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A cooperative game of sci-fi survival horror for 1-6 players, inspired by Lovecraft’s work and featuring amazingly detailed miniatures.
A cooperative game of sci-fi survival horror for 1-6 players, inspired by Lovecraft’s work and featuring amazingly detailed miniatures.
7,768 backers pledged $839,911 to help bring this project to life.

Monstrum… And a Question

Posted by Diemension Games (Creator)


Ahem. Now that that's out of the way, how are things?

The campaign keeps rolling on, and we have more fun stuff for you today. First, a video popped up in my news feed today that headlined with Deep Madness. DM's only in it at the start, but it's a pretty fun little mention (she calls us "the success story of the week." Blush.) 


Next, we also have part two of Adam's playthrough for Rolling Solo!


We're also getting close to finishing our next social stretch goal, which is for a brand new scenario utilizing The Faces of the Sphere!

Achievement Chart.
Achievement Chart.

Be sure to keep chipping away at the BGG stuff so we can get this scenario in the bag! (We're getting so close!)

Also, be sure to keep checking in at Kicktraq so we can stay on their Top Ten list!

Thanks, everyone! You're the best!



Well, you've been wondering when it was coming. And the answer is… Today. Mostly.

That's right, we finally have details we can shed on Monstrum!

Monstrum Box.
Monstrum Box.

Monstrum is the second box in our storage solution (with Profundum being the first. Read more about Profundum Here.) And it will be one premium box. Here are a few of its features:

  • Monstrum's cardboard will be double thickness. This will be one big, sturdy box.
  • It will contain 6 layers (!) of foam inserts. You heard that right. 6.
  • It will measure 435mm x 323mm x 280mm (or 17.16in x 12.72in x 11.02in). Which means it will have the same width and length as Profundum, but it will be almost three times as deep!
  • It will hold every miniature currently available for Deep Madness. Which, as of this moment, is over 260 miniatures.

In short, this box truly is a monster. Even just writing this, I kept thinking, "Wait… It's almost a FOOT DEEP?" But I think that, for many collectors, it may be a dream come true. For those who are searching for the perfect storage solution, this could be exactly what you're looking for.


We'll have more info for Monstrum and Profundum in the coming days, so stay tuned.

In other news, I asked yesterday if people would be interested in doing a little Choose Your Own Terror story with me, and the answer seemed to be pretty positive. So, what I'm thinking is we'll give it a spin, but I won't put it in the main updates. Instead, I'll make a separate update just for the story, so that those who don't want to participate can just skip over it without missing any important stuff. (While this will mean more updates, hopefully this will be a best-of-both-worlds situation.) I'm getting close to finishing up the first part, so you may even see it later today. We'll gauge the interest off of the initial one, and then decide how far we want to take this. =)

Well, I think that will do it for today. Oh, wait -- I forgot. I said in the headline that I was going to ask you a question, didn't I? Yeah, I sure did. All right. Well, here goes: who'd like to participate in helping us design a card (or two - or maybe even three) for Deep Madness?

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    1. Missing avatar

      Rick Kurbis on

      I would love to add this box as well as the plastic counters, but I cant see anywhere on how to add them to my ALL in pledge... :/

    2. Max Kielland

      Ahh, okay I think I have it all figured out now. PROFUNDUM only hold cards, tokens, tiles etc but no figures while MONSTRUM only holds figures. I'm I right?

    3. Sharkey


    4. olerock on

      @derek gentle it will have space for every single mini, so yes.

    5. Missing avatar

      Greg Whitaker

      How about a bag that holds both boxes for travel? I'd pay for that add-on.

    6. Missing avatar

      Derek Gentle on

      Will the Monstrum box have space for the mini's in the Sphere's expansion?

    7. Daniel on

      Card design... yes please!

      Big for figures... not so sure. I like the boxes for everything currently.

    8. Missing avatar

      Ken Meyri on

      $45 for the box AND foam is a bargain! Anyone who paints their minis is probably drooling at this offer. In addition to protecting the mins, I love the idea of having everything in one place. This storage solution trumps pretty much any other stretch goal/add-on that I could have wanted.

    9. Steven Crane

      This is just my own opinion, but I have to agree that giving 1 storage box away for free and having the other cost $45 seems pointless, because if people don't by the Monstrum box, then the other box is useless too. I've bought Zombicide Green Horde too and frankly that's never felt like it "needed" an expensive storage solution

      I too would prefer money off my already rather expensive pledge, or maybe just have the plastic tokens instead (if indeed they're as important as many are saying)

      It's all going to add cost to shipping too surely? Having 2 extra boxes to ship

    10. Missing avatar

      Paul Rose on

      Helping to design a card would be interesting. Or two. Or even three...

    11. Missing avatar

      Wolf Lord on

      Hello, shall we design something crazy together?

    12. Kyari PP

      Did I miss something? No mention of additional shipping cost for the momstrum?

    13. Sage Smith on

      I would love to help design a card. Game design is one of my favorite hobbies!

    14. Paint'Riot Studio

      The storage will be include the big monsters as well as epic monsters ?

    15. Footballzs on

      The Monstrum may be my salvation. The six boxes I currently have, well the sorting, repacking, putting back on my shelves, it's driving me I won't say it.

      Plus I would be honoured to help design a card.

    16. Elgracka

      +1 on the air pressure equalizer holes. Good thinking!

    17. Ryan on

      I would love to design cards!

