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A refreshing blend of Eurostyle flavors for 3 to 8 players.
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Shipping News and Coffee to Go

Posted by Dice Hate Me Games (Creator)

Hello everyone!

It's been a few weeks since our last big update, and we have a couple of pieces of news that may be of interest.

First off, we've received word from our manufacturer that they have wrapped up production on VivaJava and hope to have the games packed up and at the port in China by the end of the week. What does that mean for distribution? Well, unfortunately, it means a little bit more waiting. Right now it seems that the games are around two weeks behind schedule for our estimated delivery. We may still make our August delivery estimate, but it's probably safer to say that it will be an early September delivery for the bulk of games.

It's an unfortunate - and all-too-common - fact of the modern board game publishing business that games of this size, with this many components, will face delays. Trust us when we say that we are no happier than all of you are to hear this. We want our coffee just like all of you! But, all things considered, the delay could be far worse, so we're grateful that we'll soon be delivering games that stand up to the quality that we, and you, demand. We'll be sure to keep you all updated as the games hit the open seas, so look for more frequent updates in the coming weeks!

Our second bit of news concerns those of you who pledged for Coffee To Go - you know, the awesome VivaJava totes and mugs that were offered during the campaign. If any of you who pledged for the Coffee To Go packages are going to be at the World Boardgaming Championships in Lancaster, PA from Aug. 2-5 and would like to pick up their excellent swag in person, please contact Cherilyn at and we'll arrange to have it there for you.

And for any of you who are going to be at the WBC during that time, please come by and say hello to us in open gaming! We'll have pre-production copies of VivaJava for you to check out, as well as copies of our next Kickstarter games The Great Heartland Hauling Co., Take the Bait, and Compounded. We'd love to meet you and play some games with you!

Thanks, as always, for your continued support and unwavering patience. We're in the home stretch - and we can't wait for all you to Get Caffeinated!

All the best,
Cherilyn & Chris


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    1. J. Brandon Massengill

      DHMG - Oh, I completely understand. It is more a hope than a grumpy demand sort of thing. I am cool as a cucumber.

    2. Walter H. Hunt on

      Any news? I'm hoping to have a copy to take with me to Chicago Worldcon - leaving for Chicago on August 25.

    3. Dice Hate Me Games 20-time creator on

      Brandon - We'd definitely like to give you that birthday present, but until the boat has landed and everything has cleared customs (which is always unpredictable) we won't know how quickly things will go out. We'll have a better picture in the next couple of weeks.

    4. J. Brandon Massengill

      I'd love to get this in before labor day weekend so that I can A) share it with my family when I vist TN and B) it will be like a birthday present to me.

    5. Dice Hate Me Games 20-time creator on

      Rochelle - We have our fingers crossed that it will get to you in time for PAX, too. As soon as it lands at our distributor, they'll be shipping the games out as quick as they're in the door.

    6. Rochelle Mantanona on

      I will still hope for the August delivery so I can take this game to PAX, but I understand.

    7. Dice Hate Me Games 20-time creator on

      Julia - Thanks! It may be par for the for the course, but it doesn't mean we aren't striving for birdie! We delivered right about on time for Carnival, and we will continue to push for on-time deliveries (and, hopefully, ahead-of-time deliveries) with our future projects. The disheartening side is that it seems to be an industry-wide phenomena. But the upside is that we are constantly investigating more ways to keep our post-production and shipping sides (those parts in which we don't have much control) ahead of the curve. We won't rest until we can meet and exceed delivery times for our products! :)

    8. Julia Gosztyla Ziobro

      Don't worry about the delay... it seems to be par for the course. Very few Kickstarter campaigns deliver on time....