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A refreshing blend of Eurostyle flavors for 3 to 8 players.
A refreshing blend of Eurostyle flavors for 3 to 8 players.
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    1. Dice Hate Me Games 19-time creator on April 23, 2013

      Paul - I'm working on the best forms to use for the information request. You all should see a post in the next couple of days and we'll get the ball rolling.

    2. Missing avatar

      Paul Rubin on April 20, 2013

      Hi Chris,

      Any update? It's been another 2 weeks.

      - Paul

    3. Dice Hate Me Games 19-time creator on April 5, 2013

      Paul - You are right, I should have updated those of you still waiting before now. My sincere apologies. Unfortunately, I think it may be time to pull the plug. I will post an update this weekend with more details and the refund process, and I thank you, and anyone else still waiting, for their infinite patience.

    4. Missing avatar

      Paul Rubin on April 5, 2013

      Hello to anyone still reading these comments - Hopefully it's Chris,

      It's been many weeks with NO update about this situation. Please respond !!!! An update...any update would be appreciated...rather than just sitting and waiting.

      If the Brewples will never get done, I can understand that, and if that's the case, please refund the $18. If Cherilyn thinks she wants to complete them, I can wait if I know they are WIP.

      - Paul

    5. Rochelle Mantanona on February 25, 2013

      Hey thanks. Good to know. I'm really hoping to bring them to PAX East to show to my friends.

    6. Dice Hate Me Games 19-time creator on February 25, 2013

      Checking on that for you today. I'll send you a direct message soon with the information. I'm really sorry for the delay - the Brewples have taken quite a toll on Cherilyn.
      Thanks for your continued patience, Chris

    7. Rochelle Mantanona on February 13, 2013

      Hello again. Looks like Paul and myself are in the same boat. I'm still waiting for the Brewples and Coffee to Go tote bag.

      Can we get an update on that? Thanks.

    8. Missing avatar

      Paul Rubin on January 18, 2013

      May we please get an update? Rochelle and I have asked about our missing Brewples and not received any response. Did they get shipped to us? If so, is there any tracking number we could use to find out what happened to them? Thanks.

    9. Rochelle Mantanona on January 9, 2013

      I'm on the same boat as Paul Rubin. May we please get an update on Brewples and tote bags? I see from the comments others have already received their's. Thank you.

    10. Missing avatar

      Paul Rubin on December 28, 2012

      Status of Brewples shipments? I am still waiting for mine.

    11. Dice Hate Me Games 19-time creator on December 6, 2012

      Our pleasure, Page. Hope you enjoy them!

    12. Page Ogden on December 3, 2012

      Thank you so much for shipping the Brewples to my updated-a-little-bit-late address. You guys are seriously the best.

    13. Dice Hate Me Games 19-time creator on November 26, 2012

      Jay - They're coming, hang tight!

      MightyMeeple - Glad you and the family had a great time over Thanksgiving - we were hoping it would be a great game for the holidays!

    14. MightyMeeple on November 26, 2012

      Mmmmmm....VivaJava tastes great after Thanksgiving meal! Broke out my copy to play with family over the weekend. It was a hit with everyone! We played two games back to back to late into the night. Thanks again to Dice Hate Me Games for an awesome board-game.

    15. Jay Volk
      on November 24, 2012

      Hmmm, other people got their Brewples - now I am looking for mine!

    16. Walter H. Hunt on November 19, 2012

      OK, say it and it happens. My Brewples are arrived and much admired.…

    17. Walter H. Hunt on November 18, 2012

      The game is a big hit in our group. There aren't too many games for which the sweet spot is "6 or more" that aren't party games or hideous psychological experiments (read: Werewolf).

      Still waiting for the Brewples. Any word on when they are due?

    18. Eric Beland on November 17, 2012

      Received the game and other rewards last week (Canada). Looking forward to breaking VivaJava out at one of our game nights. Thanks guys!!!

