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Looking to learn about Docker or need some extra resources?
The DC2 is a fun, ready-to-use, desktop server for Docker Containers.
Looking to learn about Docker or need some extra resources?
The DC2 is a fun, ready-to-use, desktop server for Docker Containers.
Looking to learn about Docker or need some extra resources? The DC2 is a fun, ready-to-use, desktop server for Docker Containers.
86 backers pledged $37,611 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Stephen Inoue on

      For those of you looking for the assembly instructions for your Desktop Container:


      Great lil Docker setup. I hope you'll continue to innovate!

    2. HARDTWARE Creator on

      I've not had a chance to look into the OLED software.

      Here is the project page for the display

      There is a node.js npm module preinstalled on the DC2. The plan is to add the OLED software to that module so it is easy for everyone to install.

      Here is the GitHub repo for the npm module.

    3. noslzzp on

      Got my container today! Great quality and attention to the detail. Thanks for pushing this through.

      Only question I have is, any update on the OLED software? If not, any pointers to sample code to tinker with it?

    4. HARDTWARE Creator on

      Patrick: I'm sorry that you are disappointed. I am also disappointed. Our earlier delays were to provide our backers the latest motherboards. Then we had a delay in receiving other components. Then we had problems when we had everything together to get an bootable image. The drives are arriving shortly, and it is unfortunate it is coinciding with travel and will be delayed a couple more weeks.

    5. Patrick Quinn-Graham on

      This project is already 5 months over due. To push it out by another month is just ... disappointing.

    6. HARDTWARE Creator on

      Stephen, all the drives will be flashed when they arrive -- unfortunately the previous flash had errors in them -- now resolved. Unfortunately I'm traveling for several weeks leaving just before the drives arrive.

    7. Stephen Inoue on

      Another month to handle flashing USB drives for 86 backers? Need me to come up and help out for a day?

    8. Jose Diaz-Gonzalez on

      Looking forward to trying these things out, and doubly-excited to get approval to expense a Lionel train set to ship containers around the office :)

    9. HARDTWARE Creator on

      Still waiting for the last components to arrive.

    10. Henk on

      It's been silent for almost a month. Any updates about when we can expect a delivery?

    11. Missing avatar

      Remon Lam on

      Is there any update?

    12. Stephen Inoue on

      Like real world containers I think this one is tied up somewhere. Looking forward to reading the update after taking in the new Star Wars movie. Hope you guys can ship soon so you can relax too.

    13. HARDTWARE Creator on

      An update will get posted this weekend.

    14. Britt Treece on

      Any updates on when these are going to ship?

    15. HARDTWARE Creator on

      Satyajith: pm sent with email you have been getting invites sent to, and invite resent

      Anyone else not get their survey?

    16. Satyajith Mundakkal

      no survey yet ... Not in the Junk either

    17. HARDTWARE Creator on

      I have not heard anything new from Docker on the logo. Will ping them again.

    18. HARDTWARE Creator on

      I have not heard anything back from Docker on the logo. Will ping them again.

    19. Missing avatar

      Remon Lam on

      Just wonder is there any update about the Docker logo?

    20. Missing avatar

      eonilsson on

      I emailed, they're looking into it but have to check with the marketing team if it's alright.

    21. HARDTWARE Creator on

      You can tweet the project url and mention @docker.

    22. Chris Hardy on

      Where should we reach out to?

    23. HARDTWARE Creator on

      Using the Docker Logo is bouncing around the legal department at Docker, Inc. Tell Docker you want to have their logo on your DC2!

    24. Chris Hardy on

      I'd also dig the Docker Logo.

    25. Missing avatar


      +1 CentOS
      +1 OLED

    26. Missing avatar

      Peter Watkins on

      I would pick Docker logo if it was available. C'mon Docker people!

    27. HARDTWARE Creator on

      Michael: A new logo requires a new plate. The Docker people were looking at getting custom containers made with their logo. If they do, then containers with the Docker logo would be available to everyone, assuming Docker was ok with that.

    28. Michael Hamilton on

      I would really like to see a container with the Docker logo on it. Any chance this can happen?

    29. Jeffrey Lim on

      Can I get two by pledging 2x$399 + shipping?

    30. Ryan Maki on

      +2 for CoreOS, +1 for Ubuntu... if given 3 votes :)

    31. Peter Sellars on

      Would like to have it with RancherOS installed - is there a decision on the logos available on the containers yet?

    32. Missing avatar

      Stephen Carroll on

      Adding my vote for CentOS and OLED.

    33. HARDTWARE Creator on

      Mike: the container is made in China by a firm that specializes in metal scale models. You will be able to easily add on other items at the end of the campaign.

    34. Mike Lloyd on

      You mentioned the design and specifications are going to end up on Github, is that for the container as well? If this comes out like I think it will, I kinda want to make more to give as gifts since you are only doing a limited production run.

      +1 for OLED.
      +1 for CoreOS or Ubuntu

    35. HARDTWARE Creator on

      Kimchi: the container is heavy and those prices reflect the most inexpensive shipping I could find for the volume we expect to have.

    36. Missing avatar

      hyperex on

      Shipping is a little too expensive...any chance of reducing it?

    37. Missing avatar

      Rob Cordeau on

      Not sure if anyone has seen this yet, but the CoreOS guys have support for the Minnowboard.

    38. HARDTWARE Creator on

      At least 2GB of RAM.

    39. Henk on

      The amount of RAM: will it be 1GB or 2GB? I hope for the latter.

    40. HARDTWARE Creator on

      Jose: Installing a new OS is like installing on any other PC. Hook up a keyboard and monitor, hold down the F2 key on boot and select a USB with your favorite OS install on it.

    41. Jose Diaz-Gonzalez on

      Would be nice if there was a way to blank the host operating system and revert to whatever defaults are on there. Not sure how OS installation will work though.

    42. HARDTWARE Creator on

      We looked at finding an existing switch board, but could not find any that were stacked so that we could get a reasonable number of connections that fit into the container. We would need to make our own board to create a switch that would fit into a container ... but that would be cool!

    43. Missing avatar

      Remon Lam on

      And a container that host the switch would be cool, not sure if it could fit...

    44. Missing avatar

      Remon Lam on

      CoreOS for sure, it would be fun if a container could have the Docker logo :-)

    45. HARDTWARE Creator on

      OS Choices: Ubuntu, CoreOS, CentOS, RancherOS -- any other strong preferences?

    46. Missing avatar

      Evan Brown on

      +1 for CoreOS. RancherOS would also be slick!

    47. HARDTWARE Creator on

      If we get enough volume, we can have a broad selection of container logos including "K-Line". Share the project with your friends! :)

    48. Christine Dodrill on

      Can my container have a "K-Line" logo on the side?

      I plan to use mine for irc daemon functional testing.

    49. HARDTWARE Creator on

      I'm currently running CentOS 7 on one of the units. The MinnowBoard Max is a pretty vanilla 64 bit x86 PC platform, so I don't expect any problems with CoreOS.

      What OS it ships with I have no strong preference for myself, so I'm happy to let the majority choice rule. :)

      Also open to ideas for an installer that would install from a selection of OSes.

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