Deep Madness

by Diemension Games

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    1. Bananakin on

      @diemension will there be plastic sealed hatch and broken hatch pieces either as SG or add-on?

    2. Baylock on

      See, that is the part I don't like AT ALL:
      " they are enough for most of the scenarios, but you can get more in this optional buy".

      For how many scenarios aren't they enough?

    3. Ravenwing on

      Looks cool.
      What is the dimension/diameter of the submerged marker?
      Will the 3D door stand by itself or use the same plastic holder as the cardboard door?

    4. Diemension Games 2-time creator on

      In 1or 2 scenraios that focused on restraining monsters, six may be a little bit short, but you still can use the cardboard standee as backup.

    5. Belisarius

      So some scenarios will need 6 more hatches than there are 3d ones included?

    6. Missing avatar

      Sascha Keil on

      I think the submerged markers are really nice. But why they are not sold seperatly? I don't want more door's, only the submerged markers. Door's and markers each 5$ would have been better.

    7. K Wirick

      "At 555K, six 3D closed Hatches are unlocked, they are enough for most of the scenarios"

      why would you not include enough for every scenario? so if I don't want to spend extra money I could be playing a game where most of the rooms have an awesome 3d model.. and a few that have card board because there aren't enough included?

    8. Bronson Murphy

      @K Wirick
      As I understand you use the sealed hatch tokens only when you close a hatch. As the creators stated, in some missions closing hatches is part of the strategy to succeed. So in theory, you could have the same amount of hatches as the amount of doorways to rooms (which most likely could be way more than six). So in the end, it's really up to the players if they want to close a hatch or not, making additional closed hatches redundant in most cases/scenarios. Wouldn't you want other things rather then a few more hatches that might only be used in certain circumstances?

    9. Sharkey on

      Diemension Games has confirmed that the retail box will include all 12 hatches, 12 submerged tokens, and other 3D items we're getting from stretch goals as well. This $10 pack will give you enough doors to replace the core box's cardboard ones with the 6 freebies we're getting.

    10. Draelin

      I have no problem with this as additional buy. In fact i waited and hoped that they will appear.
      Those doors could be used in a lot of other ways, not only here in Deep Madness, so this is fine for me. Would love if you would offer open and broken hatch models too.

    11. Mark on

      That's weak. Not providing enough 3D hatches in the core backed project that we'd need or want to buy more?

    12. Missing avatar

      Jonah McCreary on

      Exactly what I was hoping for and submerged tokens to boot!

    13. Ruinaes on

      Just a thought... What about having some sort of wavy, dark blue acrylic piece that gets placed over a room once it's submerged?

      Of course this would have a cost but it seems that thematically it could be a really cool, better representation.

    14. Bryan Creehan

      Any chance for a means of an add-on for more Self-Destruct Devices? I would love to get extras of those!

    15. Belisarius

      @ruinaes - that's a good idea, even including some transparent blue plastic sheet overlays as a goal or add on, you would only need a few as i think the rooms use a standard size

    16. Thomas Tannhäuser on

      @DG: How big are the Plastic Submerged Markers?

    17. Missing avatar

      Antoine on

      Can you confirm that the closed hatches won't fall to easliy as their bases seem pretty small ?