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The Eru-Kin Expansion set will encompass both Fantasy and Sci-Fi miniatures. Small skirmish units to a full army, the choice is yours!
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Funday Friday!!

Posted by Tim Prow (Creator)

Hi guys,

 As mentioned today we have some great announcements! You may have noticed several new graphics up on the KS, these we hope will help with the flow of the campaign.

 Firstly we are announcing two prize draws, a 50% give away and a full free order!!

Prize draw rules:

 Pledge £60 or higher (either through the £60 pledge level or a lower pledge raised to this amount) by Oct 22nd and enter a draw to receive your pledge at half price.  

 Pledge £120 or higher (either through the £120 pledge level or a lower pledge raised to this amount) by Oct 22nd and enter a draw to receive your pledge for free!!

Pledges must be kept above the stated minimum amount to be able to win, any that drop below the amount after the 22nd October will no longer be in the draw. The Prize only applies to the pledged amount at the time the KS ends. Any aftermarket additions will not be counted towards the prize draw.

The Draws will be held November 2nd, so good luck to those who enter!

After Market Manager:

 As mentioned we will again be using an Aftermarket Manager. It proved very popular first time round, and a useful tool for those not able to gather funds over the short period of time that the KS runs. Basically once the Kickstarter ends the orders books will be left open for any who would like to add to their pledges. Orders will stay open till January 31st 2017. Once we enter February all orders will be sealed, then we can start the process of sorting and shipping. We request that all additions to orders be paid for by this cut off date. A survey will be sent out to all backers for them to fill out, backers will enter the pledges they initially ordered and any extra items can also be added at this stage. You have until January 31st to fill out the survey, so dont feel hurried, there is plenty of time. We are happy to field any questions you may have. Our last KS went very well and there was an additional £2K of aftermarket orders taken.   

New Figures Available!

There are 7 new figures available for you to Add On. No stretch goals required, these guys are ready to be bought today! One figure is already sculpted and the G-Rider is being worked on right now (I shall show wips of him in the next updates).

 There will be 4 new guys for the undead faction, Malak the undead fighter, Venom and Slytherin two skeletal snakemen, and Melcor Blackened Bones the Liche. The G-Ride for the human faction, and 2 figures for the dwarves, Tilli the amazonian dwarf warrior and Thorson Hammer Kill a dwarf sniper.


Malak the Undead Fighter. Sculpted by Tim Prow
Malak the Undead Fighter. Sculpted by Tim Prow



G-Rider WIPS, sculpted by Tim Prow.
G-Rider WIPS, sculpted by Tim Prow.




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    1. Tim Prow 5-time creator on

      I know your pain Andrew, i've had several cheap months running up to the launch, Kickstarters can be a double edged sword.

    2. Missing avatar

      Andrew Foster on

      Mate, do you have to be so good at tempting me. I may not eat for the whole of November at this rate ;)

    3. Tim Prow 5-time creator on

      Cheers Simon! The pose worked really well, i'm going to so enjoy next years Undead release :)

    4. Simon Saier on

      Oh wow, Malak is great! Added him instantly!