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The Eru-Kin Expansion set will encompass both Fantasy and Sci-Fi miniatures. Small skirmish units to a full army, the choice is yours!
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Stretch Goal Close!

Posted by Tim Prow (Creator)

Hi Guys,

 We are seriously close to our next stretch goal, the Guardian Power Armour, just £40 away!

Shown only as a concept, the final miniature will be roughly 36mm tall and close in proportions to a GW terminator.

 Weekends dont seem to get in the way of work, well not when a KS is in full swing, so here are some more wips of the G-Rider. The bike is all but finished, and now i'm moving on to the rider. I wasn't sure if he was going to have both hands on the handle bars or not, in fact several ideas had been floating around, but I settled with the drawn gun. Turned out pretty well! More positions and perhaps a pillion may turn up further down the line.  






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