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A cooperative game of sci-fi survival horror for 1-6 players, inspired by Lovecraft’s work and featuring amazingly detailed miniatures.
A cooperative game of sci-fi survival horror for 1-6 players, inspired by Lovecraft’s work and featuring amazingly detailed miniatures.
7,768 backers pledged $839,911 to help bring this project to life.

Lucas Kane, Faces Dice, and Profundum!

Posted by Diemension Games (Creator)

Well boy! It's been a big day for Deep Madness! Let's take a look at what's been accomplished!

Oh, but first, if you're new to Deep Madness it might help you to see more reviews. Board Game Quest (and DM backer Richard Pain) just posted a review of Deep Madness, so if you're interested in reading it, you can find it at

Also, we were featured on Beasts of War's Weekender show! It's late in the video so we cut right to it in the link. You can watch the segment at the link below.


(They should have a playthrough video coming soon, too, for those who are interested.)

There's also a new playthrough video from Rolling Solo, in which Adam takes us through scenario two of Deep Madness.



On to the stretch goals!

Today we not only hit a funding stretch goal, but a backer number stretch goal as well!

Lucas Kane has officially been unlocked, meaning he'll be riding along with every copy of the novel Deep Madness: Shattered Seas, as well as starring in the accompanying scenario that we unlocked earlier in the campaign.

Every physical copy of the Novel - Deep Madness: Shattered Seas will now include 1 Lucas Kane miniature, 1 investigator card, and 1 activation card.
Every physical copy of the Novel - Deep Madness: Shattered Seas will now include 1 Lucas Kane miniature, 1 investigator card, and 1 activation card.
Lucas Kane. Illustrated by Christopher Shy.
Lucas Kane. Illustrated by Christopher Shy.

What's more, we have officially completed every one of the revealed stretch goals based on backer number! This means that we have unlocked the really perty Another Dawn dice! These nine dice will be included in every copy of The Faces of the Sphere expansion.

Every copy of The Faces of the Sphere expansion will now include 9 Another Dawn six-sided investigator dice.
Every copy of The Faces of the Sphere expansion will now include 9 Another Dawn six-sided investigator dice.
Another Dawn Dice.
Another Dawn Dice.

We'll have more about Lucas Kane in the next day or two, along with the next snippet from the book. But first, I'm pretty sure we know exactly what you want to hear about: Profundum.



Over the last few days we've been hinting that something was coming. And now we're just about ready to reveal it. Let's take a look.

Profundum Box.
Profundum Box.

Many of you have asked for a storage solution for Deep Madness, particularly our returning backers. Well, for that we are pleased to announce Monstrum Profundum. Monstrum is Latin for a monstrosity, a portent, an oddity. It also can mean simply monster. Profundum, meanwhile, means the deep. A chasm. Or the abyss. Perhaps together you could take them to mean monsters of the depths. And, together, they make up the storage solution that we have been hinting at and that backers have been asking for since the start of this campaign.

Both boxes will have the same footprint, but Monstrum will be significantly deeper. (Ironically.) That's because Monstrum will contain places for every miniature across Deep Madness and all of its expansions, while Profundum will have hold every tile, card, token, marker, standee, die, and more that Deep Madness can throw at it. Profundum will furthermore have compartments to store the various components in, keeping them separate and organized, while also leaving room for sleeved cards.

Profundum box top layer inserts.
Profundum box top layer inserts.
Profundum box bottom layer insert.
Profundum box bottom layer insert.

We're still waiting on the render for Monstrum, so for now we'll turn our attention solely to Profundum. Profundum is 435mm x 323mm x 118mm (or 17.16" x 12.72" x 4.64" if you prefer inches). It has a very simple, elegant design on the outside, and will contain three different layers of blisters to store everything on the inside. It will also be included in your pledge for free.

Profundum Stretch Goal.
Profundum Stretch Goal.

You heard that right: Profundum is one of our next stretch goals! When we reach $666,666 and also get 6,666 backers, we will unlock Profundum for everyone who has pledged at the Deeper Terrors, Investigator, or All-In pledge levels. For those who don't want to move up to one of these pledge levels (or if you want more than one of them), then Profundum will also be available as an add-on. We're still working out the final price as we solidify how much it will cost to make, but it will probably be between $25-$35. (Sorry for the wide range there, but there's still several factors we need to work out, and these boxes are not cheap!)

