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The Eru-Kin Expansion set will encompass both Fantasy and Sci-Fi miniatures. Small skirmish units to a full army, the choice is yours!
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Posted by Tim Prow (Creator)

Hi Guys,

 I'd like to take this opportunity to say hello to all our backers, both old and new! It always reaffirms our belief in the Diehard project when people get on board and support us :) 

 I had a backer ask if it had been our intention to not have freebies and discounts as the campaign ran, and it made me think I should perhaps give you all an explanation of where we are coming from.

 Our first KS indeed had larger discounts and a small range of freebies, but it was mainly designed to sell single figures, and the pledges were for amounts. This time round as we are selling an army, we put the emphasis on units. Understanding the need to buy larger numbers of figures we decided to discount the units up front, so instead of costing £30 for 5 man unit it costs only £15. Once we start hitting the stretch goals single figures will be released and will cost £6. Our aim is to recoup some of our upfront discount with the later figures. This isn't through some evil greedy profit driven goal, i'm in the wrong business if that were the case. It's simply that selling a figure for £3 gives us minimal profit. 

We are a small company and Diehard Miniatures is a side business as we all have day jobs. It has taken me the best part of 6 months to get this KS up and running. I've personally paid up front for concepts and master moulding, and put in around 3 months of work hours to sculpt the new figures. Our passion drives us, and we have a dedicated fan base who we really appreciate. 

 Basically as a small independent company we cant give you free stuff without it hurting us. What we can do is give you great sculpts, and a promise of greater things to come. Each year we will build on the range and give you a greater understanding of the game world behind our range. Who knows there may even be a game at some point :)

 Thank you again for giving us your support!

   Tim Prow    

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    1. Tim Prow 5-time creator on

      Shucks Zeb, you're making me blush ;) We do have great ideas for where to take the Diehard world, and KS is the perfect platform to fund our early work. It easy to forget that the vision and background to the world is still 90% in my head, and there will be a lot more info released soon. A map is definable in order!!
      As the factions are released more will be added, giving a deeper background and better feel for where we are heading. I'm really looking forward to next years Undead Rising KS, we have some special figures planned for that :) As a sculpt they possibly one of my favourite things to work on.

    2. Zebraoutrider on

      Hi Tim, you and your team are a credit to the industry. I wish you all the success on this venture as start-up businesses are so full of risks in the current economic climate. None-the-less, GW started small and grew into the global enterprise that exists online and on the high street. There is nothing to stop your dreams and ambitions becoming a reality, so long as sensible steps are made in the progression and development of the company. When you eventually float on the stock exchange, I'm sure I'll buy shares in the company. You have found a USP which touches on the nostalgia of the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s and realise that the teenagers of the Dungeon and Dragons era (lambasted for being nerds at the time) actually are still the market for such escapism from the monotony of life - and they have a bit more money because frankly the 'Geeks' done good!. The trajectory is upwards my friend... especially as you develop the fantasy/sci-fi rift world (geographical maps next?) to provide a meaningful context for role-play, battles and those excellent miniatures.

    3. Missing avatar

      Warlord Paul on

      Go right ahead and charge the right amount Tim, keep up the good work.