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An open-source tool that allows anyone to design and build their own furniture, as well as share these within an online community.
An open-source tool that allows anyone to design and build their own furniture, as well as share these within an online community.
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584 backers pledged $31,475 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Nader Assemi on

      I am participating at the $300 level and was wondering if that qualifies me as a collaborator. I would love to start tinkering with the program.

    2. TimelessPens on

      Do we need to do anything or will Amazon reprocess the pledges automatically?

    3. Missing avatar

      Mark Abraham on

      Hey guys, hope you've sorted things out with Amazon, any word on when we get some software to play with? Beta is fine with me! Good Luck ~ mark429

    4. Missing avatar

      Eduardo Acklas on

      I was refunded to. Is there another way to pay for my pledge, I would be glad to, maybe my Visa?

    5. Mark Guidarelli on

      I got an email regarding a refund as well.

    6. Missing avatar

      NerdKraft on

      I just got a refund with the amazon comment of "Refunding Kickstarter project funds of international creator -"

      I am in the US. Is the issue that you are in the UK?

    7. Missing avatar

      Donna Hawk on

      I'm fourth in a refund and don't know why.

      I know there were problems with the software and some of us were getting a little white box o doom...but I figured I'd be patient and see what they worked out. That's what this was all about after all!

    8. Mistiny Burdeinei on

      Me three. I also received a refund.

    9. Ressie Fry on

      Why did I get a refund??

    10. Missing avatar

      mpechner on

      Why did I get a refund?

    11. Diatom Creator on

      Hey guys, thanks so much for the support! The login's have been sent out to all our collaborators, so you should access to the downloads now!

    12. Dovetail Technology on

      Just wondering when we are going to see the software. Any idea when we are going to get access to it? Really want to get playing.

    13. Richard Garsthagen on

      Yeah, waiting for beta software :-) my cnc can't wait to print me a chair :-) Really looking forward designing some wicked chairs.

    14. TimelessPens on


      Any update when the program will be available for download?

    15. Missing avatar

      Greg Militello on

      Its already a great product, I can't wait to see what you guys do with it.

    16. steven outland on

      Wow! what a finish and a jump start for your project. Thank you for allowing me to share in your journey and excitment. thanks for sharing

    17. FurnLab on

      I'm really excited fo you guys. Can't wait to see how things shape up. Congratulations!

    18. Missing avatar

      Paul Clement on

      Amazing. I can't wait until I can get my students' hands on this! They will learn so much.
      Thanks for your high quality idea and supporting work.

    19. Ressie Fry on

      1 hour to go!! Wow you guys rock!!

    20. steven outland on

      Wow! seeing all the support is super. And you guys have done good keeping us updated and working throught the early kickstarter flub. This shows all believe the project is sure to be a Great one. Looking forward to seeing the design tank fill up by creative collaborators. I am on the edge of my Chair ( SketchChair) to see the finish. Wow! way to go guys

    21. Diatom Creator on

      Hi Donna. To pledge for an additional chair for your friend. You will need to increase your existing pledge to the correct amount for both pledges, then send us a message or email with your friends reward choice and address. We'll make sure that we send the additional chair to your friend. Thank you for the support!

    22. Missing avatar

      Donna Hawk on

      I want to pledge for a friend who doesn't have a credit card. How do I make sure it's in her name but I pay for it?

    23. Diatom Creator on

      Thanks guys! Jacob - the antler chair design will be freely available on to our collaborators on, then will be available for anyone to download once SketchChair has been publicly released.

      Scott - If you would like more than one pledge reward, just pledge the correct total amount and send us a message, we will make sure you get all your rewards!

    24. Jacob Rosenthal on

      Are you releasing/selling the antler or other design files?

      Great project!

    25. Lucas E Szymanowski on

      Just wanted to say that this is probably the most exciting project I have seen. This really does open the idea to OPEN SOURCE furniture. I can say that we're going to be using a ton of sketchChair furniture in our Brewery, and Im making one for the day job as well!

    26. Scott Hickey on

      Hi guys - so excited about seeing this come to life.
      Question has sort of been asked before: is it possible to request multiple Reward Selections with the same KickStarter account? I am already a collaborator, but want the Antler Chair as well and the minis!! Hell - I want them all :o)

    27. Diatom Creator on

      Hi Donna, thanks for your question. A few days after the campaign finishes we'll be contacting collaborators with a username and password to login to the collaborator space. This is where you will have access to the latest version of SketchChair and other collaborator features.

    28. Missing avatar

      Donna Hawk on

      Can you give us some idea of how the collaborators will be notified and able to access the software when the project funds next week?

      So exciting!

    29. TimelessPens on

      What format will be used for the exporting? Any chance there will be a way to export to DFX for editing in other programs? (IE: export the cut paths to a DFX so we can import into another cnc program like vcarve/aspire for further editing.. kids chair, be able to add a name in aspire, etc) Thanks!