For those who also want Monstrum, it will be available strictly as an add-on. This is because Monstrum is going to be even more expensive to make (as well as larger), so we just aren’t able to balance it out financially. (Plus, some people might be content displaying their miniatures in-between play sessions or have other storage solutions, and so won't have need of this box.) Once again, we're still working out the final cost.

Now, we also want to stress that Profundum is NOT the next stretch goal. We will have more goals in-between. But we wanted to show you a little bit more of what's coming and get you excited for the future. We will also have more info on Monstrum Profundum in the coming days, such as when we get our samples in our hands. (Or the render for Monstrum.) But, in the meantime, consider this your first official look at the future of Deep Madness storage.

We'll talk to you again tomorrow, guys, with lots more fun and exciting stuff! (I'd also like to say thank you to everyone who joined me on the live stream today! I had a great time hanging out with all of you! We have tentatively scheduled another one for next Tuesday at 2pm PST, so mark your calendars!) Have a great day, and we'll talk to you again soon!

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    1. Wolfgang Zellermayer

      well we defintily did hit the cashgoal. if diemansion doesnt unlock it even if were not 6666 backers id say thatd be a very harsh and no fun decision...

    2. Missing avatar

      George DeLaMater on

      Question: If the Profundum stretch goal is NOT reached (and it's looking iffy at this point), are you planning to make it available as an add-on, like the Monstrum?

    3. Missing avatar


      @Eric: Use scissors and cut the sleeves shorter so they fit the cards better :D
      Worked for a friend of mine, he did have time and patience to do so... don't remember what sleeves they were but it did work.

    4. Eric

      Does this fit fantasy flight sleeved cards? Those are the only sleeves I use and they are thicker and longer than most. If it won't fit fantasy flight sleeved cards this is basically useless to me.

    5. Missing avatar

      Emanuel on

      This is great an extremely needed! But I have sleeved all the cards to protect them and I'm afraid they'll not fit in the box anymore... all my cards are 2 mm bigger on each side.

    6. Erik on

      Awsome update!

    7. Meltdown on

      I also picked up 2 of each card box on the last campaign, but with the intention of using 1 set for another game, looks like I'll just have more storage options now. Depending on the cost of Monstrum I probably won't pick it up. I was all in on the last one and I have 5 boxes for this game. They are all of an extremely high quality and wouldn't want to throw them away. I may come up with my own storage solution for the minis.

    8. Footballzs on

      What be these Mandess Cards ye speak of? Not knowing is driving me mad I tell you!

    9. Foxwhisperer on

      It is free if you pledge for Deeper Terrors, Investigator or All-In pledge levels.

    10. Marco Orlandin on

      Will be profondum be free for the returning backers who bought everything in the previous kickstarter?

    11. Foxwhisperer on

      I'm used to come up with storage solutions on the boardgames I purchase, but I don't mind if the Company gives me the storage solution for counters, cards and such.
      Looks good.

    12. japester

      Wow. As a returning backer, I wasn't sure I wanted to keep my Deeper Terrors pledge (since everyone will get the e-novel for free anyway). But if we unlock the Profundum, I will definitely stay on board! What a nice surprise.

      Unlike everyone asking if it fits sleeved cards, I actually read the update (LOL). So my question is: what BRANDS of sleeves will it fit? I haven't sleeved my game yet, but I tend to use Fantasy Flight brand, which are longer than most. And when inserts say they fit sleeved cards, what they usually mean are "perfect fit" style sleeves.

    13. DKeith2011 on

      @Devon, Profundum is for the games bits, Monstrum is for the minis.

    14. Devon Veenstra on

      Apologies if this is made clear somewhere in the post or the comments, but I'm not certain I understand the intended difference between Monstrum and Profundum. Is Monstrum JUST for miniatures, or is it supposed to contain both minis AND the game?

    15. Kat


      Diemension games is the best, full stop! <3

    16. Sharkey

      YES!! Thank you!

    17. Missing avatar

      James Theiss on

      You guy's are awesome! I love your communication, and your constant motivation to grow this community. Keep up the good work!

    18. Telgar

      This is an excellent and motivating stretchgoal for the ones still hesitating. More than additionnal character for instance. Nice shot.

    19. DKeith2011 on

      Trending for a bit over 1 million at the moment, this shouldn't be a problem.

    20. Sharkey on

      You only get the Penundrum box as a former backer if you pledge minimum for the Deeper Madness $50 tier at least for this campaign.

      As a former backer myself I had been waiting at the $1 pledge until this update as $50 for the novel, expansion, and the box (plus other extras) are well worth it alone for me now.

