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It's the eve of Carnivale on the Victorian isle of Ludobel, and you're invited! Do you have what it takes to throw the perfect party?
It's the eve of Carnivale on the Victorian isle of Ludobel, and you're invited! Do you have what it takes to throw the perfect party?
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    1. Missing avatar

      Vanessa Pantarotto on

      I did not get the game ... I paid ... but was not sent or misplaced ... and do not give a damn for those who did pledged.

    2. Missing avatar

      Vanessa Pantarotto on

      Started shipments of the game? I have not received any information that the current positioning my package, then I start getting worried?

    3. Dice Hate Me Games 19-time creator on

      Anyone who has not received their copy of Belle yet should contact

    4. Luis Francisco Baroni Coutinho

      Still no idea about my game :(

    5. Missing avatar

      Wiwa Tham on

      I haven't received my game yet.

    6. Buttertart Books on

      I too received Carnival instead of TGHHC which I pledged for. Glad to hear that they're rectifying the situation. Did you have to send the copy of Carnival back?

      Belle of the Ball is a great game by the way. Played it with my wife and she really enjoyed it.

    7. Vasili Melekh on

      I got mine at past weekend(Minsk, Belarus).
      Quick delivery, nice little box, beautiful cards. Can't wait try it with my friends!
      Thanks for the game!

    8. Missing avatar

      Addalie Bolyard on

      I haven't received my game yet. Where is it?

    9. Leo Lalande on

      I'm quite pleased to report that I received my copy of TGHHC today. It only took 2 weeks from the time I reported that I had been sent the wrong game and the time I received the correct one. Very happy. :)

    10. Missing avatar

      Sam Sensing on

      I got mine in the mail a couple of weeks ago, and it's a nifty little game. Played it with a buddy who likes games and she liked it too. Thanks for a great game!

    11. Tom Davey on

      Got through a game of TGHHC last night, pretty neat little game!!

    12. Nate the Great on

      Got mine in Germany! The box for Belle was ever so slightly dented on one edge, but other than that, everything looks great! Really can't wait to start playing! :D

    13. Dice Hate Me Games 19-time creator on

      Glynis - Also, I don't see a KS email from you in our inbox, at least that I can see in the past few days. Did you send us one through here?

    14. Dice Hate Me Games 19-time creator on

      Glynis - I'm still sorting through message from this week - we've been swamped. Sorry about that. If you or anyone else has a problem with their order, please contact and let them know. They will sort it out for you.

    15. Bee on

      Got it in southern Germany. Thanks guys.

    16. Glynis on

      I also am waiting for Heartland, instead of Carnival. Would sure like a response.

    17. Dagda

      Got my game in Germany yesterday. What a nice little surprise to see the envelope leaning at my door. :D

    18. Tom Davey on

      Turned up today!! All boxes are good, and games look good!! The expansion for TGHHC....or whatever those couple of cards that came separate were, however came quite bent, trying to straighten them out hopefully all goes well.

    19. Missing avatar


      @npole> That's because they use a Mail Injection service, the tracking number you got shows the huge pallet containing all the orders for the EU. Once in Newark, they are split in smaller packages and sent to the EU, but we don't have tracking on it.
      Anyway, I got my Belle of the Ball & Heartland games today - in Belgium, together with the Carnival and Badlands expansion. The cards have an amazing quality, and I can't wait to play those games.

    20. Missing avatar


      From the last information on shipment the package was delivered in Newark NJ last 08/09, but I live in Italy!!! Still waiting!!!

    21. Tom Davey on

      Anyone in Australia received this yet??

    22. Missing avatar

      Moritz Lo

      Belle received without add-on. Wonder what happened.

    23. Missing avatar

      Gary Jackson

      Arrived in New Zealand today - All games in good nick!


    24. Missing avatar

      Ann-Sofie Åkerlund on

      I received my game today here in Sweden, looks great! looking forward to playing the first game :D

    25. Missing avatar

      Haotian Wang on

      I'm from germany and still have not recieved my copy of the game :( Who may I contact?

    26. joel on

      I've also received my package in TW today, but it doesn't include my add-ons.

    27. Fraser Grant on

      My copy arrived here in Windsor -UK! Very excited to try it out. Were the expansions for Heartland and carnival supposed to be included with them, because mine weren't.

