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The Eru-Kin Expansion set will encompass both Fantasy and Sci-Fi miniatures. Small skirmish units to a full army, the choice is yours!
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Stretch Goal almost reached!

Posted by Tim Prow (Creator)

Morning guys,

 We are just £432 off our next stretch goal, the Guardian Power Suit! Work is already underway on our first unlocked goal the Rogue Trader Eru-Kin, and we should hopefully have wips next week to show progress on that figure. The Guardian will soon be joining him :) 

Guardian Power Suit.
Guardian Power Suit.

Mainly used in space combat these ancient suits of armour are now making a come back as the orbiting hulks are being searched, any relics and tech the Eru-Kin can find are being pressed into use to bolster their forces. 

 There are other figures being worked on right now and will be highlighted in tomorrows Update, here's a quick teaser for those who can't wait ;)

G-Ride (Grav Bike).
G-Ride (Grav Bike).






Favoured by most tech savvy races, G-Rides are one of the most popular small transports on 5120. 

We shall make several different version of the bike if it proves popular, armed and none armed versions will be available. I've been toying with the idea of this sculpt for a while and think the final sculpt will look really cool :)

 What do you think?!

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      Andrew Foster on

      Thanks for the update, those power suits are great. Can't wait to see the G-Rides completed! Yes please to more of those.