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A chemistry board game with elements of strategy, social interaction, just a bit of luck - and, oh yeah, explosions.
A chemistry board game with elements of strategy, social interaction, just a bit of luck - and, oh yeah, explosions.
2,836 backers pledged $139,358 to help bring this project to life.

The Science of Stretch Goals!

Hello chemistry lovers!

Well, it has certainly been an amazing weekend for the campaign. We're almost at $30K and it's all happened in a little over four days! We continue to be blown away with all the support and how well you're all sharing the word of Compounded to friends, family and science lovers everywhere.

A few of you have been asking if we'll be announcing some cool stretch rewards and we've been promising to begin the unveil once we were back from Unpub 3. And, so, we're ready to announce the first stretch goal at $35K - an upgrade to the Lab Key Lead Scientist token! The Lab Key is passed from scientist to scientist during the game to signify the Lead Scientist - in other words, the player who gets to do all the cool stuff first during the turn. The Lab Key is also a powerful tool that can be gained when completing certain compounds - when a scientist completes that compound, they immediately take the Lab Key for the next round, skipping the normal passing order. When this happens, there's usually one sly grin and several curses at the table. With this stretch goal, the Lead Scientist can now grab a hefty key and cackle maniacally!

The key will be large and wooden, and we're talking with our manufacturer now to see about screen-printing the Compounded logo on top.

The Lab Key upgrade is only the start to our stretch goals - and it's actually one of the smallest. We're not going to unveil the next goodies we have planned just yet, but we'll leave you with a tease - it involves compounds that are a bit too large to fit on a normal compound card!

Going back to Unpub 3 for a bit, we had a blast meeting quite a few of you at the show. Darrell was able to get in several demos of Compounded, and everyone had a great time and left awesome feedback. One of the attendees - Scott King - showed up to check it all out with his girlfriend Lisa and ended up staying for over 10 hours, and then backing Compounded! He blogged about the experience and shared his thoughts on Compounded and the rest of the show (with amazing photography). Check it out and stay tuned to for more coverage of Unpub tomorrow, as well as a few special interviews on The State of Games podcast coming later this week.

Finally, quite a few of you have asked if you can pledge for multiple copies of the game. Yes, you can! Simply add the base pledge amount to your overall pledge for each copy of the game you want. For instance, if you'd like three copies at the CHEMISTRY 101 level, simply pledge for $126 (that's $42+$42+$42). You can clarify your order of multiple copies in the survey we'll send out shortly before the game is delivered and shipped out to all of you.

Again, thank you all so much for your enthusiasm and support! Keep spreading the word and let's work on bringing Better Gaming Through Chemistry to the masses!

All the best,
Chris, Cherilyn & Darrell


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    1. Christophor Rick & Magnetic Spaghetti on January 25, 2013

      I've worked in several labs over my lifetime, some had keys, some had keypads, one had a fingerprint scanner. But that has nothing to do with it. And attacking me for expressing my narrow-minded Jeremy way to be hypocritical.

      Anyway, the particular point I'm making, in my constructive criticism, is that the original goal was $15K, the first stretch goal was $35K - which is more than double the original goal - and resulted in...a block of wood. A block of wood that was already a piece of the game and simply got a "shiny new coat of paint." That's pretty expensive "paint" if you think about it. I was offering my opinion to help make it more interesting in the long run.

      My suggestion that it "hold certain pieces of the game" was meant that it could be storage and organization, therefore serving two purposes (game mechanic and organized storage) resulting in less packaging. Not that the pieces needed to be passed from player to player. Clearly, you would take the pieces out when you were playing the game.

    2. Missing avatar

      Joseph Kuchar on January 25, 2013

      I came here to post the same thing, actually. I've now been in labs in two universities, and for the most part, people still use keys. It isn't like they're somehow a broken or obsolete technology.

    3. Jeremy Williams on January 24, 2013

      I'm still on the fence whether I want / need this game, it looks really fun! I pledged a dollar just so I could comment here.

      @Chris - There is absolutely no reason why a key can't signify the mechanic in the game. I happen to work in a lab and there are no fancy eye-scanners, fingerprint taker, key card entry only doors anywhere. The only key we use is to lock our fire-cabinet. The key represents who's the boss of the lab at that time, and I think its full of flavor and aptly accomplishes what it needs to!

