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It's the eve of Carnivale on the Victorian isle of Ludobel, and you're invited! Do you have what it takes to throw the perfect party?
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Party Crashers!

Posted by Dice Hate Me Games (Creator)
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Greetings gaming guests! Well, you all did it! Early this morning, we passed the funding goal for Belle of the Ball, so now we can not only print Belle, but also reprint Carnival and The Great Heartland Hauling Co.

It's been a great party so far - everyone's been enthusiastic and cordial, nothing's been broken, and we still have plenty of snacks to go around before it's all over. Of course, to ensure that we keep this party in a lively spirit, it's time to talk about stretch goals! 

Many of you out there have been supporting Dice Hate Me Games for awhile, so you know how we like to roll out stretch goals - a couple at a time, with a tease to more. For our first big stretch goal, we're adding some extra special guests to our party… who weren't exactly invited! If we reach $30,000 in pledges, we'll add in the secret 13th group of guests - the Grifters! These party crashers don't have an allegiance to any particular county in Ludobel, preferring instead to wander about from town to town, looking for a good party to liven up with their particular brand of mischief. 

When a player invites one of the Grifters from the line, they can choose to either take the Grifter into a group within their own party, scoring three points automatically whenever that group scores, or persuade them to shuffle over to someone else's party where they spend time distracting a group, essentially taking up another guest's spot and scoring nothing when the group scores. Players may typically choose to invite these rather popular guests into their own parties to score guaranteed points. However, causing mischief - and closing off scoring opportunities - for another player can have its distinct advantages, especially when certain Belle cards are in play. 

We have some more surprises for Belle in store, including a big addition to the game, if funding remains healthy and we get close to this goal. 

 Since this campaign also gives some the opportunity to pledge for Carnival and The Great Heartland Hauling Co., we wanted to be able to make their special expansions available with a pledge. If we're able to reach $35,000 in pledges, every copy of Carnival will come with the Sideshow expansion and every copy of The Great Heartland Hauling Co. will come with The Badlands 5th player expansion. 

Thanks so much for everyone's continued support and incredible enthusiasm! You've all made this yet another wonderful Kickstarter campaign and we're so glad you're here for the big party. We'll be back soon with more updates, including some backstory on the counties and peoples of Ludobel. Until then, happy gaming! 

All the best,
Chris & Daniel


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    1. Dice Hate Me Games 20-time creator on

      Jesse - Wow, I haven't seen that movie in FOREVER!

    2. Jesse Pudewell on

      Since no one seemed to catch my reference, here's a link!…

    3. Diazaburo on

      I would also love to get my hands on expansions only since I own the games already!

    4. Missing avatar

      Nate Hendon

      I'm also interested in separate expansions - Heartland is a favorite at our house and hits the table almost every game night. Recently got Carnival and we've been enjoying that as well. Keep up the great work!

    5. Dice Hate Me Games 20-time creator on

      Jesse - Indeed I do. :)

    6. Missing avatar

      Kari Herrington on

      I also vote for getting the expansions separately, since I already own Heartland

    7. Alan Hyde

      Add me to the list of folks that already own Carnival and would love to add its expansion as an add-on. Looking forward to Belle!!

    8. Paul Owen on

      Oh, and how the heck do you pronounce "Quixotica"?

    9. cfriend on

      @pdowen3 - that's my color preference, too. Everyone else can fight over their reds and blues.

    10. cfriend on

      @Tom - All of the guests have silly names.

    11. Paul Owen on

      Absolutely must have that purple 18wheeple - guaranteed to be able to get my wife to play if she gets to be purple

    12. Jesse Pudewell on

      The Dragon of the Flagon - does he know the brew that is true and does he sometimes drink from a vessel with a pestle?

    13. Missing avatar

      Anna K. on

      Same as David and Sam - I'd really like to be able to get the Heartland expansion separately.

    14. Tom Hoefle

      Why those silly names - did i miss something?

    15. Missing avatar

      BestMattEver on

      I would never give him away.

    16. Missing avatar

      BestMattEver on

      hahahaha! Manburgerhead Headburgerman? Literally the best name ever.

    17. Dice Hate Me Games 20-time creator on

      David and Sam - I'll definitely take it into consideration and let you know in a couple of days. We're always hesitant to do add-ons since they're a logistical nightmare, but they're small so they may be worth offering.

    18. Sam on

      I have the same question as David, but for both expansions. I own (and love!) Carnival and Great Heartland Hauling Co., but I'd really like to add their expansions

    19. Missing avatar

      David W. Morris on

      Any chance of just getting the Sideshow Expansion as an add on by itself? I bought my copy of Carnival from my FLGS since I missed the original kickstarter campaign.