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The Belle's Favor? A 5th Player!

Posted by Dice Hate Me Games (Creator)
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Greetings party gamers!

Wow... 15 days down, 15 to go, and already you all have propelled us past $40K and the third stretch goal! Unbelieveable. Just look at that marvelous funding chart.

Well, I guess it's time for another stretch goal. This one is a tad smaller than the last, component-wise, but definitely not in scope. If we pass $48K before the end of the campaign, we'll add two more features to Belle of the Ball: A special Belle's Favor variant card and more scoring discs to allow players to play the "Epic" variant and add a 5th player while playing in "Classic" mode!

The Belle's Favor card (an early draft shown above) is a special variant that can be added into the mix. The card is first given to the player who takes the last turn at the start of any game. That player can play The Belle's Favor at the start of her turn to take any Belle card in the line without paying a Regret, replacing that Belle card with The Belle's Favor and then playing the Belle card immediately instead of having to wait a turn. The Belle's Favor card remains in the line and can be scooped up by another player - or even the last player to play The Belle's Favor if they're lucky!

In addition to The Belle's Favor card, we're also adding more scoring tokens to the game. The base game contains eight total scoring tokens - two each of four different colors. One token is used on the scoring track, and the other is used to note player color in the base game or track movement on the County Pride inspansion cards when used. If we pass this stretch goal we'll make sure that each player has three tokens each. One token will still be used for the scoring track, but now players can use the two additional tokens to play Belle in "Epic" mode for the really gonzo players - using one side of a County Pride card for endgame scoring, and the opposite side of another County Pride card for a county's special ability.

We'll also throw in three more tokens in a fifth color so that a fifth player can join the party! Although the base game with the dual guest and Belle card lineups will remain four players (it plays best when only maxed out at four), five players can play Belle using the "Classic" set-up for the game. In this configuration, all Guests and Belle cards are shuffled into one stack and there is only one invite line with a mix of Guests and Belle cards.

The addition of this stretch goal will give Belle of the Ball a ton of variety and replayability, continuing the tradition of the other titles in this campaign - Carnival and The Great Heartland Hauling Co. We want to thank you all for bringing us this far and there's still plenty of party left!

All the best,
Chris & Daniel


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    1. Paul Owen on

      "Unfinished," as in "not yet having completed finishing school." See, it's thematic. (So much better than calling it "nude," which would be inappropriate for this kind of ball.)

    2. Dice Hate Me Games 20-time creator on

      It's greenish yellow - you know, unripened corn!

    3. Chris Norwood on

      Yellow in Great Heartland? Oh, you mean green...


    4. Dice Hate Me Games 20-time creator on

      Yeah, because unfinished wood is pretty! Also, we know how these colors turn out since they're manufactured from the same company as The Great Heartland Hauling Co. We like to steer clear of yellow if we can help it.

    5. Elisabeth on

      Because unfinished wood is pretty! ^^

    6. MRCollier

      just a curious question, why an unfinished wood color instead of say yellow