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The Eru-Kin Expansion set will encompass both Fantasy and Sci-Fi miniatures. Small skirmish units to a full army, the choice is yours!
The Eru-Kin Expansion set will encompass both Fantasy and Sci-Fi miniatures. Small skirmish units to a full army, the choice is yours!
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    1. Tim Prow 4-time creator on

      Hi Drew, we are looking at October 10th and running it till November 2nd. I should be able to firm those dates up next month! :)

    2. Drew

      Does the next Undead Kickstarter have a date yet?

    3. Tim Prow 4-time creator on

      Thx Karl :)

    4. Karl Forder on

      Fantastic sculpts.

    5. Tim Prow 4-time creator on

      Good to hear that David! :)

    6. David Evans on

      Hey Tim, My minis arrived here in Australia the other day. Just like the previous ones I'm very happy with everything I ordered! I'm looking forward to the next one!! Many thanks Tim!

    7. Tim Prow 4-time creator on

      Hi Karl, all going well, I was at the casters yesterday picking up more metal! Planning to have all paid up orders sent out by Friday 26th :)

    8. Karl Forder on

      How's the deliveries going - looking forward to adding to my lead pile!

    9. Tim Prow 4-time creator on

      @Simon, glad you liked the sculpts, looking forward to seeing some painted up miniatures soon! :) @Gadgetman! Its all about weighing up shipping costs, single figure orders cant justify being sent in boxes, we do however send orders with 4+ miniatures in boxes. Touch wood we've had no breakages, sat on envelopes or lost parcels yet!

    10. Missing avatar


      My dwarf Priestess arrived today, safe and sound, but...

      Please don't ship minis just in bubblewrap and padded envelopes.
      Sooner or later a postalworker will sit on the package and damage either it or his behind...

    11. Simon Saier on

      Received my package today in Germany. The casts are just stunning! Awesome work!

    12. matt_adlard

      Sorry just spotted message, really should check those first

    13. matt_adlard

      Hi just dropping in to see if any news and ask about picking up orders as local option?

    14. Drew

      Thanks looking forward to seeing the undead.

    15. Tim Prow 4-time creator on

      Hi Drew, I think it would have to be on a Backer by Backer basis. As it's only 3 weeks away and stock is only just being cast it might be too big an ask for larger orders, however I should be able to bring yours along :)

    16. Drew

      Is it possible to pick up pledge models in person at salute?

    17. Tim Prow 4-time creator on

      Hi Drew, I think if we go high enough in the stretch goals something large maybe lurking, waiting to be released :)

    18. Drew

      Will the undead rising feature anything as big as the undead dragon sculpt of yours or are you sticking to small single figures for your Diehard range?

    19. Tim Prow 4-time creator on

      Its on the list, just down to you guys to stretch those goals :)

    20. matt_adlard

      Just popped in to see what's happening, Ohhh Undead Eru-Kin have to get both sci-fi and fantasy

    21. Tim Prow 4-time creator on

      Lol, yes Vermonter, there will be a mixed race unit, so expect some Eru-Kin undead lurching your way soon ;)

    22. New Hampshirizer on

      Will Undead Rising have an undead Eru-Kin? Fantasy undead Eru-Kin seem pretty straightforward, but what would undead sci-fi Eru-Kin be like? Something out of Dead Space? Cybernetic revenants? You've got skeleton snake men already, and frog skeletons do look pretty awesome . . .

    23. Tim Prow 4-time creator on

      Just PM be with your wish list of extras and i'll give you details for PayPal etc.

    24. Tim Prow 4-time creator on

      You are more than welcome to start adding to your Orders. I was waiting till surveys had been returned, but some clever fellows have already added on to their surveys as well :) I'll put a proper announcement out when I get the chance.

    25. Joshua Rosenblum on

      @Tim - Do you have a time when we'll be able to add on figures above our initial pledge?


    26. Phillip Nash on

      Great! Thanks Tim

    27. Tim Prow 4-time creator on

      @Paul, if you go into the Add On section you'll find all the named figures you are after. The musician is called Eztli, and the leader Yolotli :)
      @Phillip ignore any last chance prompts, they are sent by Kickstarter not me, I promise you you will have till the end of January to buy all your goodies!

    28. Phillip Nash on

      Hi Tim
      I got a message from KS stating that I was on 'last chance' to complete the survey. I thought it was going to be open until January. Did I misunderstand? (This never happens...honest)
      Hoping to hold off until more funds available :p
      (Why do I even think these thoughts...grr!)

    29. Paul Shorten on

      Im interested in picking up a couple of the sci-fi command group figures Tim, but I dont know which named figures match the troop type.

      I want to add the Sci-fi Command Musician and the Sci-fi Unit Leader to the survey. What are their given names?

      Thanks in advance.