    28. Missing avatar

      Clwe on

      I think I've got my package in the UK too (not 100% sure though - will have to wait until I get home). If so, it's perfect timing for tomorrow evening's games club :)

    29. Missing avatar

      stephen mould on

      Thought this was a bigger box game I have on order due to the amusingly oversized box but both belle and heartland recieved here in the UK. some slight damage to the belle box but nothing serious. Thanks guys!

    30. Both Sides of My Table on

      Belle & Carnival arrived safely in UK...a huge box for two small card games tho'...never mind , now to get them to the table!

    31. Carlita Harbidge on

      I also got Carnival instead of Heartland.

    32. Brian Fried

      Mine arrived in Canada today. Thank you!

    33. Leo Lalande on

      Fortunately, my copy of Belle of the Ball was present. :)

    34. Leo Lalande on

      I got my shipment from Game Salute today. I was sent Carnival and its expansion instead of The Great Heartland Hauling Company and the Badlands expansion. I've submitted a ticket using Game Salute's Missing/Damaged parts form; hopefully it won't take too long for them to send out the missing game.

    35. Pierre Roof on

      Well, Belle has arrived in Toronto. Interesting itinerary she had: Shanghai - Los Angeles - Londonderry, NH - Memphis, TN - Newark, NJ - Malmo, Sweden - Toronto. She should have some interesting stories to tell at the upcoming parties this weekend!

    36. Missing avatar

      Clwe on

      @James - Same as all the international packages I reckon (i.e. anyone outside the US). I'm in the UK and my tracking stopped in the exact same place. It will get delievered (A recent KS I got from Gale Salute followed this exact pattern), but that's as far as the tracking will go. Pretty much useless for us, I know...

      The parcels are being sent the rest of the way by standard international mail - that is to say, not tracked and not very quick either. For me, it means a 1-2 week wait on average. I dont know about US to Canada though - I'd look up your standard (untracked) international delivery times and use that as a guideline.

    37. Missing avatar

      James Dillane

      Like Naked Meeple I am a Canadian backer who hasn't seen any news about my package since it arrived in Newark. Is there any news or explanation of what is happening with the Canadian copies?

    38. Nick Desimone on

      Played it with my wife. Just played the basic game and we had fun, but I am looking forward to the advanced game and more players. Great game, tho. =)

    39. Karl Schmidt

      Belle of the Ball was a big hit with my gaming friends last night

    40. Missing avatar

      Alexander Kopeytsev on

      @Naked Meeple
      Just curious as you are. I'm in Russia so this should be a bit longer journey and unpredictable customs part. Feeling awkward about this bulk pack track.

    41. Missing avatar

      John Breckenridge

      Got my copy of the Best Party Ever today, just on time for my mother's birthday tomorrow.

    42. Missing avatar

      Tom Herman on

      Who is the best person to contact regarding an issue with my order?

    43. Naked Meeple on

      Hi Canadian backers! So I was sent a tracking # from Game Salute that tracked 4 packages weighing in at 162 lbs and bound for Newark (the Fedex depot), where they were delivered on Thursday last week. Since then, that tracking number hasn't really done me any good, but I suspect they've since been spending time going through customs... I hope to get my copy this week.

    44. Missing avatar

      Clwe on

      @Giles - I think you're going to need a more durable table :-P Seriously though, there's nothing to worry about. The same thing happened with another KS Game Salute sent to me recently.
      My parcel (err, pallet/batch) has just been 'delivered' to some bloke at a US mail centre, where it'll get separated and then sent across the ocean. Unfortunately though, that's it for the tracking - time to cross fingers and wait impatiently for the next several days...

    45. Both Sides of My Table on

      @Clwe I hope the package separated from a pallet/batch before reaching the UK because at the moment my tracking info claims my game is 136kg/300lbs....which is one heavy card game if it's on its own

    46. Erik Niells on

      My group loved it, and are wondering where they can get copies... will you be selling any to those unlucky ones who missed the boat?

    47. Raymond Barajas on

      I just got my copy yesterday. We have played a few games and it's gotten a outstanding reception. Even my wife decided it was a good buy (she usually frowns on my gaming purchases).

    48. Brian Fried

      @Clwe: I figured they're going to a place where it's split — my issue is getting it across the border. We only have three mail centres that handle imports… and it takes a week to get packages through them. :-P

    49. Erik Niells on

      Well, I've got my "try it out" party scheduled for tomorrow. We gonna be fancy in person and in the card game. Having read the rules, I'm really looking forward to a full play of the final product.

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