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A co-operative game for 1-6 players with amazingly detailed miniatures, depicting a sci-fi horror world inspired by Lovecraft's work.
A co-operative game for 1-6 players with amazingly detailed miniatures, depicting a sci-fi horror world inspired by Lovecraft's work.
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    1. japester

      Same to you, sir. I don't mind civil debate. Name-calling just shows a lack of class (and usually signals a weak debate position!) I've seen it get nasty on both sides during many other projects, so this is relatively tame. I'm guessing the extreme horror aspect is why is why it's mostly one-sided. I've seen projects where people complained long and loud about (covered) nipple placement on chibi anatomy and other projects where the exact shape of female plate armor was never correct (if it isn't jutting out, you can't tell it's a female and there aren't enough females in the game so it's misogynistic, but if it's jutting out too much it's sexualizing them and unrealistic so the game is get the idea, heh).

      Ideally, everyone would have figures they can all enjoy. But variety will always lead to conflicts. I hope we both get a game we enjoy here. :-)

    2. Missing avatar

      Dave on

      Ah well... bet this sculpt will be ruined because of the pansy cry babies. Awesome sculpt tho guys!

    3. Missing avatar

      ShirowShirow on

      I legit could never use that mini. Putting it on the table would instantly throw the whole gaming group into a mess.

    4. BlackReign12(@Wal2WalCarnage) on

      @Japester... I can totally respect your thoughts and opinions as well. In the end I will deal with it how I see fit. What I don't get are these people that come on here and demean or say rude things to those that are voicing their concerns or opinions. They tell us to grow up, but they themselves are acting like children calling names and pointing fingers. It's just sad that people can't have a civil and respectable conversation without people spewing venom for bringing up a topic. That is what makes this whole thing sad. I love this game, and I love this genre, so I am not backing out... and no matter what that mini is awesome... so I will deal with it on my own how I see fit after this awesome game arrives. Thank you though for having a civil conversation and just stating your thoughts politely. Appreciate it.

    5. Sebastian Wójcicki on

      Breast should stay. To suit other tastes Nawigator should also show some nipple. Then everyone should be happy. ;)

    6. Bazz

      Right I think we need some shirtless male nudity next to even the score :)

    7. Missing avatar

      NeonJuggler on

      It would be even better if the breast's nipple was actually a mini-tentacle itself!

    8. Xavier

      @Dimensions Games
      I'm kind of worried. I'v seen lot of KS who unlock lots of free stuff like Deeps Madness and at lots of addons.
      At the end some of this KS had years of delayed, other only delivred the base geme and no addons and a few never delivred at all.
      So what this KS different?

    9. Sjeng [] on

      That's a cool mini! Love how the bodies are being absorbed and twisted.
      I came here to see the comments of the prudes though :P
      We had people being shocked by some of the Kingdom Death minis, Conan minis, The Others 7 Sins minis, Darklight: Memento Mori minis, and now here. Yet they all back the game anyway.

      I don't really care about a bit of nudity, heck even Reaper Bones had some female and male beefcake. They're tiny miniatures, you hardly notice. You can paint them anyway you want, even paint clothes over the nude bits. Or greenstuff clothing/armour on them. I just hope the model doesn't get censored. It's a horror game, so it's a game not suited for small kids anyway. And if it really bothers someone SO much you don't want the game anymore, well, why not simply give that single mini away to someone else who loves the game? Or trade it? No reason to drop a pledge imo.

      Everyone has their limits, I respect that, for me it was KD:M (I don't see me putting that on my family table :P), but if you like a game, there's always a solution. No reason to demand changes and ruin it for the rest. Please keep it as is. "No boob solution": file off the nipple, so the breast is smooth, paint over white lab coat or other clothing. Done.

