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An open-source tool that allows anyone to design and build their own furniture, as well as share these within an online community.
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SketchChair Beta is out, freely available, and open-source!

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SketchChair Beta is out in the wild!  We're really excited to see it publicly available and in the hands of makers everywhere! Many of you have been experimenting and tinkering with SketchChair, some of you have built your own prototypes, and a few of you have even held SketchChair workshops!

A recent design by @malberto from a SketchChair workshop held by Bilbao Makers

Anybody can sign up at to download the public beta and start creating their own designs! You can also share your creations in the online design library, where there are already a number of designs available for download to be modified or fabricated.

You can sign up and download SketchChair Beta here >

Check out the design library here >

If you would like to have a look at the inner workings of SketchChair, the Beta source code is also now available.

Access the SketchChair Code Repository on GitHub >

This is final update to the SketchChair Kickstarter page for now. For future updates please sign up to the SketchChair mailing list >

Do you want to support more locally produced CNC furniture? You might like to take a look at another awesome Kickstarter project, sharing a lot of values with SketchChair: "This Stool Rocks". Built by London based designer and entrepreneur James Mcbennet, is an online platform that allows designers to easily fabricate and distribute and their own CNC furniture creations. Check it out and support the campaign!

Thank you to everyone who has supported, and continues to support SketchChair! It is this amazing community that has gotten behind the project that has brought it to life!


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Diatom Studio

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    1. Creator Dennis Humphrey on April 4, 2013

      This version has never worked for me. There are many posts to your forum that this only opens and closes. You state it is an opengl issue but we have updated and it still doesn't work. I have an earlier version that I can do some designing with, but your beta is really, really beta. I'm sure it works for certain operating systems, but not for me. Please address this issue.