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A cooperative game of sci-fi survival horror for 1-6 players, inspired by Lovecraft’s work and featuring amazingly detailed miniatures.
A cooperative game of sci-fi survival horror for 1-6 players, inspired by Lovecraft’s work and featuring amazingly detailed miniatures.
7,768 backers pledged $839,911 to help bring this project to life.

Evil Jon Becomes Canon, and Jared Visage

Posted by Diemension Games (Creator)

Hey guys! We hope you're having a great day!

Deep Madness continues its steady advance toward overtaking the world. It's just a matter of time now… (And they said we had no ambition…)

First of all, I'd like to direct your attention to a sweepstakes going on with Board Game Revolution! Deep Madness is currently being featured in a contest over there, where Thomas and friends are giving away an all-in pledge. You can find it at

Also, I'd like to remind you all that the new DM expansion is currently up for Most Anticipated Game of 2019 on BGG! Even cooler, currently we're at #1 in the nomination stage! Wow, that's awesome! Thanks for your help with this! If you hadn't had a chance to vote yet, then head over to Board Game Geek at and give us a thumbs up! The top 50 nominations will be entered into the final vote for the top 20.



So a few days ago we asked for your help in designing a monster of Evil Jon, and said that we may end up making that into an official card. Well, now we're making it official. Evil Jon will be our next stretch goal, and it's coming up fast. When we reach $600,000 we'll commit to making Evil Jon a real monster for Deep Madness. This means we will include a monster card in all five languages for Deeper Terrors, Investigator, and All-In pledge levels, and we will furthermore include a copy of the grey Jon miniature in every Investigator and All-In pledge. (The rest of you should already have him.)

The monster card is not final.
The monster card is not final.

We will leave the comments open for more ideas until this stretch goal funds, and then we will take our favorite ideas from your suggestions and work them into the finalized Evil Jon card. If you'd still like to submit your ideas for Evil Jon, then go to and post them in the comments!



We've slowly been working our way through the stories of the Visages, and today we'll turn our attention to Jared Drake.


Jared raises his pistol, his heart hammering in his chest. This, this isn't right. He feels hunted. Cornered. Powerless.

It's been so long since he felt this way. He became the strong one so that he couldn't be bullied anymore. He became cold steel so that no one would be able to break him again. But now he's alone. Alone, and cold, and… frightened.


You find the hidden food cache and let out an exultant cry. Jared offers you a withering look from his place at the hatch standing guard.

"Keep it down," he growls. "Unless you want to bring all of them down on top of us."

"You need to lighten up, Jared," you say, tossing him one of the food bars. Jared deftly catches it in one hand without lowering his pistol. "Learn to enjoy the little pleasures."

"Why don't we enjoy them in silence?" he says. Even still, he rips in to the food bar and takes a big bite. You almost think you see a fleeting glimpse of happiness on his face. But then you both hear the sound in the corridor.


"Who's there?" Jared calls. There's a shuffling, scraping sound in the distance. Whatever it is, it's big. Really big. Jared raises his pistol, ready to fight back. He's the bully now. He's the big man on campus. Whatever this thing is, it's not going to be able to change that. He'll take it down just like he took down all the others before it.

Then he sees the big man. It lumbers toward him, an amalgamation of everything he has ever feared and everything he tried to make himself become. Jared's knees give out beneath him. He can't even make himself run.

"P-please," Jared murmurs as the horror looms over him. It offers him the same mercy he would have.


Cautiously Jared peers around the edge of the door. The sound is growing closer by the second.

Jared looks back at you and motions with his head out the door. "Go," he says. "It's just down the next corridor." Nodding, you dart out the hatch, Jared falling in right behind you with his pistol raised.

You hear Jared gasp behind you. Glancing back, you stumble, overcome by the sight of the thing coming toward you. The horrific lumbering brute advances relentlessly down the corridor, little chattering faces scuttling over its body like fattened spiders. Its head is lost behind the rusted grate of a cage, its right arm a macabre conglomeration of brutal metal instruments. But the thing that shocks you the most is what it carries in its one remaining hand.

Jared opens fire on the thing, his eyes closed tightly shut. He can't look at it, you realize. Because, if he does, he will see his own eyes staring back - empty, cold, and dead.


Sculpted by Big Child Creative. 54mm to the top.
Sculpted by Big Child Creative. 54mm to the top.
Painted by BigChild Creative.
Painted by BigChild Creative.
Visage card.
Visage card.

