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A Dick Figures movie written and directed by Ed Skudder & Zack Keller.
Join Red & Blue on their biggest adventure yet!
A Dick Figures movie written and directed by Ed Skudder & Zack Keller. Join Red & Blue on their biggest adventure yet!
5,616 backers pledged $313,411 to help bring this project to life.

LASERS! ...and some updates...

THANK YOU! We just passed the $50,000 mark! Woohoo! Thanks to everyone for donating to the project and please continue to share it with your friends, families, and the internetz as we really have to keep this pace up if we want to get at least $250,000! The only way to make this movie happen is with your help. OH YEAH! And we have an update video too... CHECK IT OUT!

Here is the information regarding Gift Cards:

You can use MasterCard gift cards to make pledges. They act like a debit/credit card when it’s actually a gift card with a predetermined amount of money. Also, there are no fees associated with this card as long as you use all the money up within a year of purchase. Here’s how to use it for a Kickstarter Pledge.

1. Go to your local grocery store (Vons, Ralphs, Albertsons).

2. Pick up a MasterCard gift card for 25-100 dollars.

3. Follow the instructions on the card to register it online before making your Pledge.

4. Use it on Amazon Payments through Kickstarter to make your pledge as if it was a debit/credit card.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Terry on June 12, 2012

      I would donate every penny of mine if I could.

    2. Ryan Fannon on June 11, 2012

      will any of the money raised from the 5 min preview be used toward the movie?

    3. Dick Figures Creator on June 8, 2012

      It costs us about $200,000 to produce the movie, that's employing about 15 people for 6 months and is dirt cheap compared to most animation. A thirty minute Simpsons episode costs MILLIONS. The extra $50,000 goes towards producing and distributing all the prizes for the fans. We've done lots of math on every little step of production and that is the absolute minimum we need to make the movie. We need your support! However much you can pledge, or even just post it on your Facebook, Twitter, etc to help raise awareness would be truly appreciated!

    4. Nathan Wong on June 8, 2012

      why do you guys need $250,000?

    5. Missing avatar

      Alice on June 8, 2012

      I've told all my friends, posted it on facebook, backed it, now I'll sit back, monitor the progress and wish you guys much luck and many ferraris! XD

    6. Missing avatar

      Thomas Grosvenor on June 8, 2012

      i really hope the money is raised so we can get an amazing movie XD

    7. Wilf Glover on June 7, 2012

      Good luck guys, I've spread it around a bit :)

    8. David A. Harris on June 6, 2012

      So. The voice of Red is wearing a Blue shirt, and the voice of Blue.... Clever!

    9. Missing avatar

      Todd on June 5, 2012

      Hey! Wait a second...

    10. GeorgeOglee on June 5, 2012

      This kickstarter better be successful! :D

    11. Keenspot on June 5, 2012

      The crazy one is like Colin Hanks on acid!

    12. Jean-Michel Bourget on June 5, 2012

      Say thanks to your friend Dave from :)

    13. Lindsey Lydecker on June 5, 2012

      Whoever got you that sweet millennium falcon shirt has good taste..... :D :D :D

    14. Missing avatar

      Andrea on June 5, 2012

      Hahahahahahahahahahha Share it around and move your arms like ED!

    15. Lynn Wang on June 5, 2012

      I want pew pew guns!