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A Dick Figures movie written and directed by Ed Skudder & Zack Keller. Join Red & Blue on their biggest adventure yet!
5,616 backers pledged $313,411 to help bring this project to life.

Updates on Rewards & Progress

Posted by Dick Figures (Creator)

Hello everyone,

Just a little production update on Dick Figures The Movie: dialogue recording, music, sound design and editing are done and animation is 80% finished. We are hard at work animating the last few scenes and will update you the moment it is done.

By now, those of you who have paid for the Seasons 1-4 Episodes or Soundtracks should have received a digital code by email to download them. Those of you who ordered t-shirts, hats or dvds should have received a survey via Kickstarter so please be sure to check your messages so we can get the proper sizing and order for you.

Also, we've gotten a lot of questions recently after the release of the Teaser Trailer which we'd like to address:

We haven't locked our date yet. Stay tuned -- we're trying to finalize our plan soon.

Our goal is to give fans a variety of choices (both streaming and download), but of course the Kickstarter backers will get to see it first!

We're exploring this, and if we can pull it off, you'll be the first to know!

The rewards will ship when the movie does. The shirt, hat and poster designs are done and we're hard at work on the art book and personalized rewards.

Thanks everyone!

- Ed & Zack


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    1. Dreyan Anderson on

      not to beat a dead horse or anything, but I too have not received the email to download seasons 1-4

    2. Missing avatar

      Mark Shears on

      I also still haven't received the email to download the seasons 1-4. I did get to download the soundtrack but not the seasons

    3. Missing avatar

      ram97 on

      i still have not received the email that gives me the code to download the seasons 1-4

    4. Zacharias Dupont on

      I still haven't received the email regarding the seasons

    5. Missing avatar

      George Olson on

      I recently moved. Anyway to change my mailing address?

    6. Missing avatar

      Jordan Dieck on

      I didn't receive the survey?

    7. Storm Cassidy on

      Are we able to re-download the Seasons 1-4? I had already gotten them, but the device I downloaded them on decided to break on me.

    8. Christian Larson on

      no he said animation is 80% the rest is done

    9. Gerry-AAB on

      I believe this movie is gonna be out in June or July, because you said that the film is 80% complete.

    10. Missing avatar

      Kyle Anderson on

      hey guys how do i give you guys a new address for my rewards???

    11. Missing avatar

      Bradley Bazor on

      i havent recieved the email with the download codes

    12. Missing avatar

      phill on

      hi, i havent recieved the email with the download codes yet, when can i expect it? thanks

    13. Missing avatar

      Daniel Westin on

      if not Kai, click on your pledge and you should be able to see it

    14. Missing avatar

      Daniel Westin on

      Kai, did you put in your shirt size for the shirt? because when i checked mine it said survey on it which was just for the shirt size. I don't know if thats the survey they were talking about but thats what it said

    15. Kai on

      "Those of you who ordered t-shirts, hats or dvds should have received a survey via Kickstarter"

      I double checked my emails (including spam-folder) and kickstarter messages, but there is no survey... :(

    16. Missing avatar

      TheCryexosia on

      I pledged $150 but didnt get any code(s) for the OST or the seasons =(

    17. GWizz on

      I havent been inboxed for the episodes yet. i got the soundtracks, just not the episodes

    18. Missing avatar

      Dane Karl on

      I will be moving in the end of May... pledged the $150. Is there anyway to update the shipment information?

    19. Clarence on

      What about ringtones?

    20. Robert Rutherford on

      i got the $100 pledge and I haven't received a survey yet

    21. Missing avatar

      Daniel on

      really I can't wait need it know I am going Crazy..

    22. Missing avatar

      Daniel on

      :o I'm Excited can't wait !!

    23. Joshua Blair on

      What if we haven't received our code for the soundtrack if we purchased a tier that included it? Because I still haven't got mine yet.

    24. Aconitin on

      awww baby gurl I'm excited!