Jared's Visage is an engine of destruction, and it frankly doesn't care who (or what) it hurts. When it is in the same room as either a monster or an investigator, someone will roll a d6. The result of that die will be halved (rounding up), and the remaining total will be the amount of damage Jared's Visage will inflict on that monster - and on that monster's linked investigator (or vice versa.) In other words, this thing can be devastating both to monsters and investigators, within the same activation. (A linked investigator is the investigator directly above a certain type of monster in the activation track.) As such, Jared's Visage is one you will probably want to take out as quickly as possible - though preferably from a healthy distance away.


Well that's it for today, friends! Before we go, though, I wanted to thank everyone who joined me on the live stream yesterday. We had an absolute blast, and it wouldn't have been the same without you all there. I also wanted to apologize to those who missed it and wanted to see the replay. Our last two Kickstarter Live videos have had a strange glitch that has kept the video from finalizing, and we've had to delete both of them. I'm sorry about that. Having said that, we are going to do at least one more before this campaign ends, and the next one that's scheduled for sure will be next Tuesday - just as the campaign ends! Come hang out with us at 2pm PST next Tuesday, one hour before the campaign ends, as we celebrate the end of this awesome campaign together! It's going to be so much fun!

And one more thing: I'm hoping to have the second part of our little Choose Your Own Terror story up later today, so keep an eye out! (If not today, then definitely tomorrow!) The last one has a whopping 210(!) comments currently, so I'm going to go wade through those to see if we're going to fight or run. =D

More fun stuff coming soon! Have a great day!


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    1. Julio Fernández on

      @diemension games I lost the mini of Evil Jon. I never tought it would be useful... I back Deeper Terrors. Could you send me the mini, please? I would pay for it..

    2. Byron Leavitt Collaborator

      @Kris, oh, sorry. I didn't realize you were talking about Board Game Revolution's contest. My bad. Yes, you probably do have to be a member of their group to do that.

    3. Zombicidal Maine-iac on

      I know there’s not much chance of this, but it would be really cool to have a Jon visage.

    4. Brad T on


    5. Sharkey on

      He was referring to the Evil Jon contest

    6. Missing avatar

      Kris Thompson on

      @Byron Leavitt: Really? It says in rather vivid asterisks that one has to be a member of the FB community group to win.

      If I don't have to, that'd be great. :o

    7. Ben Turner

      Damn. Too bad giveaway involves Board Game Revolution - I avoid that like the plague.

    8. Byron Leavitt Collaborator

      @Kris, no Facebook is required. Feel free to enter! All you have to do is go to the update we mentioned and comment with your ideas! ;)

    9. Missing avatar

      Kris Thompson on

      Damn. Too bad the contest requires FB. I avoid that like the plague.

      Still, good luck to everyone who can enter!

    10. olerock on

      100% the most awesome Visage!

    11. Missing avatar

      Grzegorz Sarach on

      What about cthulu like statue and wierd statue? Will they become monsters too? That would be great!

    12. Ikael on

      as a participant of the first kickstarter I already got to appreciate the details of your miniatures, but Jared's Visage ... Wow, what a mini!
      if I were not bald, I would tear my hair out

    13. Goodsound on

      No word about the „create your own card“ submission contest?

    14. Diemension Games 2-time creator on

      @David d'Aquin Yes, you used it correctly. ;) But it will be immediately spawned after being removed.

    15. Diemension Games 2-time creator on

      If the original target is a monster, its linked investigator will suffer this damage wherever he is.
      In games that with less than 6 investigators, if the monster's linked investigator is an empty activation card, only the monster will take the damage.

    16. David d'Aquin on

      @Diemension Games

      Have we been playing correctly that the Necronomicon can target a Hysteria or any monster anywhere on the board as well?

    17. Diemension Games 2-time creator on

      @David d'Aquin The original target must be a nearest figure in the same ROOM with Jared visage (if there is more than one, the players can choose), but the linked one could be any one in the game if it is a monster (it doesn't even have to be on the board, e.g. Hysteria).

      For example, if the original target for Jared visage is an investigator, and he has several linkd monsters in the game, the players can choose anyone of them to suffer the damage.

    18. Bazz

      By far my fave visage in the game, looks terrifying and beautiful all at once lol love it :)

    19. David d'Aquin on

      @Diemension Games

      Would it have to be in the same space or could a monster somewhere else on the board just drop dead from this? I know I've prioritized monsters across the board before with things like the Necronomicon.

    20. Diemension Games 2-time creator on

      @Marcus Thomas In this circumstance, the players choose one of these linked monster to be the victim.

    21. Marcus Thomas on

      So, if Jareds Visage deals damage to an investigator, will it then deal the same amount of damage to each of mini on the board of the linked monster, or deal the damage divided among any number of mini's?

    22. Sharkey on

      Time to upload the FB group’s version then!