    30. Tim Prow 4-time creator on

      Well my legs haven't dropped off yet :) I think with most jobs there is a risk somewhere, and I use Procreate more than green stuff these days. Glad to hear i'm teasing more backing out of you, weve given you till the end of January so you'll have 3 months to figure out a payment plan hehe. I think with working on my own project and having a mould maker that says 'sure throw it in the mould it should cast' i'm getting away with more movement in the sculpts and more 1 piece castings. I think the old figures we know and love had their flaws and poses were basic for casting reasons, but sculpting skills, techniques, putties and knowledge has moved on so much, its hard to compare a figure from 1984 to 2016. Capturing the character of 84 is what I really want, that's where it all began for me! And yes I still love sculpting, every day is a new challenge, and since we started Diehard Miniatures i've been able to do more than just sculpt for someone else, I get to guide the concepts I sculpt from, and i'm in charge of where the direction goes!

    31. New Hampshirizer on

      Tim, please stop sculpting. I'd like to keep my expenses down, and every new sculpt you show is like a childhood dream come true. I honestly don't know what to call your style anymore. I understand the "Oldhammer" term, but for all their crazy character and unfettered imagination, those golden age sculpts were obviously done under short deadlines, with corners like detail, naturalistic animation, and anatomical consistency getting cut right and left. Your sculpts suffer from none of that, and they have what the "CG is the future of miniature sculpting" sculpts of today lack, i.e., the spark of life. I don't usually go to conventions or have any aspirations to do so, but you are now on the short list of artists that I'd like to meet and shake hands with. Well done, sir. I just hope you enjoy sculpting as much as we enjoy seeing your work. And if I may, one question. I've heard that some sculpting polymers (Green stuff particularly) can be cancer risks over the long term. Is this a concern for you, or do you use media that don't carry the risk, or wear gloves? I'd hate to think you're poisoning yourself for our sake.

    32. Paul Shorten on


      I will hold fore for a few days then.

      Thanks Tim!

    33. Tim Prow 4-time creator on

      Hi Paul, i'm working on the Guardian right now, so should have wips later this week to help with your tricky choice!

    34. Paul Shorten on

      How is progress on the Guardian Armour going Tim? Got any pics by any chance?

      Im tempted, but I dont want to fill out the pledge manager until I have seen that big guy (cash is extra tight).

    35. Tim Prow 4-time creator on

      I like your thinking Joshua :)

    36. Joshua Rosenblum on

      @Tim You've just sold two more snake men! I was, of course, going to buy all four for my undead lizardman force, but I got to thinking, I could get two more and convert them into an undead Cecrops and undead Echidna for my undead classical Greek army. I'd just have to get the right sized skulls to make the upper bodies fully humanoid. If I'm particularly ambitious I might try sculpting some snakes onto one of the skulls to create an undead Medusa.


    37. Tim Prow 4-time creator on

      Hi Joshua, all the snakemen are roughly 40mm tall.

    38. Joshua Rosenblum on

      How tall are the skeletal snake men? Ogre sized?


    39. Tim Prow 4-time creator on

      Very lucky find then Vermonter :)

    40. New Hampshirizer on

      Hey Tim, Sorry I haven't tuned in for awhile, so I didn't see your question. So that's the thing: I really did luck out (particularly since you're now sculpting your best works ever, like the Eru-kin trader), because I just went to kickstarter, typed in "miniatures," and your project came up. Which I almost never do. So actually no source informed me, the chaos gods just lead me here.

    41. Mark Cunningham

      Great work Tom, was really looking forward to this Rogue Trader miniature and his Pet Jagla, can't wait to see how the General turns out as well. Very glad I backed this Kickstarter.

    42. Tim Prow 4-time creator on

      Hi guys, the pledge manager should be up and running by the end of the month.

    43. Holly Smith on

      Hi, thanks for update on schedule, do you when the pledge manager will open and be available?

    44. Paul L Mathews on

      Hey guys! Looking forward to getting the pledge manager. Also very much looking forward to Undead Rising! :o)

    45. Tim Prow 4-time creator on

      Lol, thx guys, i'm looking forward to sculpting these new stretch goals over the next couple of months :) @Nicholas don't forget we will be keeping our order books open till Jan 31st so you may be able to add to your goody pile ;)

    46. matt_adlard

      @tim Congrats on another really good KS, so many new shiny things.

    47. Zebraoutrider on

      @Tim Congratulations on another successful KS project. Well done! Great campaign. Great stretch goals. Great comms. Great WIPs. Great sculpts. Did I say it was great... Already looking forward to KS 3 ;-)

    48. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Caldwell on

      @Tim - I missed your answer about the stretch goals earlier. Thanks for responding! I think you've done a great job balancing momentum and goals and I'm really happy to see this KS be so successful! I'll happily back the next one you run to get some more goodies! Like everyone else I wish I had more to spend - but I'm well pleased by what I'm getting with my pledge. Well done and congratulations as we head into the final minutes! (Also - great communication during the closing hours!)

    49. Tim Prow 4-time creator on

      Welcome to the fold Vermonter :) It's so hard to cover every media source, where did you hear about the latest campaign?

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