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A refreshing blend of Eurostyle flavors for 3 to 8 players.
771 backers pledged $56,052 to help bring this project to life.

The Big Brew

They're coming...

It's just about time. That's right, the Brewples are getting packed up for their big voyage, and that means that it's almost time for VivaJava to head out to backers! We just received word today that VivaJava was officially heading through customs, so that means that - with any luck - the games should reach the Game Salute warehouse within a week and then out to all of you! In the meantime, Cherilyn has been busy producing Brewples as fast as her little monkey hands will allow, and I've been stamping Bean Bags as fast as possible. If you need proof, see below!

We need to make a special note about Brewples: There are a LOT of them, which means that it has taken much more time than we realized in order for Cherilyn to hand-paint them all. In order to make sure that games are not delayed in getting to everyone, Cherilyn has had to prioritize and produce the individual Brewples that will ship to every backer of VivaJava. She is now working on the Brewple sets for all those that ordered, but those will have to go out separately from the main game. We apologize for the delay, but Monkey's attempts at implanting a third arm simply didn't work out, so we appreciate everyone's patience!

And getting back to games, we're not sure exactly how long the games will take in customs, but the safe bet is about a week. As soon as Game Salute has the games fully in hand, we'll be back with all the details and an estimate on delivery.

We're getting close, everybody! And we can't wait until all of you are getting caffeinated with cardboard!

All the best,
Cherilyn & Chris


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    1. Doctor Zaius

      Apparently not, based on the lack of an update...

    2. Walter H. Hunt on

      Echo for Matthew's comment. Are they on the way?

    3. Missing avatar

      Matthew on

      Have you been able to start shipping them yet?

    4. Walter H. Hunt on

      my next convention is the second week in October, so I'm hoping to have it to take to Capclave in Maryland.

    5. J. Brandon Massengill

      Cutting it close for Buckeye Game Fest. Fingers are firmly crossed.

    6. Joshua "Cornbread" Harris on

      Can't wait! What an awesome ride so far!

      Now, just make sure I get a purple brewple. And they WILL all be personally monogramed to each backer right?


    7. Reuven Fischer on

      So Awesome!! Won't be long now!! Can't wait to introduce VivaJava to my game group!!