      (oh and Antonia: I know people, good friends actually, with bigger breasts than that. They come in all sizes you know ;) )

    10. Missing avatar

      Antonia Vogel on

      I think the breasts are hilariously, over-the-top too large. Breaking the suspension of disbelieve. I mean, perhaps the giant size is something happening during the mutation, but I'd prefer smaller, more realistic breasts.
      I don't care how many breasts and how visible, but for me the whole monster would look way more scary & horrific if the devoured people had the proportions of real human beings ;-)

    11. Eyne Nacht on

      Anyone that has a problem with Breasts...please grow up or return to your infant form to match your maturity level. Seriously, it is a just a piece for a game, which doesn't need the Pope's or a prude's approval. lol!

    12. Missing avatar

      NeonJuggler on

      I'd like to see a sculpt for an epic manga tentacle porn monster. Not just a bare breast but all-out tentacle pumping orifices full of goo kinda thing. Show those little kids who are shocked by the evil breast what happens when you mess with the tentacle monster.

    13. japester

      I can respect the view of "why is this here?". I sometimes ask that myself. Horror is actually a turn-off for me. Heh. So all the grotesque monsters are actually a slight negative. Amidst all that static, I barely notice something like one PG-13 figure. But I like the deep sea setting and mechanics, so I'm staying on board (for now). Although I'm not a horror fan, one thing that always scared me more were the monsters that just didn't care. Not the ones with human (or semi-human motivations), but the ones that just tore people to shreds. Either to eat or just for fun. Exposing flesh like this, for no purpose, actually makes this scarier for me. What would turn me off entirely?--if they did a "Heavy Metal" design where the monster was licking her breast or acting lascivious. Where it was aware of what it was doing. That would be a big turnoff. And not because of my wife or any kids who might see it--it simply wouldn't appeal to me. So all kinds of different tastes, I guess. At the end of the day, the people saying the sculpt isn't done probably have the right idea. We might be discussing a moot point. :-)

    14. Sharkey on

      The sculpt is only half done, if you look at the concept art she's most definitely been absorbed into the mass with the tentacles wrapped around her.

      And yeah, I'm always annoyed by my country's love for violence but prudence for anything sexual. =_=

    15. Missing avatar

      Christian on

      Why is it that Americans have problems with bare breasts and not with unspeakable violence? I do not mind the naked boob, I just have more of a problem understanding it. Is she about to be devoured or is she part of the monster already, and if so, how is the naked boob showing? She does not seem to be struggling, so I would guess already devoured, but I don't know if this monster has some kind of trick (like removing bras from under clothing, or just starts devouring it's victim underwear first)... To me it's a little illogical, but I really don't mind it. Keep the boob, it makes it more adult in my opinion. How does the Americans breastfeed their kids if they can't show them boobs? Silly...

    16. Malamute on

      Um, it is the breasts that are bothering people and not the horrific gore that is portrayed....?


      More guts. More Gore. More Horror. More Genitals?

      Why not.

      MORE! MORE!

    17. David on

      I find it odd that people are up in arms about le boobies... when it's a WIP and has yet to receive the huge obscuring tentacles that I imagine are responsible for people not noticing le boobies are IN THE CONCEPT TOO!

      Look at the art, and look at the marked guidelines on the base. It's NOWHERE NEAR finished and in the end will still have the breasts... but they'll be less front and center. I like that, because being overtly sexual is in no way consistent with the game as it's presented thus far, but completely ignoring it would be a ridiculous double standard for a already harshly themed game to make.

    18. Ravenwing on

      Awesome! The figure looks fantastic!

    19. William Pseudonyme

      *horror board game with a mature theme.

      Now that the Ripley model is out, wil there be a major shitstorm if we happen to see monsters inspired by the franchise? As far back as I remember Geiger's art was graphically explicit, and the head of his alien is basically a huge dildo.

    20. William Pseudonyme

      Great news about the FREE Epic monster, but I don't really like something about the sculptcould the lady have 3 tits instead of two?

      It's really funny that some people get offended by some minor detail in an horror bo

    21. Earth Worm Jim on


      The same happend in Conan.

      There are a lot of people asking for a Disney Conan Family Friendly version of the game.

      It never happen.