    18. Missing avatar

      Marco Antonio Cano on

      I'd love to help design a card

    19. Batastrophe on

      Jon the CAT card please 😺🤘

    20. Sharkey on

      I imagine bases could fit as well as they’re foam inserts, would be very convenient indeed! =D

    21. Missing avatar

      Ramon Ganigué Pagès on

      I would love to help design those cards :)

    22. John H

      Will Monstrum accommodate figures with the base clips on?
      I would prefer inserts to fit the existing boxes. I'll still need to store those (I never throw boxes away).

    23. Sharkey on

      Click “Manage Pledge” then simply
      add the cost of whatever adds you want. For Monstrum you’ll increase your pledge total by $45.

    24. Stefano Benedetti on

      Is there any 3d rendering for the new FOTS and Epic M. miniatures, the ones voted by the community?

    25. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Chambers on

      I definitely want the monstrum box but I don't understand how to get extras.

    26. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Mann on

      Oomphh that box sounds amazing. Hrnngggg

    27. Brad T on

      Looks Good! Let's Design some cards!!!

      First card idea:

      Second card idea:

      Third Card Idea:
      See #1 and #2

    28. SilentInAWay

      (Raises hand) “Pick me, pick me!”

    29. Missing avatar

      CDDW on

      Would LOVE to help design a card.
      Monstrum also looks great!

    30. Missing avatar

      Remy van Vliet

      It's an absolute shame that the storage boxes don't fit my own storage solution (KR Multicase) or I would have gotten them...

    31. Chris Kenna

      Will the box lid go all the way from the top to the base or will it be split in the middle like the Scythe Legendary box? If it goes all the way to the base, you may want to add some small pre-punched holes to the top else the vacuum of nearly a foot tall box will make the lid a real pain to lift off...

    32. Francois Baller on

      @Jereck Na itya fair price it would cost double anywhere else. For my part Profundum will be more useful than the monster Box.

    33. Missing avatar

      Eric Holweck

      ... nothing prevents you *from*, sorry...

    34. Missing avatar

      Eric Holweck

      Wow, isn't that box kind of big? Or rather--deep? Madness.
      And I'm pretty sure you'll find lots of people willing to help... ;)

      @Brandon: not sure what you're trying to say, here. The SG's are in a free box here, too (two of them, actually). Besides, nothing prevents you for using Profundum for storing your cards and tokens (saves on setup time), while storing all your minis in a couple of existing boxes using their plastic trays.

    35. Simonmjl14

      As a returning backer who was pretty much all-in on the first campaign, how much would that storage solution cost-me? What are the options there? Profundum alone, Monstrum alone and for both...

    36. Test Monkey

      I do hope the boxes hold up. I’m getting both regardless of if we hit the SG or not, but I would have liked to have been a sturdy plastic over cardboard.

      My only question is what happens with the next expansion, the box won’t have room or will it?

    37. Missing avatar

      Thomas offersen on

      Really nice box (Monstrum) I buy. However, the price does not seem to be crazy. Have bought boxes for 2 - 3 other big games and quickly give 60-85 dollars. Like Eldritch horror, gloomhaven.

    38. Andrew Hurwitz

      The boxes aren't going to be of interest for everyone, but they are solid on theme to the game and I believe many of us one day will regret passing on it. Keep that in mind.

      Maybe consider backing one less KS game in 2019 and allocating that $ to Monstrum instead. Pledge Manager will be open deep in 2019 anyway,

      Food for thought. :)

    39. Marco

      I´ve got a question…
      What will you do if the SG of $666.666 and 6.666 Backers for Profundum will not be reached?
      Will you still produce it as an optional buy im the PM?

      Thanks in advance.

    40. Missing avatar

      The House on

      Have you looked into the price of foam inserts? I have for my Dark Souls game. I hate to add another $45, especially with the pricy all-in, but it is worth it.

    41. Sharkey on

      $45 is reasonable for me given that Profundum is free, have my money!


    42. Brandon Storm on

      I'm with Jereck there.

      It's cool, but no thanks at that price, and thusly no thanks for Profundum.

      My Green Horde pledge came with a free box, albeit without foam inserts, but that was far more preferable and a far cry from $45USD.

    43. Jereck on

      I'll be (brutally) honest :

      Given the price of Monstrum, I won't buy it.

      And without Monstrum, I think Profundum is useless.

      I'd rather have a discount on another expansion and/or epic monster than a useless box.

      Maybe as an option in the pledge manager ?

    44. Missing avatar

      The House on

      Must....resist....add ons!

      Oh well, I am into madness already.

      Awesome box. I hope the foam layers will be easy to get out so I can get to the minis at the bottom / 6th layer.

    45. Kristopher head on

      Would happily help you with making one or a few cards. Think I'd need to play more and get a better understanding of the game first though. New box looks great and wish I could get it but bit too much for me as is.

    46. Becki Kaze

      It is too deep sadly. It won´t fit on my shelves.

    47. KS Huntress (in Deep Madness)

      Monstrum looks great! I would offer my help to design a card too. But as being second time backer, I think it´s not quite helpfull.

    48. Francois Baller on

      Love the box but at the same time I know my wife would kill me if I get it for the amount of space it will take. Conflicted...

    49. Missing avatar

      Mr David J Banks on

      I would love to as well.

    50. Bibo on

      I would love to help you design new content for this awesome game!

      Monstrums name couldnt be more perfect.
      What an enormus box!