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An expansion for the popular chemistry board game, Compounded, that adds even more science and fun to the lab – with radioactivity!
2,758 backers pledged $125,531 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Jon Hayward on

      Still haven't gotten my copy and also have not had a response.

    2. Laurent LEROY - LolOlUKe on

      I didn't get anything for now ... An update should be appreciated...

    3. Benjamin Tan on

      I've been waiting for a long time and still haven't received my set - I know you've started shipping to SG because other friends have received theirs. I sent a message to you months back and never got a response. What's going on?

    4. Adrian Leuthold on

      Hi, i see that i am not the only person who didnt receive the expansion. I am from switzerland. Are there any news when we wwill get our games? Thank you very much for responding.

      Greetings Adrian

    5. Fredrik Fregginia on

      In Singapore (South East Asia).....nothing here yet

    6. kaosmagix

      Still nothing here (The Netherlands) and no response to my inquiries either

    7. Missing avatar

      Daniel Caldas on

      I'm also waiting for my copy. I'm in Brazil.

    8. Teerana Paradornuwat on

      This is my 2nd comment

      I am from Thailand. Until now, I still have not received my copy.

      Please let me know what is going on???

    9. Wayne Ong

      I have not received my copy... Singapore here...

    10. Matthias Beboux on

      Where are the Non - US deliverys ? I still havent got anything.
      Please inform us.

    11. Wendy on

      I've been waiting for a long time and still haven't received my set - I know you've started shipping to SG because other friends have received theirs. I sent a message to you months back and never got a response. What's going on?

    12. Missing avatar

      Neo Tiong Cheng on

      It has been two months and I have not received anything, not even a tracking email. Who should i contact?

    13. Jaime Robertson

      Have non-US packages been shipped??

    14. Tobias on

      @DHMG: Have all packages now been shipped? Has everybody got a tracking email? Still nothing received in good old Europe (Switzerland).

    15. Kathy Stenning-Hall on

      Have non-US packages been shipped? Do i have a tracking email somewhere?

    16. Lord Nimon on

      Has anyone else noticed that the two sides of the claim tokens are almost indistinguishable? The regular (not temporary) side is supposed to be darker, but it's very faded.

      Also, why do the claim tokens and scoring tokens have the same symbol on them? I have to flip all four tokens around in order to distinguish them.

    17. Itai Rosenbaum on

      So... did Rest-of-the-World shipments go out? Are we supposed to be getting tracking info?

    18. Dice Hate Me Games 20-time creator on

      @Mark: Send an email to We can get it sorted out.

    19. Mark on

      Sooo, who do we contact for missing parts? I only got three flask markers; the fourth must have gotten punched out in shipping.

    20. Lord Nimon on

      Smart Post uses the USPS for last-mile delivery, so you package could be stuck there.

    21. William Garner on

      Fed Ex Smart Post sucks! The worst delivery system ever. Label was made on the 6th. They sent it on the 9th. It said delivery was to be on the 16th. It arrived in Georgia and stayed there for 3 days! I live in SC. Now it says delivery will be on the 18th. How in Gods name can it take 9 days to go from MO to SC? Is it coming be horse and buggy? I have had this problem before with "Smart Post" They still have to hand it off to the Post office. I know it's cheap to use it but man it sucks to wait for a package. Please never use that crappy system. Just use regular Fed Ex or USPS by them selves it's way faster. 9 Days, stupid.

    22. Bill Randall on

      arrived, received, and TEH AWESOMES!!!!

      thanks for what you do!

    23. JoshDM on

      Just got mine.

    24. Lord Nimon on

      I just got notified of a FedEx package from Greater Than Games. Woohoo!

    25. Arthur Principe on

      Mine arrived over the weekend and I have to say beautiful job. Every piece feels and looks great.

    26. Jeremy Daugherty on

      +Kenneth Stuart. Will we get tracking numbers?

    27. Kenneth Stuart on

      Should I have received a tracking email when my game was shipped or will its arrival at my door be a complete surprise?

    28. Paul Owen on

      Got it, and I am feeling irradiated already! :-)

    29. Dice Hate Me Games 20-time creator on

      Non-EU, Non-Canada shipments will go out starting next week after US shipments have left.

    30. Jared Schulz

      Oh man I hope mine is early in the wave, I have a pick at our game night on Saturday!

    31. Tobias on

      @DHMG: Switzerland is a European Country although it is a non-EU, so when can we expect the games?

    32. Dice Hate Me Games 20-time creator on

      US Games are starting to go out! There are a ton of shipments, so they will go out over the course of the next week. All US shipments will be out by Monday at the latest. After that, we will do non-EU, non-Canada, non-US shipments.

    33. Missing avatar

      Ansley Freeman on

      Sooooo...When should the U.S. expect their games to go out?

    34. Missing avatar

      Alexander Kopeytsev on

      Congratulations to European bakers, but when shipping starts for Rest Of the World?

    35. Bart R on

      @DHMG yes, got it this afternoon, all seems to be in good order. It's a present though, so I won't be seeing what's inside the box for another week :).

    36. Dice Hate Me Games 20-time creator on

      According to our contacts at FedEx, the address will display wrong (with ??) on the label, but be stored correctly electronically for when the various scans happen, and should not affect delivery. Has yours arrived yet?

      I don't know why FedEx can't properly display non-ASCII characters on the labels; it is annoying.

    37. Bart R on

      Just noticed my neighbour signed for it - good man :)

    38. Pieter Syroit on

      Today Fedex brought me this game, no tax or extra costs.

      Greeting from The Netherlands.

    39. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    40. Niels on

      My package just arrived in Germany without any tax or duty issues. :)

    41. Bart R on

      Done, let's see what happens...

    42. Paulo Renato

      @Bart send them a message to see if they can do anything about it

    43. Bart R on

      @Paulo yeah, I should have thought of that, but I only seem to have problems with shipments coming from the USA and I didn't expect this one to be sent from there. I can only hope someone from DHMG reads this and can check the address before it leaves France. If not, at least the package won't go all the way back to the USA this time :)

    44. Paulo Renato

      @Bart I had a problem with a delivery once before (not from KS) because of a character that doesn't exist in English... it's just better to update the address and leave the accentuation out... without the accentuation the address will be displayed correctly without the accent (obviously) but you'll receive it for sure...
      with ?? in it or parts of the address black after the unknown character (that's what happened to me) it's almost impossible for you to receive it... so better be safe than sorry and that the accentuation off

    45. Joseph Edgar Parris

      looking forward to playing the game. I played at BGG con last Nov and loved it. My kids will really enjoy it too. Thanks for all the hard work.

    46. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    47. Niels on

      A bit worried about the FedEx mail as well, but let's see.

    48. Bart R on

      Small question, I hope you can put my mind at rest on this: my street name has an 'è' in it, but on the shipping label, it said ?? instead of that letter. I can imagine there are more backers with accented characters in the delivery address, so did anyone else have this? I don't want to cause any alarm :), but I have already had a package returned to sender because of this.

    49. Paulo Renato

      Thanks Craig :)

    50. Craig McRoberts

      I know I'm not posting from the official creator account, but I can confirm that this is still EU friendly as advertised. If there are any surprises when it actually gets there, please let us know. But unless the address information on the pallets I loaded is wrong, there shouldn't be. :-P