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A co-operative game for 1-6 players with amazingly detailed miniatures, depicting a sci-fi horror world inspired by Lovecraft's work.
A co-operative game for 1-6 players with amazingly detailed miniatures, depicting a sci-fi horror world inspired by Lovecraft's work.
9,566 backers pledged $1,438,293 to help bring this project to life.

Oracles and Betrayals Part One

Posted by Diemension Games (Creator)

When the investigators first came to Kadath, they received a vision of a man intent on helping them defeat the terrors rampant in the mining facility. Little did they know that one of their only allies would turn into one of their greatest threats. This is The Oracle’s Betrayal, an expansion for Deep Madness. And here’s an in-depth look at this incredible add-on!


So, with a game of this nature and Halloween coming up, some might wonder if we’re going to have any sort of special stretch goal for when we hit $666,000. The answer is, we probably wouldn’t have brought it up if we didn’t! So, when we hit that most diabolical of numbers, a very special guest will be joining The Oracle’s Betrayal: the new investigator Dr. Clarence Branom, the psychologist!

After he has been unlocked, he will appear in every The Oracle's Betrayal expansion box.


Dr. Branom has always had a taste for the bizarre and the extreme. Perhaps that’s why he has committed a great deal of his professional career to the study of serial killers and the criminally insane. He finds their aberrations and deviations from the norms of accepted society to be fascinating. And he often contemplates what the world would be like if these warped people were the accepted norms, and sanity was shunned as madness. What would happen then?

Dr. Branom was hired years ago by the Leng Corporation, and his projects were quickly buried from prying eyes under miles of red tape and redactions. He became a ghost in the Corporation. A folk tale employees whispered about over their lunch breaks. But all that time Branom was experimenting. He was studying. And he was unraveling human brains.

Branom pioneered a variety of cutting edge techniques and observations in his studies of the human brain, facts that might not have come to light for years without his complete lack of scruples or oversight. His subjects would vanish once they fell under his care, their lives scrubbed from existence. As such, Branom was free to study them as he saw fit, employing techniques from long-term sensory deprivation to waterboarding to hallucinogenic drugs. But then he met William. And everything changed.


You stare in horror as the poor creature stutters toward you. It writhes and staggers as it approaches, its body twitching in torment. Its head is missing, but somehow it still stands. Somehow it still feels. Somehow it’s still coming.

It reaches toward you, as if begging you to help it. A lump rises up your throat. You know you can’t let it live. But this could just as easily have been you.

You hesitate and the man reaches you, feeling his way up to your shoulder. Its other hand feels for your chest, and then they both slowly creep toward your throat.

“I’m sorry,” you whisper. And then you open fire.

Maybe it was a mercy killing. Maybe it was self-defense. But then why do you feel so dirty?

Victim is the tortured husk of a person that has fallen under William’s domination. William has reaped their consciousness, and now their anguished bodies dance to William’s whims.  

When an investigator encounters Victim, she has to kill it in order to survive. But there is something so pitiable about it that when the investigator does pull the trigger she must fight an overwhelming wave of guilt. It’s like she just murdered someone who needed her help. Because of this, every time an investigator kills a Victim they must roll dice to test whether or not they have been cursed. If only she had thought of another way. . .

Victim, 33 mm, sculpted by the Long C, a total of 12 miniatures.
Victim, 33 mm, sculpted by the Long C, a total of 12 miniatures.


The man in the deep-sea diving helmet turns to look at you, and you realize you can’t see anything but a strange glow through any of the openings in the helmet. The man, dressed in what seems a strange combination of a diving suit and a doctor’s smock, raises a pair of pliers that are almost as big as he is as he slowly begins to advance.

“Stay where you are,” you warn. He gives you no heed.  

There’s a sound to your right. Looking over, you see another diver with a monstrous pair of scissors approaching. Something grinds on the floor directly behind you, and you wheel around to see a third diver who is slowly dragging his instrument across the floor.

“Get back! I’m warning you!” you shout. They continue on, undaunted. You shoot one in the head, and the shot ricochets off the metal helmet.  

You hear the squeal of metal on metal behind you. Spinning around you see a fourth man, his instrument raised to the level of your neck. He brings the handles together for one quick, forceful snip, and you stare with detached shock as you tumble past your body to the floor.

Collector serves a dual role for William as both a bodyguard and a harvester. No one knows whether they have heads or not under their helmets. However, regardless of this, they act with an eerie singleness of mind.  

It is that unity which is their greatest threat to investigators. It’s not that they share a common goal - it’s more like they share a common mind. When a Collector attacks or is killed by an investigator, the other Collectors on the board gain additional opportunities for action. So the more Collectors there are in the field, the more dangerous each individual Collector becomes. The moral of the story? Don’t stick your neck out when Collectors are about.

Collector, 40 mm, sculpted by Dennis Zarnowski, a total of 8 miniatures.
Collector, 40 mm, sculpted by Dennis Zarnowski, a total of 8 miniatures.


You awake with a start. Wait. How did you wake at all?  

Looking down, you see that you have been changed. Drastically. You are naked, for one, and every muscle in your body is mutated, bulging, torn apart and reassembled. Talons and spines have pierced through the skin all over your body, and your right hand is completely gone - replaced instead with what looks like a saw made of flesh and bone. You open your mouth to scream, and your entire face splits down the middle.

