facility – complete with a single mention of Dr. West. John didn’t hesitate. He packed a few sparse supplies and stowed aboard. Before he did, however, he also made sure to send a file of evidence to his successor at the PD, Dakota Jansen. Someone needs to blow the lid off of this thing. And John now has a sinking feeling he might not be coming back.

Detective is a Kickstarter Exclusive investigator comes with The Oracle's Betrayal Expansion.



The three chapters of The Oracle’s Betrayal form a continuous plot, as do the chapters in the core game. However, in this expansion it goes a step farther: the results of the previous scenario(s) are preserved, and those results affect the following scenario. William can (and likely will) exist in all three chapters, but the way he manifests himself may be different each time. In one scenario he may control one specific type of monster on the field, or he may set in place unique rules for the scenario. Even if he does not physically appear on the map, the investigators will always feel his presence. In short, in this expansion the investigators will face a ruthless monster who will stop at nothing to dominate them and bend them to his will. It’s a bit like they are lines of code in a program, and he is the programmer.  

Facing such incredible, dauntless power, how can the investigators have any chance of winning? The only hope lies in you beating him at his own game. You must find the tools that William used to desecrate his body and liberate his mind. You must learn how he became the savage telepath that he is now. And then you must make him pay. After all, he invaded every corner of your memory. He stole your deepest secrets and mapped your every idiosyncrasy and weakness. So why not give him a taste of his own medicine?    




We have another surprise for you, too! When we reach 730K, we’re going to add a new play mechanism to The Oracle’s Betrayal: secret objectives! This is an optional variant, but one that can give just one more layer of depth to the game.  

With Secret Objectives, you will add another type of card to the mix: secret objective cards. Each investigator will receive one card, and these cards will give investigators new and unique missions that they must fulfill over the course of the scenario. Some of these could be fairly benign. And some of them could have you siding with William while secretly working against your teammates. Some of them could even be completely megalomaniacal, where your goal becomes to usurp William’s place as the new master of mind!   

This expansion comes with five new room tiles that sport an evil-scientist lab theme. Remember too that all monsters, investigators, search cards, madness cards and consciousness cards from this expansion can be used in the core game and other expansions as well. (Unfortunately, right now this does not apply to the new secret objectives cards.)  

Can’t wait to add this expansion to your pledge? Then just click on “Manage Your Pledge” on the Kickstarter page, click “Change your pledge”, and then add the total for this expansion (or any other add-ons) to your pledge before hitting “Continue”. We’ll figure out what your additional money was for when the pledge manager goes out after the campaign.  

Thanks for being awesome!

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    1. PaniK on

      Please consider bringing William unassembled in the box : we are many painters confused by the model complexity. Thx

    2. Michael Harley on

      I don't know... I see a psyched out version of Jessy from Breaking Bad when I look at the Psycho Doc. Is it just me?

    3. Dusty Erker on

      Secret Objectives are something I asked for when I first seen the project. It seemed the perfect pairing. Now to get a few more reviews is all I could really ask.

    4. BlasterCA on

      Awesomeness! Secret Objective PLUS a linked scenario campaign.

    5. Claus Appel on

      The secret objectives sound terrific! :D

    6. Michael Pflug on

      Holy Shit!
      The secret objective cards will seal the deal for me! That is exactly what I was asking for! Thanks Diemension Games! I'm all in.

    7. Ravenwing on

      This is so Awesome. The KS campaign to end all KA campaigns.

    8. Missing avatar


      This expansion is perfect!! ;)


    9. Bananakin on

      @diemension ok, but should the secret objectives add a lot to gameplay, it would be possible to take out william specific cards and make use the more benign set of SO in the main game?

    10. Diemension Games 2-time creator on

      I think it is because our designer really wants this game to be focused on the co-operative part.

    11. Diemension Games 2-time creator on

      @Caley Smith
      Officially, it is designed for the expansion only, because some cards will contain the content that related to William.

    12. Sharkey on


    13. Bananakin on

      @diemension can secret objectives only be used in the expansion, or can you make them a part of the core scenarios too for added difficulty?

    14. Dave Bennett

      @Daniel Yeah, i'm with you on that (solo all the way for me). I guess it's impossible.

    15. FodderZone on

      Okay shut up and take my money... I wasn't excited about the expansion until this update. It sounds awesome!

    16. Diemension Games 2-time creator on

      @Daniel Korbely
      For 1-3 players games, some secret objective cards that contain the betrayal content won't be used. But in these cases, investigators still have their own objectives that must be achieved to win the game.

    17. Daniel Korbely on

      Secret objectives ... hmm ... i love to play coop games solo. How will this works? Or is it impossible?!

    18. Missing avatar


      Great ! Add some news expansions only kickstarter exclusive ! It's really cool !

    19. Bazz

      yes yes yes YESSSSSSS. Just when I thought this expansion couldn't get any better you add a secret objective/possible traitor mechanic BRILLIANT, just brilliant. oh and love Detective Murdock and feel he is gonna be kick ass to play :)