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A Dick Figures movie written and directed by Ed Skudder & Zack Keller. Join Red & Blue on their biggest adventure yet!
5,616 backers pledged $313,411 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    2. Bevin Cheng on

      Just upped my pledge to the $35 one thanks to this video.

    3. Dick Figures Creator on

      Thanks for all your comments guys and gals! Your support really is inspiring. We're working hard to get this thing funded and it's all thanks to you! Every dollar counts! And yes... the music from this video will be available on the movie soundtrack if you pledge just $25!

    4. Missing avatar

      Rebecca on

      Hang in there... I almost get my paycheck, then I can bump up my pledge XD

    5. Shaun Bennett on

      $120 hoping to change that to $250 before JULY 16! I WANT THE SIGNED POSTER! (and who doesn't want their name in a movie)

    6. Justin Minus on

      I wanna see this on the big screen, even if that just on the wall of my place from a projector.

    7. Missing avatar

      Sean Murray on

      Very nice cost breakdown. I'm a little suprised that so many people are coming unhinged at the target number, 250k is chump change compaired to what is spent on average for any other animation production. I guess it's the price we pay (no pun intended) for having somewhat of a niche show.

    8. Timothy Jordan on

      The music at the end convinced me to back 25$.

    9. Missing avatar

      Persian7 on

      @natasha curran same here ! i really hope we'll get to 250 000 at least D: it would be so unfair, dick figures is the best !

    10. Natasha Curran on

      Ugh I wish I won lotto. I'd give enough for 3 movies. Please everyone pledge! Keep up the great work!

    11. Alec Smith on

      Just hearing the music at the end makes me wish I could donate $10,000.

      Is there any way to get that music right now?

    12. Ross Hardin on

      So careswhat voices... she's a good lookin' lady!

    13. Lai Ping Wan on

      love your studio ^^

    14. Missing avatar

      Andrea on

      Wait... the girl who does every girl voice in Stick figures other than Stacy and PInk is ASIAN!??????????

    15. Missing avatar

      Sam Stone on

      WAIT...Stacy is an asian :O

    16. Sheryl Vedamani on

      Ed's excitement is so fucking infectious! Give him ALL the monies!

    17. Missing avatar

      Todd on

      Nice! The bleeding edge of modern 2D animation at Six Point Harness Studios. Im totally stealing all your trade secrets and putting up my own Kickstarter to fund my NEW idea, "Penis Bodies The Movie". Anyway, I just hope there's Dickettes in pasties in the movie.

    18. Hubret Kat on

      They are human and need to live,need to eat also!

    19. Hubret Kat on

      of course is their salary!

    20. Lynn Wang on

      And by "by" I meant "to"

    21. Missing avatar

      Noruen on

      Canť wait for Lord Tourette's :)

    22. Lynn Wang on

      Throw in the Official Movie Tea and I'll up my pledge by 9000.

    23. Missing avatar

      Daniel on

      what would be left over from the 250,000

    24. Lindsey Lydecker on

      I just want to see more of that animator's epic beard. Go Duze!!!

    25. Nicole Zalles on

      Awesome! Also, ZELDA SHIRT. YESSSSSS.