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Load up, put the hammer down and get ready to haul some cubes across the Heartland for hard-earned cash!
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Fueled Up and Ready to Roll On!

Posted by Dice Hate Me Games (Creator)

It's been an exciting past few days for us here at Dice Hate Me Games - first getting to meet and play games with so many of you at GenCon and now... Truck Stops for everybody! Thanks to all of you, we just blew past the $15K stretch goal, and now we'll be adding the Truck Stop Inspansion to every box of The Great Heartland Hauling Co!

Some of you have been excited to know what our next big milestone would be since we announced the first one; I know we're excited to announce it. Many of you have speculated via email, on Twitter or in forums, and more than a few of you could sense what was headed our way. That's right, Haulers - we're hoping for Truck Meeples!

If we reach $22,500 by the end of the campaign, we'll be adding four custom Truckeeples (Semeeples?) to every single box of The Great Heartland Hauling Co. These will replace the flat punchboard trucks from the original design and provide an improved play experience. And to account for some feedback during our recent demos, we're going to tweak the player colors a bit so that they stand out from the Fuel, Freight Bill and Location cards. The official truck colors will be blue, orange, white and brown.

To help us reach that next milestone, we still need your help. Share the news of The Great Heartland Hauling Co. wherever you can (Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, Boardgamegeek, carrier pigeon), and tell all your meeple-loving friends about the new component goal. If anyone is on the fence, have them take a look at two of the most recent (p)reviews of Heartland:

- Father Geek takes a look at The Great Heartland Hauling Co. for Parent Geeks, Child Geeks and Gamer Geeks
- Chris Norwood of gives a game night preview of Heartland with some veteran game breakers

Thanks again to all our wonderful backers for all the help and support! We'll leave you with a quote directly from Jason about his experience at GenCon and a few pictures of the fun:

"My short time at GenCon was fantastic this year. Seeing friends, old and new, and getting to share my game with such an enthusiastic bunch of folks was a highlight of my year to be sure. Thanks so much for backing our project and helping to spread the word about The Great Heartland Hauling Co.! If you got to play Heartland Hauling at GenCon, I hope you'll continue to share the project with others and let us (and the rest of the world) know your thoughts about the experience. Thanks again. Y'all made my road trip a great time!"

Jason Kotarski getting ready to haul some cubes at GenCon!

Game designers love The Great Heartland Hauling Co., too - here's Jason Slingerland (bottom left) and AJ Porfirio (top left) fueling up and hitting the road for the first time.

Even Luchadores love Heartland Hauling!

Until next time, happy gaming and keep on trucking!

All the best,
Cherilyn & Chris


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    1. Missing avatar

      David Cassidy on

      Do you think you can make 'em big enough to put the cargo cubes straight in? Like, make square dimples in the top, and the cubes would sit in the dimples.

      I know that means a whole 'nother woodworking step, but it would be pretty cool to actually move the cargo cubes around with your truckeeple.

    2. Jimmy on

      I want my Truckeeples!! I've shared the project already in my network :)

    3. Jeffrey Norman Bourbeau on

      Looks like people were really enjoying the game!

    4. Shawn Kirkham on

      Truck Meeples are a must for this game. Please consider backing the project :-)

    5. Keith Collins

      Not Semeeples, makes me think of some fictitious game I would not want to play.

    6. Julia Gosztyla Ziobro

      Truuuuuuuuuuucks!! Must have. :-)

    7. Missing avatar

      K Mckimpson

      Truckeeples are a must. Those look great.

    8. A.J. Porfirio on

      One of many great moments for me at the Con! If only I would have won!