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A chemistry board game with elements of strategy, social interaction, just a bit of luck - and, oh yeah, explosions.
A chemistry board game with elements of strategy, social interaction, just a bit of luck - and, oh yeah, explosions.
2,836 backers pledged $139,358 to help bring this project to life.

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Expand Your Fun!


Greetings chemistry gamers!

I just wanted to pop in and let you all know that the Geiger Expansion for Compounded is now live on Kickstarter! 

With more compounds, more elements and more ways to interact, the Geiger Expansion can add even more fun to your lab! So if you're enjoying Compounded - and I really hope you are - please consider backing the expansion right over here.

All the best,

Something Radioactive This Way Comes


Psssssst... prep the lab. Things are about to get a bit more volatile. :)


A Little Lab Q&A


Greetings chemistry gamers!

More and more stories have been pouring in of backers receiving, playing and enjoying Compounded, and that couldn't make us happier! Along with the gaming have also come a few questions and comments that I'd like to quickly address in this update.

1) Darrell has uploaded a revised rule book file that updates a couple of things that were mentioned in comments and in the last update. If you're interested, you can download that PDF here. The notable pages that have been corrected are page 5 and page 14, so if you just want to print those out you're good to go.

2) A few of you have been asking some good questions about game situations via email, the comments and on BGG, and we've been logging them. We're currently compiling an FAQ and should be able to make that available this weekend.

3) We've received many, many questions about those extra punchboard tokens that don't seem to have anything to do with the game - you know, the ones with The Great Heartland Hauling Co., Belle of the Ball and other Dice Hate Me Games titles. The answer is that we just had extra space on the punchboard so we thought it would be fun to throw in some lagniappe and see if anyone came up with something fun. A few of you have tossed around the idea of making a mini-game with them and we think that would be awesome. If anyone else tries their hand at it, let us know what you come up with! Might I suggest a dexterity game...

4) A few of you who ordered multiple copies have only received a single copy, and for that we are very sorry. We have contacted Game Salute to find out what went wrong - in the meantime, if you ordered multiples and received less than your order, please contact and let them know.

5) Finally, as many of you may already know, this week is National Chemistry Week! For all of you who have received your games, we hope you take the chance to share Compounded with people in your community so that they too can learn Better Gaming Through Chemistry. If you get a chance to play at any NCW functions, please let us know. And for everyone who is enjoying their games, please take a moment to rate Compounded on Boardgamegeek - we'd greatly appreciate it!

That's it for now. We'll be back soon with the FAQ and more news from around the lab. Until then, happy gaming!

All the best,
Chris & Darrell

Sometimes Science Isn't Perfect!


Greetings chemistry gamers!

It seems like more and more of you are finding chemical packages on your doorstep and that's a very good thing! A not-so-good thing is that we're learning there's a mistake in the rulebook regarding setting up the Lab - more specifically, creating the Compound Deck. We want all of you to be able to play quickly and correctly, so to avoid confusion this is how the top of Page 5 should read:

We caught the mistake after the hard proofs stage of production and thought we had submitted a correction, but the previous version was inadvertently used. We're sorry about that! Everything else seems to be pretty solid, but if anyone has any questions as they're trying out the game, let us know. We'll also be compiling an FAQ to post on BGG and soon.

As more and more of you get your games, some of you may find that you're missing a couple of bits. We certainly hope that it's a rare instance, but even the best manufacturers can make a few mistakes. If you do happen to be missing anything, please email, let them know what you need and provide your mailing address. They'll get missing bits out to you as soon as possible.

We hope you all enjoy playing Compounded! We couldn't be more thrilled that it's finally getting into your hands and bringing joy to your tables.

All the best,
Chris & Darrell



Greetings chemistry gamers,

As most of you have no doubt seen by now, copies of Compounded are now making their way out the warehouse door and around the world to all of you wonderful people! We'd like to thank all of you for your continued patience - and now it's just about time for that patience to pay off!

We'd like to also thank Game Salute for their tireless efforts in getting Compounded sorted, packed and sent out as soon as they possibly could. It takes a lot of manpower to package up over 2,800 orders - heck, even the spreadsheet I sent them crashed the system! Here's a little peek behind the scenes.

Ever wondered what 2,800 packages of Compounded looks like? Well, this "tiny" stack is only a very, very small fraction of the total packages that have been going out this week!

Here's a look at part of the assembly line at the warehouse. Those games look so pretty!

In addition to Game Salute, designer Darrell Louder has also been busy, signing copies and making sure all the packages for the upper tier games are ready to go. For all of you who backed at the CHEMISTRY TUTORING or COMPOUNDED COLLECTOR levels, you will not be receiving a shipping notice like the other backers. That's because we're sending these out differently than the other packages. Darrell will have those in the mail for you all tomorrow, and he'll be personally contacting all the TUTORING level backers by email within the next few days.

Here's Darrell signing away. He's one happy designer!

I think that about wraps it up for now. We hope you all have your games soon! Please let us know what you think of the game once you've played, rate it on BGG if you get a chance, and don't forget to spread the word to others you feel might want to revel in the science! Thank you and happy gaming!

All the best,
Chris & Darrell