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An expansion for the popular chemistry board game, Compounded, that adds even more science and fun to the lab – with radioactivity!
2,758 backers pledged $125,531 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Robert D. Gray on

      April 8: "We’ll be back before too long with another production update, hopefully with some component samples and then the actual production proof..."

      38 Days later...still nothing. This game was promised for March 2015. You have been out of contact for more than 30 days. Please be respectful and considerate to your backers, you know, the saps that ponied up money for a promised product, and tell us where we stand.

      Or start issuing refunds.

    2. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Barton on

      any update on expected ship date?

    3. nikopol

      I think I get it now: Pb derives from Ra, so in the beginning, there's none!?

      Now I just have to figure out why I can't count the levels correctly.

    4. nikopol

      hate to be the bearer of bad news: I found some typos, I guess...
      First, the distribution of the new elements Po, Ra, Pb is wrong on the work bench expansion (5, 12, 0 instead of 5, 12, 8). Then in the rules (page 6) the decay of Ra states: ... reaches level 2 ... it should be level 3 if the last level is level 4.

      or did I get it wrong?

    5. Lazerus101 on

      Oh golly gosh. I am excited!

    6. J. Hallam-Stephens on

      How come there's no information regarding the Lab Partner cards in the rulebook?

    7. Raging Robot

      looks great, can't wait!

    8. Jason Lees on

      Awesome! That's... not going to fit in my Compounded box, is it? Too much awesome! Good problem to have.

    9. Matt "X-Com" C on

      Looking good! Is there a list anywhere that shows the differences between 1st Edition Compounded and the 2nd Edition?