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An expansion for the popular chemistry board game, Compounded, that adds even more science and fun to the lab – with radioactivity!
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    1. Anthony Constantino on

      It's almost a week later. Do you have an update?

    2. Anthony Constantino on

      An update would be good, but i have to assume the answer is no. Considering you're still dealing with samples and the general turn around time for Chinese companies are about 3-4 weeks (assuming they can fit you in right away), plus the shipping time (another 3-4 weeks). We're more likely to see product late April early May. That's not even taking into account any issues that you might have if your shipping through the west coast.

    3. Dice Hate Me Games 20-time creator on

      @Anthony - I should have a full update tomorrow or Thursday. I have been waiting for the final Polonium samples but the ice storm has halted deliveries. I'll be sure to update more regularly as the Chinese holiday passes and we should be seeing more regular proofs as we advance into proper production.

    4. Anthony Constantino on

      Well. The due date is next month. Are there any updates?

    5. Nina Smith

      I love glow in the dark stuff, carry on :)

    6. Missing avatar

      William Bass on

      When considering color choices for these, please consider the players who have difficulties differentiating colors, if at all possible. I am not one of those people, so I cannot make specific suggestions, but I do play games regularly with at least one player who has trouble distinguishing red and green, and I know there are other varieties of color blindness out there. I know we would *much* rather have the colors readily identifiable to all of the players (or include other cues, like a letter stamped into the crystal faces or something), as opposed to having some of the components glow in the dark, which is essentially useless since nobody is going to be playing the game in the dark. I get it, it's radioactive, it's glowing, and that is good for a chuckle, the first time the components are presented. But then everyone needs to be able to effectively use those components in the course of the game, and the latter should take precedence when making design decisions.

    7. Stumpy Joe on

      That's a very cool gimmick, but I think it's just that. I can't imagine playing this game in the dark, or turning off the lights to brag how they glow in the dark, so I'd vote for whichever ones look best when set next to the already existing elements.

      Short version: What Alan Burgesser said.

    8. Lord Nimon on

      I agree 100% with Alan Burgesser.

    9. Missing avatar

      Alan Burgesser on

      I vote against mix and match. Like some others, I view the glowing as a gimmick. Either have both translucent to match the other pieces, or make them both opaque to differentiate expansion elements.

    10. Dice Hate Me Games 20-time creator on

      @Kenneth - You will be able to tell the difference. The only gems that are of a similar hue are Polonium and Nitrogen. Nitrogen is a rich, dark blue, while Polonium is more of a sky blue. I mentioned that we are going to ask for a slightly lighter Polonium color so that there is even more difference between the two, and you will be able to tell from color value alone.

    11. C3

      Thanks for the update. Honestly, since it is a gimmick I don't really care how well it works. Have fun working it out and I look forward to the xpac.

    12. Stephanie Straw

      I vote (if my opinion has any weight) mix and match the cloudy and opaque ones for the best glow. Both sets look good in natural light.

      Good call on getting the color further from the current Nitrogen gems.

    13. Missing avatar

      Brian Gerdwagen on

      Now I need a blacklight above my table. I guess I could replaced a few of the bulbs with the blacklight CFL's, that way they could glow in the light.

    14. Paul Owen on

      Okay, now I want a dosimeter as a stretch goal, because next thing you know, you're going to discover that *real* radium would be a really cool upgrade ...

    15. Kenneth Stuart on

      This update confused me a bit, so could you please clarify something? Can you confirm all of the gems are going to be sufficiently different in color to be able to tell them apart while playing the game (with the lights on)? I got the impression reading this update that some things might be similar.

    16. Andy & Lorna

      Seeing as we don't intend to play in the dark the glow is of little importance to us and we perfer the semi-transparent as well.

    17. J. Hallam-Stephens on

      Even though the Radium on the right glows a lot brighter, I still prefer the look of the semi-transparent tokens.

      Do you have a photo of each with the base game tokens to compare for colour-blindness?

    18. Kris Dalman on

      I agree a combination of the two showed the best glow in the dark look. I think they are pretty cool and look forward to getting them.

    19. Dice Hate Me Games 20-time creator on

      Oh, TC.

    20. PuppyShogun on

      Now when I pull elements from the bag, I'm just going to hold my hand inside for a minute. If one of them starts burning my finger off with radiation I'll know exactly which one to take.

    21. Dice Hate Me Games 20-time creator on

      @Jamie - Good point on clarifying time lapse. They won't appear this bright to the naked eye, but you can definitely see them glow. They'll also glow inside the bag provide that they are "charged up" before play.

      Yes, it's a gimmick, but it's fun and thematic. We have to consider all stages of the production when making our decision on components. We just want the best of everything to be in the box.

    22. Jamie on

      A couple of things here its a "time lapse photo" - so guys don't think this is how bright they will be - they only look this bright due to the time lapse nature of the shot.

      Considering I'm not going to play in the dark I'm not sure how each set glows should be a deciding factor on selection at all .. it just a gimmick you might roll out once or twice and the fact they glow at all is enough to fulfill that role right? (though It depends if you drop them under the couch a lot I guess)