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We want to take the word "N-word" and replace it with "Robot" in Mark Twain's classic "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn."
We want to take the word "N-word" and replace it with "Robot" in Mark Twain's classic "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn."
We want to take the word "N-word" and replace it with "Robot" in Mark Twain's classic "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn."
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Almost there...Stay on target!!!

Dearest Roboteers,

Some exciting things have happened since last we talked. Our little project was mentioned in a New York Times Magazine article about kickstarter.

We know your circuits will be filled with almost as much joy as ours to learn that the illustrations for the book are FINISHED. A huge round of applause for the Herculean efforts of artist Denise Devine for painstakingly altering some forty or so illustrations to seamlessly replace Jim with Robot Jim in E.W. Kemble's original illustrations. It has been a long road for her and she deserves heaps of praise and adulation. It is difficult for us not to post every one of the illustrations for you to enjoy but we want some of the book to be a surprise. In the meantime, please "oooh" and "ahhh" at the attached illustration.

We are now in the hands of our esteemed designer Lee Thompson who has already done a mock-up of the cover and first half of the book. Once he is finished we will plop in the final draft of our introduction to the text and send the completed design to our copy editor for a final proof. From there it goes off to the printer who will send us a galley copy which will again review for any errors before doing our full print run, having our launch party, and shipping out to you our wonderful backers. Shouldn't be too much longer now. We thank you for your continued patience and support as we work to make the best quality book we can for you.

We've had several requests from folks wanting to order more copies of the book. We are still working on getting a pre-order button up on our website and will let you know soon.

For those of you who have asked about our film "The Selling", we were featured in an article in Fangoria and have several announcements about festival screenings coming in the near future.

Talk soon!

Gabe and Etta

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    1. Diani&Devine 3-time creator on November 7, 2011

      @Ross: send us a private message with your new address and we will update your info.

    2. Ross Mihalko on November 3, 2011

      Hi - I need to update my mailing address for book shipment. What's the best way to do this with you all? Thanks, Ross Mihalko

    3. Diani&Devine 3-time creator on October 19, 2011

      @John: Don't worry! The Robot Jim figures will be shipping at the same time as the book!

    4. John Sebastian La Valle on October 17, 2011

      I see a lot of updates about the book but what about the robot jim figure we were supposed to get too?

    5. Diani&Devine 3-time creator on September 23, 2011

      Working on it, Eldric! Stay tuned!

    6. Eldric Bach on September 14, 2011

      Indeed, hoping the book ships within the next couple of months - was hoping to give one of my copies as either a Christmas gift or a birthday gift in Feb. Either was, looking forward to getting my hands on both copies!

    7. Diani&Devine 3-time creator on August 28, 2011

      We're anxious to get it to you, Robert!

    8. Robert Sawyer on August 28, 2011

      Ever onward. Can not wait to see the book. Just found at home an edition published in 1918, which reminded me how anxious I am to receive my copy.