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A cooperative game of sci-fi survival horror for 1-6 players, inspired by Lovecraft’s work and featuring amazingly detailed miniatures.
A cooperative game of sci-fi survival horror for 1-6 players, inspired by Lovecraft’s work and featuring amazingly detailed miniatures.
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Final Few Hours! More Cool Stuff! … Another Stretch Goal?

Posted by Diemension Games (Creator)

We're here, everyone! The final day of the Deep Madness Second Printing campaign!

Wow! What an incredible ride this has been! Thank you so much for jumping on board to all of our new friends who have joined us, and many thanks to those who've been with us for the duration! You all are incredible, and we are so grateful.

It's kind of weird that this will be the last of this sort of update, isn't it? Well, it is for me, anyway. But maybe this means I'll get to bed before the not-so-wee hours of the morning. =D

In any case, let's get to it! There's only a few hours left, but there is so much going on in those few hours!

First of all, I came across another DM video from Dice Tower! While it is just another unboxing, it is a lot of fun to hear Zee Garcia's thoughts on the components. Check it out at Daily Game Unboxing - Deep Madness: Endless Nightmares.


Next, we have another podcast for you all! Polyhedron Collider took an absolutely hilarious look at Deep Madness in their 50th episode of The Polyhedron Collider Cast. The Deep Madness discussion starts at 35:51. (But, in short, Andy Lewis says it's on his short list for Game of the Year!) Check it out here:  

(Also, it sounds like Andy Lewis is currently a returning backer on this reprint, so hi, Andy! Did Steve ever become a backer? 😉 )  

Now let's get into the good stuff!



We are getting much closer to unlocking the printed scenarios for every Deeper Terrors, Investigator and All-In pledge! Score! We're not there yet, but do I think we'll get there? Why, yes. Yes I do.


But what do you think? Do you think we can do it? Or, perhaps more importantly, do you think we can make it to ONE MORE?!

One very regularly requested thing from this campaign were for monster cards to be made of Evil Jon, the Weird Statue, and the Cthulhu-ish Sculpture. We've thus far committed to doing two of those (with your help.) But you might notice that there is one in-particular that is not on that list. Shall we rectify that?


You heard that right! We have one more 11th-hour stretch goal for the last of the requested monster cards! SQUEE! If we can make it to $800,000, then this card will be a reality! CAN WE DO IT?!

Do you want to make sure that this card becomes a reality? Then help us share the game! There's still time to share the Facebook post we've been working on for the last couple of days, which you can find by going to But, if you don't do Facebook, then spread the word on your platform of choice! Whether it's BoardGameGeek (you can find us at, Instagram (we're at, Twitter (, or whatever you prefer. We can do this!



So, a couple things to keep in mind for today. I will be live hanging out with all of you starting at 2pm PST today as we tick down the final minutes of the campaign and celebrate in traditional DM fashion! Be sure to subscribe to the feed so you don't miss it! (We're also going to try Facebook Live. We'll see how that goes.) I'll answer your questions, laugh at your jokes, show you minis, and probably offer spoilers. (Just judging by past live streams, that's what I'm expecting to happen at any rate.) So come join me and let's usher this campaign out in style!

Next of all, some of you might be wondering about our little Choose Your Own Terror story now that the campaign is winding down. (Especially since I promised to try to have the next one out yesterday and it didn't happen.) Well, I for one am having a lot of fun with it still, and I don't think the story's done yet. So, I plan to keep going with it. Hopefully I'll have one out later today, maybe after the live stream. (Or maybe we'll do it live on the stream if people want? Who knows!) At the latest it'll be tomorrow. I probably won't do it every couple of days any more now that I'm going to need to get back to a somewhat more regular life, but we're going to keep this thing alive for the foreseeable future. (As long as you guys keep enjoying it is the main thing.)

Also, we haven't gotten through looks at all of the Visages yet! I plan on finishing these up as well for you in the days and weeks following the close of this campaign, just like we kept showcasing characters and monsters after the end of the first campaign. It doesn't really feel appropriate to do one in this update, but we definitely will finish them up for you soon.

All that to say, buckle up, everyone! We're not to the end of this campaign yet, and it's going to be a wild ride to the finish line!

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    1. Vincent on

      Yes please hold off on the cyoa for the live stream I'm sadly working and cant join in the live stream :(

    2. Bibo on

      Hope you hit the comments section after the stream. At that time I'll be at work and only have my phone available. So, unfortunately no live stream for me.
      Anyways, what an awesome dive this campaign was/is

    3. Corbot of Middletron

      Don't do the cyoa on the live cast! I can't watch it in China! I know I said I didn't really care for the idea before we started, but now I'm invested. Please :)

    4. Kevin on

      When you say " I will be live hanging out with all of you...", you will be wearing pants, right?

    5. Jimmy Segrist on

      Ah, right. Just read the last part. Nevermind.

    6. Jimmy Segrist on

      What about the gaddamn choose your own adventure conclusion? I'm eager to see if me and Tommy went and armed up.

    7. Russonc


    8. Theo on

      gueeez!!! we need to hit those 800k!! ASAP!!!!!