    19. Missing avatar

      XeonicIce on November 12, 2012

      Have the Brewples gone out to backers yet?

    20. Frederick on November 5, 2012

      Received the game last week, and my "Coffee To Go" arrived today (Belgium) :)
      Are the Brewples being sent separately from the "Coffee To Go" ?

    21. Dice Hate Me Games 19-time creator on October 29, 2012

      Anthony - Glad you got your copy! Let us know what you think once you get to play. As for the mini cards - you can search for "mini euro card sleeves" - the dimensions are roughly 48mm X 68mm for the sleeves.

    22. Anthony Makarzec on October 28, 2012

      Got the game last week, haven't played it yet :(

      Looks amazing! Can't wait to play!

      Just finished punching everything out and I sleeved the big cards but does anyone know what kind of sleeves to buy for the small cards?

    23. Missing avatar

      Philipp on October 28, 2012

      Germany received the game ;-)
      had to pay tax at the customs, but everything fine.

    24. Missing avatar

      Petra de Jong on October 25, 2012

      VivaJava found my home here in the Netherlands yesterday.... looking forward to playing it!

    25. Dice Hate Me Games 19-time creator on October 25, 2012

      Page - Thanks for the breakdown! Looks like out of the Flavor Cards you got an extra Re-Do (use it wisely), and an extra set of the +1pp Half-Caf, +1pp Decaf, +2rp Half-Caf, and +2pp Half-Caf cards from Featured Blends. Feel free to cull those extra cards or keep them in the mix; just bear in mind that the extra Re-Do may slightly increase the likelihood of one team wanting to punch another team in the face. ;)

    26. Chooi
      on October 24, 2012

      Anyone in U.K. got their copy yet? I have not ;(

    27. Page Ogden on October 24, 2012

      Er, sorry, the second list there is for Flavor Cards.

    28. Page Ogden on October 24, 2012

      For Featured Blend cards I received:
      One each of +1rp Regular, +1pp Regular, +2rp Decaf and +2pp Decaf
      Two each of +1pp Half-Caf, +1pp Decaf, +2rp Half-Caf, and +2pp Half-Caf

      For Featured Blends I received at least one of each of the 14 kinds shown in rulebook. The kinds I got two of were Re-Do, Indigenous Find, and +1pp (the card that is slid underneath a Blend Slate).

      Sorry I couldn't take a picture, no camera on me at the moment.

    29. Dice Hate Me Games 19-time creator on October 24, 2012

      Scott - Hopefully your game gets to you soon after your contact with Game Salute. I'm not sure why shipping notifications have been dropped from their protocol.
      Page - Wow, bonus cards! Is there any way you can post a picture of the extra cards, or maybe list what they were? I would be interested to know if anyone else received extra cards.
      James - Thank you so much! We hope you get to play soon. :)

    30. James Cowling on October 23, 2012

      Got my copy yesterday, in the wilds of central BC, Canada. Beautiful, beautiful production. Really quite amazing graphic design, and very generous with the components. I'm looking forward to demoing it at my store soon -- and hopefully seeing it available from my distributors soon, too!

      Well done, folks. I know the game isn't a dud, but it'd be worth it just for the way it looks. Simply beautiful. Thank you.

    31. Page Ogden on October 23, 2012

      Got my copy in the mail today my group has already played it several times. Wonderful game with the best components I've seen in a while! Noticed something though, I received 17 Flavor Cards and 12 Featured Blend cards. Never too much of a good thing, but the rulebook has those numbers listed at 16 and 8, respectively. Was this deliberate? Thanks so much.

    32. Scott Rex Minkoff
      on October 23, 2012

      I am in Maryland and still ahve not received my copy. I used the website to request help to no avail, and have also commented on BGG, and now sent a Geekmail. I did get my CtG (very nice) and brewple order, thanks.

      This is not the first project that Gamesalute failed to send shipping notices for. They really should be held accountable for that oversight.