      I just don't understand what your bad attitude is about? These guys are putting their hard efforts out into the world to try and get support, and you come in here to the comment section of a kickstarter and claim you know what's better? UGH. Can't stand narrow-mindedness. I understand constructive criticism is, but I'm afraid you don't. Please, use your brain a little more before posting in the future...

    4. Dice Hate Me Games 19-time creator on January 24, 2013

      Christophor - What certain pieces of the game would this keypad hold? Why would those pieces be passed around from start player to start player? Why would adding this to the keypad "improve" this over the wooden key? And what would this keypad be made from - plastic? It couldn't be adequately made out of wood - the custom lathing and rotary cuts would be prohibitively expensive, so you're left with injection-molded plastic, an incredibly costly alternative for a start player marker. We're sorry if you feel as though our concept is poor form, but you should know that careful thought goes into every choice we make for our games - and the wooden key is no exception.

    5. Christophor Rick & Magnetic Spaghetti on January 24, 2013

      A Keypad would make more sense, even in the retro 50s and 60s and be more visually interesting I think. It could even be made both aesthetically pleasing and functional in that it could be used to hold certain pieces of the game. To me a wooden key is pretty much just a paperweight, not even a very good one at that. And to put that at $20K over the goal? Poor form.

    6. Steven Ivan Walk on January 24, 2013

      I do have to admit, that is a little weak for a 15k stretch goal :P But I'm sure you guys will make up for it. Congrats on the immediate funding, and I'm looking forward to seeing this produced.

    7. ProfessorPlum on January 23, 2013

      Hemoglobin? Serotonin? Dopamine? Oxytocin? Morphine? Capsaicin? Octonitrocubane? Testosterone? A buckyball?

    8. Dice Hate Me Games 19-time creator on January 23, 2013

      Christophor - Our design aesthetic at Dice Hate Me Games is retro. Imagine that Compounded is set in the 50s or 60s - some of the supplemental material like the rulebook will be reminiscent of old textbooks from that time. Therefore we thought a lab key was far more appropriate and less sterile than a key card.

    9. Christophor Rick & Magnetic Spaghetti on January 22, 2013

      I don't find it amazing at all. A proper, high-tech lab would most likely have some sort of keycard access. The mechanic is fine, but the form factor seems all wrong to me. Just a personal preference, but for a game that's all about science and technology, I would think a more modern version could be created. As far as stretch goals go in general, it's weak.

    10. Dérek Boily aka MrLeRobot on January 22, 2013

      Amazing! The design is scrumptious, as usual!

      For the compound card: my bet on "caffeine" (because I'm pretty sure C8H10N4O2 is too big to fit on a compound card... (VivaJava...!))

    11. Scott King on January 22, 2013

      Uhhh typos. That was an old sentence that was at the bottom of my comment box. It originally said "Also the wooden key sounds great but what I really love is the graphic you guys are using for the stretch goals." It of course got re-written and I missed that bit at the bottom. My bad!

    12. Scott King on January 22, 2013

      Thanks for the shout out! I'm just happy to share such a wonderful experience with as many gamers and non-gamers that I can. Unpub 3 was fantastic and Compounded was one of the most enjoyable games we played.

      I'm also digging the wooden key as well as the graphic you guys are using for the stretch goals. Nice touch! And seriously, I can't wait to get a copy of Compounded in my hands again.

      Also the wooden key sounds great, but

    13. Lynn Iwamoto
      on January 22, 2013

      I hope I can remember some of the basic chemistry I learned in high school and learn more chemistry through the game or by the people beating me. What was going on in the picture above? I can guess. When and where did it take place? I do notice one thing. It is a highly male group. I can maybe make out at least three females with certainty. I didn't say they were female if I can only make out a pony tail. :)

    14. Crash Games
      on January 22, 2013

      I got so hosed in that game! Friends don't let friends use their fire extinguishers to only then burn up themselves! I'll get you Marty!!!

    15. Kevin Kortekaas on January 22, 2013

      Thanks for the update guys!