      I just hope that the creators don´t get censored their creativity this time.

      I really want to play a rude game!, nudity is not a problem with all that horror happening.

    22. Robert Lyons on

      I love the sculpt and don't mind the nudity in the least. The only issue I have with the breasts is that they're far, far too big. Bigger than her head, easy!

      Including nudity to add to the visceral nature of the horror is great, but those don't look like real breasts. They look like '90s comic book breasts. They look like weird fetish site GGs. If they were more realistically proportioned, they'd not only be less distracting but more horrifying. At least in the way I imagine they're supposed to.

      Anyway, plastic mammaries or not, I'm thrilled to have the Unbound unlocked! Another awesome Epic monster! I'm also seriously impressed at how fast Dennis had such a beautiful sculpt ready!

    23. Sammy on

      The sculpt is awesome.
      I don't have a problem with the nudity...but I would prefer we now also saw a male character who is considered 'objectionable' to some. There are no shirtless or partially-dressed men in the game.

    24. Missing avatar

      Michael Brown on

      Fantastic looking sculpture!

    25. Missing avatar

      Michael Brown on

      Fantastic looking sculpture! If I could change one thing it would be to give her legs, the whole sinking into the floor thing looks out of place. The whole boob thing is irrelevant, it's horror there's always boobs in horror. Lol

    26. Yannis Stavropoulos on

      Give it a rest with the nudity issue already. Whenever some skin is revealed in a kickstarter project the same vocal minority will ask for its removal. This is a game with an adult theme. It's all about mutations and madness. What business do you have showing it to your kids? Are you ok with a monster absorbing another human being but a pair of tits suddenly makes it offensive? Seriously?

    27. BlackReign12(@Wal2WalCarnage) on

      @Japester... I am completely good with them keeping the nudity. I would prefer it not being there, but I paint my minis and can easily add putty or plaster to make it look like a shirt or torn shirt...and paint over the top. I understand this is an adult game and my kids won't be playing this game no matter what, so that is fine. I just look at minis like that as ask, " why does it have to be there?" that is it. Like I said, I am fine with it and think the sculpt is amazing overall and look forward to whatever the final result is. I am a grown man and can take my preference and deal with it myself without being demeaning and rude to others who voice their preference on here as well. :-)

    28. Missing avatar

      Joe Kupsky on

      Love the sculpt for the new epic monster, but I won't be able to play this game with that figure with my kids...

    29. Wraithcopy

      this sculpt is awesome, looking forward to the final :-)
      and are people seriously offended by human anatomy depicted through an artistic medium? if so, grow up!

    30. Ernster on

      I am not offended by the breast. The "Thing" removed the clothes of its victims in the movie as it only digested the flesh part. They would find the clothes of the victims. Hence Mac, was considered suspect when his clothes were found.

    31. japester

      I suspect the more passionate replies are due to the constant stream of complaints on every board game whenever this issue (or a variation of it) comes up. There is a concerted effort to stomp out anything remotely risque in modern games, particularly on KS. So people will jump to it's defense.

      Personally, I'm fine with it. The game is already full of extreme imagery, so this one bare breast is relatively tame. If every female figure was like this, there might be a reason to protest. But as others have pointed out, this is extremely easy to cover up so as not to offend the more delicate souls at the gaming table. Heck, just sand off the nipple, and you instantly have a slip or leotard under the jacket. Paint will hide it even better.

      I'll consider this discussion much more civil than most as long as we avoid the whole "anyone who doesn't vehemently oppose this must be be an adolescent who wants to have sex with his game figures" argument....LOL.

    32. Bazz


    33. Bazz

      @creator can we add more victims to this tentacle horror, I love the above image esp the tentacle wrapped around some poor guys mouth stopping him from screaming (bottom left) really adds the fear factor to it

    34. Logus Vile on

      I meant "artist's vision" not "creativity"

    35. Logus Vile on

      While I understand the concern some people have with nudity, they have the option of not using the model. After all, this is a stretch goal for an Epic Monster. If I remember correctly in the rules, there's only one of these in play in any given scenario. Therefore, you don't ever have to use this model at all, if it offends some gamers.