    33. Dice Hate Me Games 19-time creator on October 22, 2012

      Rochelle - Yep, Coffee to Go and Brewple sets will be shipped out as soon as Cherilyn is able to finish off the brewples. :)
      Landon - It wasn't too long, we read (and loved) it all! So glad you're having fun with the game. Feel free to create your own house rules - if you want to add some more slates for your games, by all means go for it!
      Jay - Hopefully your game will reach you soon. It can sometimes take a long time for packages to be sent to Asia. If you don't have it in a few days, please contact Game Salute at

    34. Jay Lam on October 22, 2012

      When will I receive my copy? I cant wait anymore.
      I live in Asia. How long would that delay???

    35. Missing avatar

      Landon Kryger on October 21, 2012

      My game arrived Friday here in Washington. I couldn't believe how thick the cardboard pieces were, it was really nice. Although it was kind of hard to fit all those goodies back into the box. I was lucky enough to get to play it twice with 2 different sets of friends on Saturday (6 and 7 players). 7 was definitely better because you could have a lot more fun trying to create/sabotage teams. Both games ended from the running out of blend slates. I wish it was just a little bit longer so I had time to blend an extra cup or two (because it's so fun trying to create one) so I may add a few extra slates from the expansion next time. I also looking forward to trying to an 8 player game.

      TL;DNR? This game is awesome and the 11 others I've played with agree.

    36. Rochelle Mantanona on October 19, 2012

      My copy arrived today with the expansion and complimentary Brewple. I also ordered the COFFEE TO GO & BREWPLE set of 8. I assume from reading a previous comment that those will arrive separately? I hope so.

      Anyhoo, I'm already had plans for gaming on Sunday so I'll definitely bring it to that party to break it in!

    37. Eric Handler (@reldnahcire)
      on October 17, 2012

      My copy has arrived at my package handling department(read: stable address) in PA. Now to get it from there to MD....

    38. Robert Edward Thomas Taylor on October 17, 2012

      Arrived today, cant wait to try it out :)

    39. Deborah Schumacher
      on October 17, 2012

      I got my mug and bag, looking forward to getting the game now!

    40. Alan Nanes
      on October 16, 2012

      Received my copy today and it looks great! Thanks guys :)

    41. Missing avatar

      Matthew Mayes on September 27, 2012

      What is going on with this?? Why no update??

    42. Kristina Jones on September 16, 2012

      Is there any way to upgrade my shipping to 2 day if there is a chance that I can get my copy before the 1st weekend of October? We have a large gaming weekend that I wanted to debut this game at then.

    43. Anthony Makarzec on July 13, 2012

      Thanks for the quick response! Very excited for the game, let's get that ship some sails! :D
      I'm hoping to get some non gamers into the game based on the theme. Who doesn't like coffee?!

    44. Dice Hate Me Games 19-time creator on July 12, 2012

      As we mentioned in the last update, at this point in the process the production is out of our hands and up to the printer. We're still waiting to hear that production is complete and the ship has set sail. We will definitely let you know when it does. Keep your fingers crossed! :)

    45. Anthony Makarzec on July 12, 2012

      With an original August release date only a month away, and a month since the last update.

      How are things coming along? :)

    46. Dice Hate Me Games 19-time creator on June 13, 2012

      Sarah- We will have a BIG update within the next couple of days. Things are going well and we're right on track. :)

    47. Sarah on June 13, 2012

      Any update on beans and bags and how things are coming along?

    48. Dice Hate Me Games 19-time creator on April 18, 2012

      Scott - VivaJava has been on BGG since 2011. We also have a link to the BGG page on the front page of this project:

    49. Scott Rex Minkoff
      on April 18, 2012

      Why don't you have this game listed on yet? There is not listing in the database for it. This strikes me as odd.

    50. Dice Hate Me Games 19-time creator on April 7, 2012

      Chris - We'll have a full update on progress when we return from PAX East in the next few days, with some pictures of the box mock-up and some Brewples! Hang tight.

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