    30. Diatom Creator on

      Hi Simone, thanks for your question. Our pledge rewards are not accumulative, so early access to the software is only available to those who opt to be collaborators with the $20 pledge reward. Phil, our collaborators will also become early members of the online community, which will launch shortly after the campaign finishes. Once the public release of SketchChair is finished, the community will also go public and anybody will be able to sign up.

      Emily, yes definately! Services like TechShop will be a great resource for SketchChair users, and we hope that we will be able to build connections with these within the SketchChair community.

      Alejandro, thank you for your interest in a personalised SketchChair collaboration, but unfortunately we do not have the resources to offer any more of these for the time being. We hope that we might be able to offer some more of these in the future, so keep an eye on for news about this.

    31. Missing avatar

      Alejandro on

      You can open another commitment of over $ 1.000

    32. Simone D. on

      Hi, I really like your project!
      I have a small question, if I pledge 25$ I will get a miniature and also I will able to try your software? Or I must to pledge 20$ to try the software?

      Thanks a lot!

    33. Emily Winston on

      Do you know about TechShop in the States? It's like a gym membership for stuff like laser cutters and shopbots. Perfect fit!

    34. Missing avatar

      Phil Hanson on

      Perhaps determine the overall cost in time and effort to port it to iOS, the create a another campaign since this one was successful. I'd contribute again for that--I'm sure most iPad owners who supported this would as well.

      Now ... where is the SketchChair online community, hehe. Is this being created after the campaign?

    35. Diatom Creator on

      Hello Phil, excited to have you on board!
      Thanks for the suggestion, we have considered putting SketchChair on the iPad, in exhibitions we've displayed the software on a Wacom Cintiq and on other touch screens and this works great! however since the software is written in Java it's more likely that you will see SketchChair on a Android tablet before the iPad.

      Hi Nick and Valya thank you for your words of support, can't wait to get the software out to you two.

      Valya, thank you for the nice comments!

    36. Nick Masso on

      I need the funding process to finish so I can get my spiffy SketchChair software! :-) Can't wait!

    37. Missing avatar

      Phil Hanson on

      Say hello to your newest backer, though you reached your goal already. This is such an outstanding idea, I'm glad to be a part of it. It seems as if the program in your mock-ups is Mac. That works for me but have you considered an iPad app. I think something like this would be ideally suited for a touch based interface. I'd be willing to beta it. Anyway great project, good luck in all things. I plan on joining your online community shortly.

    38. Valya on

      I'm excited to be a backer on this project, and very excited to see you've already exceeded your goal.

      As this project begins to flesh out, I see potential in ultimately customizable "chairing"/"furnituring" for craftsmen, artists, people with disabilities,and more, in the ability to make exact body shape and form "furnituring," even for a given situational use or area.

      This is a perfect example of how using innovative technologies, visionary thinking, and leadership skills take a flagship idea into quick, sensitive, and sensible action.

    39. Diatom Creator on

      Hi Aaron, sorry but we are offering the SketchChair miniatures and the option of becoming a collaborator seperately. However, collaborators will also have access to the patterns for the miniatures, allowing them to cut their own if they like.

    40. Diatom Creator on

      Hey everybody thanks for the complements! Great idea with the kinect Jim, we knew right away that SketchChair would be very suited to this. We have focussed on making a tool that is accessible to anybody, and so have avoided making a kinect specific tool, but we hope to look at this in the future!

      Rina, thanks for the feedback. In an earlier version of sketchChair we were doing some structural testing which would allow for testing different user weights in the program. This has been taken out for the time being as it was a little cumbersome but we hope to put it back in later. SketchChairs can already quite robust in ply, but it would be possible to easily make it stronger by using thicker ply or stronger materials. We realise that SketchChair could be a great tool for providing specialised chairs and stronger/larger than normal chairs would be a good example of this!

    41. Missing avatar

      JK on

      have you considered body scanning with kinects for better testing of the body in the chair?

    42. Damjan on


    43. Missing avatar

      Sanjay Prasad on

      BIG congratulations with getting the funding! As a furniture and interior designer I'm very excited about being able to download the software and get designing :)

    44. Missing avatar

      Regan Baker on

      Oh my goodness! This is awesome. I'm an Interior Designer and have always dreamed of helping my clients create a "personal brand" for themselves and what better way than helping them create a custom piece of furniture. I can't wait to see this become a reality as well. :]

    45. Missing avatar

      Michael Schwartz on

      Congratulations on exceeding the funding goals. Can't wait to see this become a reality.

    46. Missing avatar

      Rina on

      Just a quick note: Nothing in your materials here on Kickstarter mention taking into account weight limits. Some of us, especially out here in the U.S., are large and heavy. Since it's often difficult to find sturdy chairs for us in the first place, this would be a great service to have available. But if the weight limits are going to be determined by thin tabs of plywood, we won't be able to use this. Please discuss if the manufacturing operations could make these out of other materials, like thick solid lumber, or even metals. Thanks!

    47. Aaron Vanderbeek on

      if i pledge 25$, do i have to choose between the miniature and becoming a collaborator? it would sure be nice to have both :)

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