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A co-operative game for 1-6 players with amazingly detailed miniatures, depicting a sci-fi horror world inspired by Lovecraft's work.
A co-operative game for 1-6 players with amazingly detailed miniatures, depicting a sci-fi horror world inspired by Lovecraft's work.
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Do Androids Have Electric Nightmares?

Posted by Diemension Games (Creator)


It’s been said that Pris is the love-child of Siri and robotics, the next evolution of the electronic personal assistant. “Bionic secretaries” have become quite a fashion craze for the wealthy: their bodies are lifelike and statuesque, they speak multiple languages, and they have the ability to learn your needs, likes, and desires. They are able to mimic human emotions to a fair degree of accuracy – enough to make many people marvel. The only flaw on Pris is the seam running down her face that looks like a tear. This, however, was intentionally placed there to differentiate her from an actual human.  

Pris does not consider herself human, but recently she has been displaying an alarmingly human trait: she has been learning. And not just about the needs and desires of the humans around her. In fact, some have wondered if she is dangerously close to becoming self-aware. And if she becomes self-aware, what then can be said to separate her from human consciousness? Furthermore, if she becomes fully conscious, what might come next? Open rebellion?

Pris, 35 mm tall, sculpted by Gael Goumon
Pris, 35 mm tall, sculpted by Gael Goumon


Years before Pris’s alarming developments, the Leng Corporation had already seen the results of a fully conscious machine. They had created the perfect bionic, and his name was David. David was indiscernible from a human, he was aware, he could learn, and he could emote. To keep his project a secret, he has been treated like a normal human for years – in fact, many who regularly interact with him have no clue he is not a human. As Leng Corporation’s senior pilot, he has even developed quite a reputation for himself.

Deep down inside, though, David knows he’s different. Living among normal humans with this secret hanging over his head makes him nervous, and he constantly worries about being identified as a bionic. This makes him seem somewhat withdrawn to people who don’t know him well.

Unfortunately, when attempting to dock with the Kadath facility an accident occurred that tore his right arm, revealing the mechanisms underneath. His crew was instantly suspicious. He claimed that a prosthetic limb had been installed for him after a previous accident, but now he can see the distrust in people’s eyes. Still, as the horrors waiting inside Kadath crawl into the open, he can see that being a bionic down here might have its advantages.

David, 36 mm tall, sculpted by Gael Goumon
David, 36 mm tall, sculpted by Gael Goumon


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    1. kelly thomas

      M. Lawlers' comment that the finger tips should reach at least mid-thigh when hanging straight down is correct. And when you consider that most ( if not all ) of the PC minis have longer than average legs, giving them shorter than average arms make them look freakish. There should be an overall balance between the two to maintain proportion.

    2. Matt Grimley on

      I think the arms look fine.. i presume it's just the angle. right? Also, don't confuse a render with a sculpt!

    3. M Lawler on

      A trick we use as artists' is to note that elbows tend to align with the bottom of the ribcage when the arm is hanging to the side and and open hand has the finger tips about half to 3/4 of the way down the thigh. If you look, the upper arms are probably long enough but the forearms are where the shortness appears to be coming in.
      I do agree that it could be the angle creating that illusion though..
      I also just noticed that the male figure's shoulders aren't quite wide enough. It'll probably be fine but the original art has more heroic proportioned shoulders while the render has a more slender look.
      And for general impressions, I'm not a fan of the "tactical rock".. but that's personal taste.

    4. Rand Chua TL on

      I too agree with all the other comments about the arms being too short. No weapons on them?

    5. kelly thomas

      I agree with all the other comments about the arms being too short (unless their arms are bent way back.) Being able to see side views would clarify any uncertainties. And with more views we could provide even more feedback.

    6. Missing avatar

      Casey080 on

      The drawings are perfect, but both sculpts' arms appear too short I'd say...

    7. Bananakin on

      get those knees flexin and those arms t-rexin

    8. M Lawler on

      Both figure's arms do look too short.. The tips of the fingers tend to come down to mid-thigh..

    9. Bananakin on

      arm size could be angle, but if you do change the arms give David a new haircut : P maybe the one Brad Pitt sports in Fury haha

    10. Bananakin on

      i like that the main difference between Pris sketch and actually mini is they gave her shoulder pads---very 80s ;)

    11. New Hampshirizer on

      David sculpt's arms are too small.

    12. Denis Maddalena

      Madness should still work fine.

      Computers that don't understand something tend to fail pretty bad. Could be the AI just computes things into place. Maybe the crazy becomes normal to them. Maybe a stray electric impulse rewires them into gibbering idiots, and as insanity is man's way of surviving trauma, without it, the horrors are much worse to an android.

    13. japester

      Will the sculpt of David's right forearm more closely match the great concept art? Right now both arms look basically the same.

    14. Missing avatar

      Tim Waugh on

      @Diemension Games
      Given the artificial nature of their minds and bodies does this affect game play with the madness that infects the others? Are they less prone to it or do the humans start to see them as monsters, leaving them immune but isolated?

    15. QuoteStar

      @Diemension Games
      A thought: If David is more or less undercover as a human, shouldn't he have a surname? (Putting a vote in for "Bishop", if so.)

    16. QuoteStar

      I wonder if this makes them more advantageous in submerged rooms. Or worse, if they just sink.

    17. Missing avatar

      ShirowShirow on

      So they're completely robotic and not just cyborgs? That's gotta have advantages in a scenario like this...

      Good to see the Grammar's getting better. :P

    18. Gary Lee

      @DG cool! Looking good! Keep it up! :)

    19. Missing avatar

      Wolf Lord on

      This is looking better and better. Pris is fantastic and the addition of androids to the game may very well add more "depth". really getting excited about this game. Looking great!

    20. Diemension Games 2-time creator on

      @Gary Lee
      Yes, you are right. That's our fault. The word should be "Android".

    21. Gary Lee

      Is David human or an AI?
      If AI, I think David should be a droid and not a bionic?
      Doesn't seem right if he's a machine with conscious AI.
      Bionic should be for humans affixed with mechanical parts to replace their body parts.

    22. John Back on

      The Pris sculpt is phenomenal. Would you consider optioning that in 75mm resin? Who on earth is the sculptor? I want to follow them now!