    21. Elgracka

      Will the box fit the Deep Madness soundtrack? It’s several hours of music and I’m afraid that it will keep me up at night if I can’t close the box properly. I will go mad. Deep madness for sure

    22. Belisarius

      And for those asking "Profundum will furthermore have compartments to store the various components in, keeping them separate and organized, while also leaving room for sleeved cards."

    23. Belisarius

      How does the stretch goal storage box work for backers who already got the game in the previous KS, and were asking for this then?

    24. Eric Arsenault on

      Awesome idea yes ! =)

    25. Sharkey on

      I’m expecting the card holders won’t have a place for them to fit in the boxes since they’re not included in the “All In” pledge. I bought 2 of each color, so far they’re still packaged as I haven’t cracked open anything else aside from my core box. My dice tower is sitting unused so far as well, haha.

      I’ll eventually get around to using them I’m sure, but yeah I wouldn’t hold my breath expecting them to fit in either box. =P

    26. Twin Comet on

      Hope it works with sleeved cards.

    27. Nicolas Dufour on

      Diemension Games, you are really the best! I need that box!

    28. Bananakin on

      it holds sleeved cards, my question is will it hold the plastic card storage boxes from the last kickstarter otherwise that was a waste. I want to put the whole red or blue card holder into the box

    29. Nerds to the Rescue

      Asking about sleeved cards as well. I use the premium card sleeves.

    30. Missing avatar

      Bogard Mikaël on

      Really nice! :o)
      Does all the sleeved cards will fit in the box? :o)

    31. Jorge García on

      Maybe there is no solution for this but will card boxes have any place inside any of those boxes?

    32. DKeith2011 on

      Will Monstrum have a foam interior or hard plastic trays like in the game boxes?

    33. Vali on

      Awesome! Hope we hit this SG

    34. NicolasLehoux on

      What about MONSTRUM? Will it be unlocked in the same SG?

    35. Jazzmer on

      the hole for the plastic doors I see excaso for those who get additional doors.

    36. Jazzmer on

      The supporters who returned and who participated during the first race. Will we be eligible for Profundum too? It would seem unfair if it is not so, in my case I caught an ALL-IN in the first kickstarter and here I am back. I think we deserve those who participate first this box as the rest who participate for the first time in this second round

    37. Missing avatar

      Wingnut on

      Holy shit Dimension Games is THE BEST board game publisher I have had the experience of backing.

    38. Isaac Burrough

      SO SOOPER DOOPER EXCITED ABOUT THE STORAGE BOXES!!! Might there be divider cards as well to separate all of the card from each expansion?

    39. Missing avatar

      Derek Gentle on

      Love the idea of a storage box.. hate that it does not look like it will fit on my Kallax shelves unless sideways on the top... :/

    40. Adam Alderman

      Storage? STORAGE?!? Yiisssssssssssss!
      Brilliant and thank you so much!

    41. Pasquale Bove on

      Lucas and face dices look amazing but I must confess I'm a bit disappointed by Profundum, the problem aren't token and tiles, the problems are the miniatures. With card box, plastic bag and a bit of foam crafting anyone can store in effective ways all the games material... but that fantastic miniatures are really difficult to be moved together

    42. Andrew Hurwitz

      Wow wow wow! Go Diemension Games!

    43. Brian Hudson on

      Man, and I already dropped the money on bead boxes to hold all the tokens, heh. I guess I won't have to wait for Feldherr to make a foam tray solution, at least!

    44. Márton András Makfalvi on

      Just found it in the update the box is actually calculated for sleeved card. If that is really true, my previous post is obsolete, and truly you are the best guys :) this one is a must have.

    45. Márton András Makfalvi on

      My question is that is this profundum box and insert calculated with sleeved cards? Just because it doesn't represent any added value to me if not. Currently I throw away all the card inserts, because it's simply not enough deep and/or wide for the sleeved cards. It would be such a waste :(

    46. Elgracka

      h. Those are for easy access during game play

    47. Ukail on

      Diemension Games. Editor of the year.

    48. Missing avatar

      Brian on

      I need that storage box in my life

    49. Missing avatar


      Hello, so we get Monstrum Profundum. Is there still a need for us to buy the mini and bridge card boxes ?

    50. Nigel Hopkins

      Appreciate all the effort you have put into this storage solution but, for myself, I would prefer to have an empty box to house the Epic monsters and to have The Faces of the Sphere in the same footprint as the main game and expansions (roughly 310x310). The current boxes look great on the shelf and would just need a couple of friends. Also, I really don't like throwing boxes away, especially ones of this quality.