You see your friends entering the room directly across from you. You cry out to them and stagger toward them, desperate to escape this nightmare. But the closer you get, the more something else takes over. It’s as if there is someone in your head who is not you. Kill them all, that voice says. Bring their fragments to me.  

You emit a deep, guttural snarl as you break into a sprint. Raising your newly attached saw arm, you begin to cut.

In a sense, Dissected are William’s self-portrait. They represent William's own journey through self-mutilation in his search for eternal life. Their gaping faces, too, are meant to symbolize an open mind, just as William seeks to offer to the world.  

When a Dissected takes the greatest damage is when they are most dangerous. As they are hurt they have the ability to leech life from the investigators around them. In a sense this, too, is a reflection of their creator. After all, if William would go to such extreme lengths mutilating his own body to gain immortality, why would he ever hesitate to mutilate someone else?  

Dissected, 40 mm, sculpted by Dennis Zarnowski, a total of 3 miniatures.
Dissected, 40 mm, sculpted by Dennis Zarnowski, a total of 3 miniatures.


In our next update we’re going to take one more look at The Oracle’s Betrayal. And this time we’re going to peer into the corrupted mind behind it all: William himself. (We might even have another surprise or two up our sleeves as well.) Stay tuned!

If you're interested in purchasing this expansion, please click the "Manage Your Pledge" button on this page and simply increase your pledge amount. We'll sort out what your extra money is going towards via our Pledge Manage sent to you after the campaign ends.

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    1. Michael Harley on

      @ Drew: Thats a cheap shot. While I generally agree with you, this KS became so much more with its unlocked goals, than it was in the beginneng. One really can't say the value of our initial pledge hasn't rose. No one is actually forcing you to get the Add On. I am pretty sure ull get plenty of play time out off the base game.

    2. Drew Vogel

      It doesn't look like this is included for KS backers, but is an upsell. Is my understanding correct?

      Personally, I don't love being upsold (for additional $$$) before the game is even out. I'd prefer that items are added to my KS backer level, increasing the value of my early investment rather than trying to sell me expansions before the game is available.

    3. Rich "Lonely Tree" Hensch

      @ Quote, hence the "more", in "More KS exclusives would sell this expansion...just saying"

    4. Sharkey on

      I think you should reconsider calling him a Psychiatrist instead of Psychologist. Psychiatrists are actual medical doctors, which Branom clearly is.

    5. Ravenwing on

      F-ing Awesome. I love those stories and hope they are included in the art book.

    6. QuoteStar

      There IS an exclusive in the expansion. The Detective was revealed right at the beginning of the campaign.

    7. Oihan on

      I'd say that the word they were searching was more Psiquiatrist (who indeed experiment with the human brain and it's chemical reactions along with the psyche) than psychologist(who just dwell in the psyche realms and don't really study the brain as itself)

    8. Todd Ferrullo on

      This is nice but I do hope that we see at least one more thing added to the expansion (hopefully something KSE to convince more folks to go for it).
      I am also surprised that they did not mention the Accessories Add On in this update as I expect that lots of folks are not aware of it yet.

    9. Missing avatar

      Paposaure on

      Agreed with more KS exclusives

    10. Jeff c

      I love all the investigator options to choose from

    11. Wesm on

      Damn you Diemension games! I wasn't sure if I was gonna take any addons, but this makes the temptation even harder. Stop hurting my wallet!

    12. Rich "Lonely Tree" Hensch

      More KS exclusives would sell this expansion...just saying

    13. Ukail on

      Please consider that this Stretch Goal may help to sell more expensions boxes,.. which is good for everybody as the total of pledges just grow up more (so even if you dont buy it, you stil have a benefit).

      To be honest, as Francesco Novara said, an hero, a monster (maybe not epic) for this expansion could be very nice.

    14. Missing avatar

      Francesco Novara on

      Any other epic monster,also as add on???go to make so epic the madness!!!

    15. Eclahn

      I'm very bothered by the fact that this "psychologist" looks nothing like a psychologist, even despite the fact that this is more or less explained in his backstory.

      On the other hand, him being an investigator must be very interesting, I'm interested to know more about his special rules.

    16. Adam Mohammed

      Travis, just letting you know this isnt a video game.

    17. Diemension Games 2-time creator on

      Investigators and monsters in expansions can be used in the core game as well. Some of them have alternative rules/stats in the core game

    18. Bananakin on

      @chucky5 yeah i feel ya it would be nice if expansion SGs were doubled with core pledge SGs, like $666k gets this for the core and this bonus for the expansion. what to do

    19. Bananakin on

      Dr Branom from A Clockwork Orange

    20. Angelripper on


      The addon has a price tag of 50% of the core game. Where is the problem with SGs for addons??

    21. Paireon, lumberjack of Brimstone

      Welp, that's one guy who puts the "psycho" in psychologist...

    22. Bazz

      Awesome, I already added this amazing expansion to my pledge but now its even sweeter :)

    23. Chucky5 on

      Really dislike adding SG to expansions as it make me feel as the support from non expansion backers won't count for them.
      Good thing you did is that this SG doesn't come in place of another one, and it's an "extra" SG

    24. Jim B.

      Just to be sure, we'll be able to increase our pledge and add add-ons in the pledge manager, correct?

    25. Meltdown on

      Dude looks like a surgeon

    26. András Lantos on

      Clarence looks pretty much like a medical doctor for a psychologist.

    27. Missing avatar

      Travis Roby on

      DLC a year before the games even released. Smh