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It's the eve of Carnivale on the Victorian isle of Ludobel, and you're invited! Do you have what it takes to throw the perfect party?
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County Pride!

Posted by Dice Hate Me Games (Creator)
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Greetings gaming guests!

$30K! Woohoo! Now that we've reached that milestone we'll be able to include the Grifters stretch goal cards with each copy of Belle of the Ball. Thank you all so much for helping to spread the word and make that happen.

Of course, now it's time to announce the next Belle stretch goal - and it's a great one. If we're able to reach $40,000 in pledges, we'll include the County Pride variant card "inspansion" - a set of 12 double-sided cards representing the 12 counties of Ludobel that introduce variable player powers and advanced ways to score! 

In the base County Pride variant, each player chooses to represent one of the 12 counties and takes the corresponding card. One side of a County Pride card can be used to track how many guests of a particular county you have managed to invite and score during the game. Each time you score one of those guests, you move your scoring token one space to the right on the card. The more guests from that county you invite and score, the larger your end-game score will be! You can see an example of this with the first Indigum card on the left in the example above. 

The other side of a County Pride card contains a special ability that is unique to that specific county. Each county in Ludobel has its own interesting history, culture and specialties, and this is reflected in that county's abilities. In the sample above, you can get a taste of the abilities for Indigum, Egg, and Krinkle. It's up to the player to decide when the ability may be most advantageous to use, as each time they use an ability they must sacrifice some endgame points!

We'll be showcasing all 12 County Pride cards over the next few days as we provide a little backstory on each county. Stay tuned for more on this stretch goal and some more advanced scoring variants. Thank you all for making this the best party ever!

All the best,
Chris & Daniel


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    1. Ahmad Lokman Ishak on

      Or what if the 30K stretch goal that gives us 12 double sided cards be changed to one sided cards, so the guest tracker and the special ability would be on two cards, not both on one cards. Then another stretch goal for having different artwork for guest tracker and special ability card.

    2. Adam Voss on

      I note the Indigum card in the top right mentions a "bribe." What I thought I gathered from some of the videos is that Regrets used to be called bribes. If that understanding is correct that would mean the card just has not been updated yet. I figured you would find it eventually but wanted to point it out just in case.