      Also, I too find it an interesting debate where violence and gore is accepted yet sexuality is where people start getting offended. We have been desensitized to violence over the years however a revealed nipple causes an outrage. Or course, this isn't the place to discuss that issue.

      TL;DR: You don't have to use the model. Hide it from gamers in your group that it may offend. Respect the artist's creativity.

    36. Russonc

      Looks very cool..I also like the "adult" look. I do think those that don't want nudity can cover any offending part with a dab of goo/paint/cloth and still use the piece or I suppose lop it off (or substitute a nice action figure... tons of options....)

    37. BlackReign12(@Wal2WalCarnage) on

      On another note... this to me screams a combination of aliens cocooning meets the creature from Stranger Things, who then got smashed into the kraken from Pirates of the Caribbean. The sculpt overall is awesome and impressive, no matter what the woman looks like in the end.

    38. Ruben on

      Censuring a breast in a piece of art in XXI century, really?

    39. Green_Lumux on

      Is there still going to be more than one victim in the writhing tentacles? (fully aware this is an early wip)

      Hats off to the sculptor, the face and more finished parts look so much like the concept art!

    40. Justin Boehm

      @Mary Death I agree here 100%, it should be left as is and it can be painted to whatever cover you'd like when received, no reason to censor the creator

    41. Paint'Riot Studio

      Kim is in the monster lol !

    42. Midian on

      Please do not change your art design on a "horror game." Seems like all horror games get this constant pressure to be "family friendly."

      Can't we just have brutal looking horror game for once? There isn't many out there b/c game companies always pander to you folks. So why can't the rest of us folks that have to settle for "family friendly horror," get what is originally planned? You guys tend to be the review board for us other people that actually prefer horror to be gritty & disturbing.

    43. Justin Boehm

      Well in light of the comments I'll keep my response simple: I don't mind the woman at all and would prefer it staying in the sculpt because this is an adult game. In fact maybe offer two model options, one KS exclusive as it is now in the update and one for mass market as an add on later that does not show a bare breast (of course still free to backers).

    44. BlackReign12(@Wal2WalCarnage) on

      @Erin... That would be totally acceptable and make it still intense, but not distracting... :-)
      @Juha... everyone has their own preferences and audiences. Don't bash people for bringing up their preferences. Show a bit a maturity and have a civil conversation. A response like, " I don't mind the woman at all and would prefer it staying in the sculpt because this is an adult game..." would have been sufficient. Mud slinging can happen at the playground... doesn't need to happen in comments where people can express their thoughts.
      @Angelripper... I wouldn't be playing this with my kids, but I still have adults in my game group that don't want nor need to see it.
      @Son Do... that is exactly what I would do. I would love to use the mini, but would proxy if I had to. I didn't say it would be throw away, just not usable in some instances.

      Like I said, everyone has their preferences. For those that start trashing people that bring up their concerns, back off and show some maturity in your responses. Directing rude and demeaning comments at people for bringing up something as simple as nudity in a board game is ridiculous.

    45. Ukail on

      @ Juha +1

      No more to say. You disagree the mini ? Dont play it. Sell it, or what ever you want.
      You are old enough to spend about a lot of money on Kickstarter.. deal with your adult and responsible status

    46. Missing avatar

      Swindger on

      OK, if someone is playing a game about killing grotesque monsters, madness and insanity with young kids he should avoid showing naked flesh at least ;)

    47. Mary Death on

      Looks great!! If people have problems with the boob cover it up with green stuff.

    48. Green_Lumux on

      Strategically placed tentacle... fixed.

    49. Juha on

      Awesome sculpt, one of the best you have! Don't listen to these people who whine about the bare breast, this is a horror game with lot of sticky stuff, not Arcadia Quest.
      People get their panties in a bunch from one breast of a woman who is being killed, and devoured.