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A co-operative game for 1-6 players with amazingly detailed miniatures, depicting a sci-fi horror world inspired by Lovecraft's work.
A co-operative game for 1-6 players with amazingly detailed miniatures, depicting a sci-fi horror world inspired by Lovecraft's work.
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Today we are pleased to offer a new optional buy. Many have asked for it, so here it is: the much-anticipated Art Book! To make a great game, we had to have great art. Without the fantastic artwork from our brilliant team of artists, we might have some interesting mechanics, but that’s about it. The art for Deep Madness is what has given it a (disturbing) life of its own, immersing us in the game and burning the horror and madness it contains right into our retinas. So without further ado, let’s introduce the artists that have brought Deep Madness to life!


Chang Yuan currently lives in Beijing, and has developed a reputation as a renowned concept artist. He has been in the game and movie industry for over 10 years, creating concept art for Wasteland 2, Torment: Tides of Numenera, Holy King, STAR CORE, and more. In Deep Madness, Chang Yuan designed the twisted and abstract images of the monsters, pioneering a unique interpretation of chaos and madness. His work on Deep Madness is very different from what one might consider the norm for concept art – and it is all the more horrific and beautiful for it.

Devourer of Worlds and Dagon "special version".
Devourer of Worlds and Dagon "special version".

To view more work by Chang Yuan, check out his pages on ArtStation and Facebook, as well as his website.


The incredible fantasy- and science fiction-themed work of Stefan Kopiński, a digital illustrator and concept artist, has brought a myriad of fantasy worlds to life. Stefan Kopiński worked for 5 years at Games Workshop’s Production and Design Studios in Nottingham, and since 2005 he’s worked as a freelancer in the video games industry helping game developers bring their amazing ideas to life. He has created stunning artwork for companies like Sega, THQ, Capcom Europe and Focus Home Interactive, to name a few. Stefan helped us create many of our scenarios with his amazing artistic talent.


To view more work by Stefan Kopiński, please check out his pages on ArtStation  and Facebook, as well as his website.


These two are world-renowned art studio veterans who have collaborated with big game companies such as NCSOFT, Games Workshop, Game Loft, Tencent Games, and more. They helped to create the concept art for our investigators, monsters, and items. You can check out more of their work at and, respectively. 

Draft of Ravenous.
Draft of Ravenous.


Concept of Incinerator.
Concept of Incinerator.


Concept of Weird Statue.
Concept of Weird Statue.


Concept of a room tile.
Concept of a room tile.

Our art book is going to be about 100 pages long with hard cover, including over 200 images as well as stories set in the world of Deep Madness.

If you're interested in purchasing this art book (and who wouldn’t be, really? Have you seen some of the artists we have working on this?), just click the "Manage Your Pledge" button on the Deep Madness Kickstarter page. After this, click “Change Your Pledge”, then add the amount for this add-on to your total and click “Continue”. We'll sort out what your extra money is going towards after the campaign has closed and we've sent out our Pledge Manager. 

The following is one of the stories that will be featured in the art book, offering you a peek into the early days of the Kadath deep sea mining facility, and of the world of Deep Madness. Enjoy!



The beam of Judy’s flashlight landed on Dr. Cohen’s face as he cowered in the corner, rocking slowly back and forth. The entire mining facility shook, knocking Judy into a wall.  

“Dr. Cohen?” she said, her voice trembling. “What’s going on? Where is everybody?”

“It’s the sphere,” Cohen said. “The sphere. The sphere –”  

“What about the sphere?” Judy said. “Norman, what’s happening? You’re frightening me!” 

Cohen began to sob. “That’s the problem!” And then he shrieked. 

Judy scowled and turned around. Her mind couldn’t accept what stood before her. It had no certain form, apart from whipping tentacles and vicious teeth. It looked – it looked like it had just stepped out of her worst nightmare.

“It’s our fears, Judy! It made them real!” 

Their screams were abruptly silenced, and the only sounds that remained were a terrible wet chewing and the soft grinding of a flashlight rolling on the metal floor. 

Dr. Norman Cohen stared in awe as the ocean unveiled its wonders before him. Strange, beautiful creatures flitted in an out of view, giving him only a glimpse before vanishing back into the unknown abyss. The ocean had always fascinated him. So many sought their alien entities in outer space, but he had always been much more consumed by what lay downward rather than upward.

“We are now beginning final descent to the Kadath deep sea facility, Dr. Cohen,” the pilot, David, said, glancing back at Cohen with a small smile.

“Wonderful news, David!” Cohen said.

“It is my pleasure,” David replied. “Now, if you would please take your seat and secure your safety harness.”

Cohen complied. Then he returned his gaze to the wide viewport as the water brightened and a majestic underwater metropolis unfolded before him, its myriad lights piercing into the mysterious dark blue expanse that lay draped around it like a limitless quilt. “It’s beautiful,” he said.

“It does have its own charms to be sure,” David replied. “And I must say, the staff are ecstatic to have you join them. Your work on Project Heavy Miner was inspired, as have been your other vast accomplishments.”

“Thank you, David,” Cohen said. “That means a great deal.”

David offered his small smile again, then said, “We are now beginning docking procedures.” The submersible glided smoothly up to the airlock and gently settled into position. There was a hiss as the facility and submersible sealed to each other and equalized pressure, then the submersible hatch began cycling.

“We have arrived, Doctor,” David said. “Thank you for riding Leng Transport.”  

Cohen laughed. “It’s the only way to travel. Have a safe trip back, David.”  

Collecting his sparse possessions, Cohen stepped through the hatch and into Kadath.

Upon leaving the airlock, Cohen was greeted by a lean, smartly dressed woman with long auburn hair pulled up into a bun. “Dr. Cohen I presume?” she said, extending a hand with a warm smile. “My name is Judy Blake. A pleasure to meet you, sir.”

“The pleasure is mine, Ms. Blake,” Cohen said. “And please, call me Norman.”  

“Only if you will call me Judy,” she said with a wink. “Now, let’s get you settled.”  

The two set out down the corridor. “And of course the Corporation laid out the terms before your arrival?” Judy asked. “Minimum one-year commitment, strict NDA’s, all that?”  

“Of course,” Cohen said. “I doubt I would have ever gotten down here if I hadn’t already proven myself to be discrete.”  

Judy laughed. “True.”  

A Heavy Miner walked down the corridor in his massive metal exo-suit, his gaze trained on the ground. Looking up, the man’s eyes snapped wide and he stopped breathing.  

“Why, Mr. Ryan!” Cohen exclaimed. “How wonderful to see you again! How is the suit working out?”  

“Dr. Cohen,” Charles Ryan said slowly. “I. . . didn’t hear you were coming.”  

“Yes, and we are so pleased to have his talents made available to us here at the facility,” Judy said quickly. “Charles, I believe I heard there was a possible malfunction on one of the communication arrays.”  

“Just heading there now,” Charles said. Then he turned his attention back to Cohen, his face tightening behind the thick glass of his mining suit. “I’ll see you again, Doc.”

Cohen smiled. “Undoubtedly.”  

“Now then, let’s get you to your room,” Judy said, turning right down another corridor.

“Ms. Blake!” a voice cried, stopping them in their tracks. Judy stepped backward to peer at the approaching man.  

“Yes, Mr. Reynolds?” she said. “One of the deep sea teams just returned, Ma’am,” Reynolds said. “They found something in the fissure. I think you’re going to want to take a look at it right away.”  

“What is it?”  

“It’s. . . It looks like a sphere, Ma’am. It’s a perfect globe. And it’s. . .”  

“Yes? What is it, Mr. Reynolds?” Judy said.  

“It’s started to glow.” Cocking her eyebrow, Judy glanced back at Cohen. “I’m sorry, Doctor, but would you mind a detour before we went to your quarters?”  

Cohen grinned. “By all means! This sounds absolutely fascinating. I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

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      Just added $180 of add-on's. And considering the Art Book.

      Think its worth it?

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      @Ravenwing thanks... read it twice before the question and didn't see the "hardcover"... after your comment checked again and...... i found it ...... Still interested in knowing planned dimensions though! ;}

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      NOW 5316 BACKERS - 316 Backers ($1) = 5000 BACKERS!!!!. UNBOUND UNLOCKED!!! ;)

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      @ Rand
      Check out their Facebook page. There's loads of art up on there and hopefully it's the stuff they'll put in the book. It looks amazing.

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      TO CREATORS: The Concept of Weird Statue. Is a ideal MEGA-MONSTER with KS Add-on :)

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      TO CREATORS: Yes!, Is Ripley and Jonsi ;) But...two minis?. The cat is a separate mini too? Good idea ;)

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      TO CREATORS: If possible this book in Spanih?.

      Good new mini!!!..... Ripley? ;)

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      I find Chang Yuan's work very impressive, I'm glad to find his drawings in the game (specially the monsters cards, superbs !)

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      Dang...I might just have to buy this!

    12. Ravenwing on

      Russonc, it will be hard back - as the text says ;)
      Fantastic short story. I love it and will definitely get the book as an add-on.

    13. Jeff c

      Looks awesome!

    14. Eyne Nacht on

      Great idea! Thank you!

    15. Russonc

      Great idea for an add-on. Can you let us know the dimensions of the book and confirm weather it will be hard-bound as it looks in the picture? Thanks!

    16. Eclahn

      I love how the heavy miner we see in the story is the one who survived, and will be playable in the game.

    17. Thomas Tannhäuser on

      What format will this be? A4?

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      Nice - may have to wait until after campaign end to add it - loving the flavour-text.

    19. Username on

      @ acidfix There will be background information on the scenario's in the rulebook.

    20. acidfix on

      @Diemension Games;

      Could you consider adding flavour text for each scenario in the art book? Would be very cool to read some introduction text before starting a mission to get into the theme of the game before each play.

      You could even add those scenario text pages as an additional SG to be unlocked during the campaign to make the add'on book more appealing for backers and for sure will result in more sells and would make the add'on.

      I very much like your artbook add'on but not having infinite funds, my main focus is on gameplay content. Incorporating the artbook in gameplay with scenario specific flavor text would convince me adding it to my pledge.

      Hope you'll consider! Thanks in advance

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      Wish to know and see more arts and story 1st.

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      How much is the going rate for donating plasma these days, optional buys are breaking the

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      This does not bode well. creator's first kickstarter + only experienced (backed) 5 kickstarters + friggin' artbook = Major delay of final product...

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      Insta-buy for me. Very cool update. :)

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      YES, just like The Others with having stories included! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! =D